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  • The Mysterious Use Of The Escalator Skirt Safety Brush Strip

    The Mysterious Use Of The Escalator Skirt Safety Brush Strip

    March 31,2023.

    When I was a child on the escalator, I didn't notice the brushes on both sides of the escalator, so what are these brushes for? Why do they appear on almost every escalator now? People often make the mistake of thinking this is for cleaning shoes, but this idea defeats the purpose of a brush.   Every gap on the escalator is a risk. People thought the escalator was a docile machine. Over the years, it has happened that the escalator swallowed people or the feet were caught by the escalator. Seeing those bloody images, people realize that escalators are very destructive machines. A long time ago, experts improved the safety protection measures of elevators for people, set up warning signs, and installed escalator skirt safety brush strips on the left and right sides of escalators. This escalator skirt safety brush strip is inspired by the isolation brush used in car shifters to keep debris and insects from crawling into the shifter.   Escalator skirt safety brush strip Installed on both sides of the escalator, above the moving steps. Long brush filaments stretched out to cover the gaps in the escalator steps. The soft brush wire warns passengers and reminds them to stay away from the edge of the steps. Compared with the brush wire, the friction force will be relatively small, and the friction force at the edge of the escalator is rather large, forming a force that swallows the passenger's feet into the crevice.   Many places encourage the use of this escalator skirt safety brush strip, especially in Europe, where this brush must be installed. In the AOQUN escalator brush strip factory, there are nylon escalator brush strips with LED lights and flame-retardant brush wires. I hope you will choose our products, which can not only provide the beauty of the elevator but also provide protection for the citizens.

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  • AOQUN Escalator Brush Manufacturer

    AOQUN Escalator Brush Manufacturer

    February 28,2023.

    Is there a recommended escalator brush manufacturer? The answer is: yes. Today I will focus on recommending: AOQUN escalator brush manufacturer. The escalator brushes produced by this escalator safety stainless steel brush manufacturer have already covered the subway lines, light rail lines, and high-speed rail lines of major cities across the country, as well as large supermarkets such as Yintai Department Store Group, Guangzhou Resort Plaza, etc. So, what makes the escalator safety brush of Aoqun Brush Industry occupy most of the domestic market? In addition to the qualification and strength of escalator brush manufacturers, the final analysis, depends on the quality of escalator safety brush products produced by AOQUN escalator brush manufacturers. First of all, in terms of products, there is a complete range of brush filaments, such as flame-retardant escalator brushes, anti-static brushes, etc., all of which can be customized; the brushes are exquisite in workmanship, and the filaments are smooth in color, uniform in thickness, neat, and free of skewed hairs. , the surface is free of oil, dust, rust, corrosion, etc.; and the materials used for the brush base are all national standard oxidized aluminum alloy bases, and the surface can be oxidized or painted in different colors; even the accessories of the escalator brush device are matched. They are very complete, such as terminals, screws, and so on. Secondly, the specification and size of the escalator brush not only meet the requirements of international standards but also has a variety of sizes for you to choose from, such as a variety of single-row and double-row aluminum alloy bases, etc.; and the escalator safety The material, shape, function, and color of the brush can all be customized. In addition, regarding the production of escalator safety brushes, AOQUN must strictly test and control the size, tension, feel, and appearance of each mass-produced brush product, for example, flame-retardant escalator brush products, Passed 10 IROHS tests, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe.

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  • What Is The Function Of The Shopping Mall Escalator Safety Brush?

    What Is The Function Of The Shopping Mall Escalator Safety Brush?

    February 24,2023.

    When shopping in shopping malls, when we take the escalator, careful friends will notice that there is a row of brushes on both sides of the escalator steps. At this time, it is inevitable that some passengers will be curious: what are these escalator brushes used for, and what is the meaning of their existence? So, what are the brushes on both sides of the escalator steps in the mall used for? In fact, whether it is in a shopping mall or a supermarket, or even the subway escalator we take in our daily travel, the brushes installed in a row next to the escalator steps are used to prevent pinching, that is, to prevent pinching. The real name of this anti-pinch brush is "Apron Plate Anti-Pinch Device". The main purpose of setting this brush for escalator safety is to remind us that it is dangerous here, so don't approach it. Because there will be a certain gap between the steps of the escalator, between the steps and the upper and lower end stations, and the surrounding apron boards, to be precise, the gap is not more than 4 mm. Although the gap is not greater than 4 mm, such a small gap may cause clothes or shoelaces to be caught and caught, resulting in escalator safety accidents. In addition, my country has stated in the "Safety Specifications for the Manufacture and Installation of Escalators and Moving Walks (GB16899-2011) that the brush on the escalator is mainly used to prevent pinching. The escalator is equipped with escalator safety brushes in shopping malls mainly to prevent accidents when passengers enter and exit the escalator. Therefore, it is necessary to install safety brushes on escalators in shopping malls to ensure the safety of passengers.

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  • Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

    Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

    February 23,2023.

    The brushes of the escalator are usually installed on both sides of the lower part of the escalator to prevent the safety hazard caused by the entanglement of items such as shoelaces or clothes in the gap between the steps of the escalator and the side panels of the escalator. It is common in shopping malls, supermarkets or subway entrances and exits on the escalator, play the role of anti-pinch. Generally, this brush is set up mainly to remind us that there is danger here, so don't approach it. In addition, the brush on the escalator has another function, which is to prevent some small parts such as coins, mobile phones, keys, etc. from falling into or getting stuck in the gap, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine. So, when you see this, you should know: where is the brush of the escalator and what is the main function of the brush of the escalator. Here, it is worth mentioning that when taking an escalator, you must pay attention to the three common escalator danger points as follows: 1. The gap between the apron board and the steps The dangerous point of the escalator is the place where the brush is provided as a protective device, that is, the gap between the escalator apron and the steps. Although the gap is very small, no more than 4mm, it is very dangerous for children who are active and have little safety awareness. 2. The junction between the steps and the ground If the gap between the steps of the escalator and the ground is not properly maintained, it is likely to become larger. If you are not careful, this place is prone to escalator safety accidents. 3. Triangular area The so-called "triangular area" refers to the triangular area formed by the handrail and the upper floor. This is a dangerous "thunder point" of the escalator. When the escalator goes up to the triangular area, if the child is active or mischievous, if the child sticks his hand or head out of the handrail, his head may be caught, or even There will be bigger safety accidents while taking the elevator.

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  • Do You Know The Flame Retardant Standards Of Escalator Brushes?

    Do You Know The Flame Retardant Standards Of Escalator Brushes?

    December 27,2021.

    Fire is ruthless, fire prevention, must go first! The harm caused by fire to people is unimaginable. Among all kinds of disasters, fire is one of the main disasters that most often and most commonly threaten public safety and social development. There are too many factors such as living habits, weather temperature, and seasonal changes that can induce fires, so fire prevention is necessary. In the brush industry, the flame retardant function is also given to the brush. Do you know the flame retardant standard of the escalator brush? The escalator brushes are mostly made of plastic filaments, and the flame retardant grades of the plastics are HB, V-2, V-1 and V-0. HB grade: It is the lowest flame retardant grade in the UL94 standard. For samples with a thickness of 3 to 13 mm, the burning rate is less than 40 mm per minute; for samples with a thickness of less than 3 mm, the burning rate is less than 70 mm per minute; or extinguished before the 100 mm mark. V-2 level: After the sample is subjected to two 10-second burning tests, the flame is extinguished within 60 seconds. There may be burning objects falling off. V-1 level: After the sample is subjected to two 10-second burning tests, the flame is extinguished within 60 seconds. No burning objects should fall. V-0 level: After the sample is subjected to two 10-second burning tests, the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds. No burning objects should fall. The flame retardant grade is gradually increased from HB, V-2, V-1 to V-0. Aoqun Brush Co., Ltd. is a high-quality and large-volume custom-made brush production enterprise. The supplied brush products have reached the V-0 technical requirements and passed the inspection by the authoritative organization. The brush products are all made of new pure material and the product quality is guaranteed.  Aoqun's escalator brushes have also contributed to well-known projects such as Beijing Subway, Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail, and Hong Kong Subway.

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  • The Brushes Of Aoqun Brush Factory Are Widely Used!

    The Brushes Of Aoqun Brush Factory Are Widely Used!

    November 3,2021.

    Aoqun Brush Factory has nearly 20 years of experience in custom production of brush products, and has provided escalator strip brush customization services for many companies. The product quality and the company's soft and hard strength have been recognized. The undertaking projects include Guangzhou Airport, Beijing Airport, Beijing Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Hong Kong Metro-China Hong Kong City, Intime Department Store, Wal-Mart, Wuhan to Guangzhou High-speed Rail, Guangzhou Tower, Russian Metro, and more than 100 domestic and foreign screen door sealing brush projects, customized strong ability! Escalator Brush Strip   Aoqun Brush can produce more than two types of escalator brushes. In addition to ordinary single-row brushes, it can also customize double-row brushes, yellow escalator brushes, escalator brushes with LED lights, flame retardant escalator brushes, and so on. In particular, the V0 grade escalator brush produced by Aoqun Brush Factory has undergone two combustion tests lasting 10 seconds. The flame can be extinguished within half a minute, and the burning material will not fall. Aoqun’s escalator brushes are easy to install, no need to punch holes, screws can be assembled, reducing labor costs for installation.   If you need a batch of escalator brushes, you can call Aoqun Brush Industry. Aoqun Brush Factory produces an average of 65,000 meters of escalator brushes every day, which will surely meet your brush needs!

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