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  • Looking for Professional Syney Escalator Safety Brush Supplier? - AOQUN

    Looking for Professional Syney Escalator Safety Brush Supplier? - AOQUN


    Mr. Li, who is doing maintenance work, recently contacted us and asked if we are a qualified escalator safety brush supplier of Syney Elevator. Mr. Li said: “Due to a number of Syney elevators need to be installed with the Syney escalator brush before the year. Because Syney has fewer suppliers, I have asked several of them, but they have no experience in working with Syney. Seeing that the time is getting closer and closer, if we can't finish the installation work on time, we will be fined by the owner, so I need to find an escalator safety brush supplier that has cooperated with Syney as soon as possible.”   I understand that AOQUN is an escalator safety brush supplier, in cooperation with many well-known escalator manufacturers in China. Mr. Li directly visited AOQUN. After learning about Mr. Li's intentions, AOQUN’s salesman Roger told Mr. Li that although AQOUN did not directly contact Syney, but AOQUN has strict quality inspection standards, quality service, good product quality is enough to meet the Syney. After reading AOQUN’s data and the flame retardant and tensile test. Mr. Li said that the sample can be taken first to let the owner determine whether it can replace the Syney escalator brush. In the end, after Mr. Li was sure to replace it, AOQUN sent more than 300 meters to Mr. Li's in just three days.   After 10 days, Mr. Li’s Syney escalator brush was all accepted. He made a call to AOQUN, thanked AOQUN for support, let him successfully completed the acceptance of the entire project, avoided the risk of being fined by the owner, and thus received the approval of the owner. AQOUN is a real qualified escalator safety brush supplier.  

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  • What Are Escalator Brushes for? Professional AOQUN Tells You

    What Are Escalator Brushes for? Professional AOQUN Tells You


    Mr. Zhu is the purchasing manager of an escalator factory in Hunan. All their business is simply relevant to the elevator, but he didn’t have any superior supplier of escalator. Recently, with the added production lines of escalators, he wanted to find a superior manufacturer of escalator brushes. He also has the doubt what are escalator brushes for. He contacted with 5 escalator brush suppliers nearby, but there are quite a few problems with them, such as tension problem, sizes inaccuracy and so on. Mr. Zhu had a headache on them.   Through communication, we knew the scale of Mr.zhu factory is very big in this industry. Basically, they manufactured elevators for top 10 brands. If they began to produce the escalator too, there will have a huge demand of brush. Mr. Zhu has a high demand of the quality and in-time delivery of the suppliers. And our company is just the large manufacturer of escalator brush, with strict quality managing system: ISO9001-2015 and complete inspection process, which can meet his requirement. (brush tension must be more than 6kg, no falling or askew bristles, no light leakage). In 2 days after receiving Mr. Zhu’s sample drawing, we offered him the suitable samples. What are escalator brushes for? It provides a tactile reminder to passengers to keep their feet and clothing away from the hazard zones, between the moving step and the stationery sidewall, reducing the risk of an entrapment incident.   Three days later, we got his feedback that our samples passed their test. He also said:” What are escalator brushes for? The answer is too simple, thank you very much. We are quite assured to cooperate with AOQUN and regards AOQUN as the best manufacturer of escalator brush.”

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  • What Are Escalator Brushes for? AOQUN Got the Answer

    What Are Escalator Brushes for? AOQUN Got the Answer


    What are escalator brushes for? Mr. Lu is so confused, who is currently working on escalator maintenance, is looking for a single-row escalator brush. Recently, there is an order for the escalator brush for old escalators. Because the size of skirt plate is limited, only a single row escalator brushes can be installed.   It is understood that AOQUN is a manufacturer specializing in the production of escalator brushes, and has a long-term cooperation with many large companies such as escalator manufacturers. Mr. Lu found AOQUN through the Internet. After learning about Mr. Lu's worries, our customer service Yan immediately told Mr. Lu what are escalator brushes for and developed an installation plan for Mr. Lu, and sent the D08 single-row escalator brush sample to the customer for trial installation. After learning that the D08 single-row escalator brush can be installed, AOQUN immediately worked overtime to produce the brush for Mr. Lu. In just two days, Mr. Liu got all the brush and ensured the delivery on time.   After a week's inspection of the project, Mr. Lu called AOQUN, appreciated the cooperation and support from AOQUN, which help him to avoid the loss due to delay, and praised AOQUN is not only good at product quality, but also at fast delivery, and figure out his confusion what are escalator brushes for? Not only single-row escalator brush but also double-row escalator brush, AOQUN is the best choice. Two months later, Mr. Lu ordered a double-row escalator brush order in 500 meters.

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  • Why Does Escalator Have Brush -AOQUN Tells You

    Why Does Escalator Have Brush -AOQUN Tells You


    Knowing about us from our old customer, Mr. Mo reflected that the escalator brush in their supermarket can’t work, resulting in frequent accidents and huge economic loss. Why does escalator have brush?   After communicating with Mr. Mo, we found that the escalator brush seals have a bad sealing, which causes some tiny soft things (like shoelace, skirt, sands) entering into the escalator. Why does escalator have brush? No working at all! AOQUN Business Manager Mr. Liu held a discussion for solution when knowing the brushes Mr. Mo used was single row brush. By discussing with the technicians of workshop, we decided to suggest using double row escalator brush to replace single row to enhance the sealing performance. We confirmed samples with Mr. Mo within 1 day, and delivered the goods to him in 3 days.   Trying to use our escalator brush, they happily called us, “AOQUN escalator brush has a good performance in sealing: dust-proof, anti-pinch. Your escalator brush is very nice. Why does escalator have brush? We should use AOQUN’s brush. I will go back to you if we need more escalator brushes.”

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  • Why Does Escalator Have Brush? AOQUN Escalator Brush is with You.

    Why Does Escalator Have Brush? AOQUN Escalator Brush is with You.


    Mr. Liu from Hong Kong inquired why does escalator have brush. Because the width of the step was narrow, only 60 cm wide. Upon receiving this consultation, the senior customer service Xiao Wang recommended a 06 double-row escalator brush according to the customer's needs. The base of this brush is the smallest of all models, especially for narrower escalator and meets the safety requirements of Hong Kong's escalator safety brushes, which can be installed with two brushes, a brush and a 5mm wide LED light, beautiful, safe and alert. Why does escalator have brush? In order to let Mr. Liu have a more intuitive understanding, Xiao Wang also sent the double-row escalator brush application image to Mr. Liu for reference, which is used in the large-scale shopping malls in Hong Kong. Mr. Liu requested samples immediately, then Xiao Wang sent samples with the fastest express. Three days later, Mr. Liu called and expressed great appreciation for our samples and services. He said: why does escalator have brush? I knew it now. I will give you the data of the escalator's straight elevation, angle and bend position. In the future, the double-row escalator brush will only be brought from AOQUN!

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  • Buy Universal Escalator Skirt Brushes? Be Sure to Find AOQUN

    Buy Universal Escalator Skirt Brushes? Be Sure to Find AOQUN


    Mr. Xie, who is purchasing staff of a well-known elevator company, recently asked if AOQUN can make the universal escalator skirt brushes and what the advantages are. Because Mr. Xie had several suppliers before, but the quality of the universal escalator skirt brushes produced by these manufacturers is very unstable. Problems such as filament loss and scratching of the profiles often occur, and the problems have not improved, resulting in delays. New and old customers frequently complain.   Mr. Xie learned on the Internet that AOQUN is a relatively famous manufacturer of the universal escalator skirt brushes, and he made a special visit. Mr. Wang hosted Mr. Xie and took Mr. Xie to visit the workshop. A universal escalator skirt brush was randomly selected from the machine, and the test was carried out with a tension meter to reach 6kg. At the same time, it was explained to Mr. Xie: "Under the 6kg pull, no filament loss, can't pull out even with you hand. And AOQUN has a perfect incoming inspection, the process inspection, factory inspection and other management systems, in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2015 management system, thus ensuring the stable quality of each product." After Mr. Xie was satisfied with the sample, and received Mr. Xie’s supplier survey three days later with successfully issued the first batch of 1000 meters orders.   After 2 months of continuous supply, we received an email from Mr. Xie: “Since the use of the universal escalator skirt brushes, I have never received any complaints from customers. The quality of AOQUN has been approved by the leader. I hope to maintain long-term stable cooperation relationship with AOQUN!”

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