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  • How To Choose Spiral Roller Brushes? AOQUN

    How To Choose Spiral Roller Brushes? AOQUN

    October 27,2021.

    The predecessor of spiral roller brushes is a straight bar brush, which is formed by winding the bar brush in a machine into a spring shape. There are mainly two winding methods: Ring Brush, Disc Brush, Disk Brush, Inverted Coil Brush and Spiral Coil Wound Brush, so it is also called winding brush in the industry. Spiral roller brushes are used in many industries, and they are used more frequently in the well-known industries such as coating, glass cleaning and dust removal, textile bleaching and dyeing. In the age of the Internet, if you want to purchase a spiral roller brushes, just search on the Internet, and all kinds of manufacturers and products can be used for you. Some products are very durable, but some products are prone to hair loss, hair deformation or even shedding. Today, the editor will tell you from many aspects how to purchase high-quality spiral roller brushes. Spiral Roller Brushes First of all, we have to make it clear that spiral roller brushes are non-standard parts, which can be customized according to mechanical equipment, workpieces and use environment. From the material of the brush filament and the base to the number of turns, length, inner diameter and outer diameter of the brush, it can be customized and produced. The brush wire materials are commonly used plastic wire, nylon wire, steel wire, pig bristles, wool, wool, and the base is mostly stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, and electrolytic plate. In appearance, spiral roller brushes are symmetrical around the circle, and the base has no inflection or opening; the brush filaments have sufficient tension and are not easy to fall off within a fixed value range; the brush filaments are smooth and tidy, without unevenness; the density is consistent, and there is no abnormal light leakage; the surface of the base is clean No rust and no fouling, this is the basic appearance requirement. In the selection of materials, we must choose new materials to produce spiral roller brushes. Take the brush wire as an example. The new brush wire contains no impurities and has high purity, so it is more wear-resistant and not easy to be brittle and broken, and the product has a longer service life. In the process, the tolerance range must be strictly implemented. Different usage scenarios have strict requirements on parameters such as bottom width, side height, total height, total length, and tensile force. Products with unsuitable specifications and sizes may pose great safety hazards during use and even cannot be used. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with standardized production to cooperate more securely. Spiral roller brushes can be wound inside or outside. When the dimensional tolerance is not marked, the dimensional tolerance of the outer diameter and inner diameter after winding is usually selected according to the requirements of use ±0.3mm~±0.5mm, the diameter tolerance range of the outer diameter>50mm It needs to be re-evaluated and customized a...

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  • Round Grommet With Brush, Can You Assemble It Quickly? AOQUN

    Round Grommet With Brush, Can You Assemble It Quickly? AOQUN


    Are you wondering why the strip brush with the right size is difficult to fit into the round grommet profile easily. Yes, many customers have such questions, why the strip brush is installed in the round grommet, the round grommet with brush wire will be embedded in the aluminum groove, and there will be crooked hairs and stuck hairs. This is the specification is not customized, right? Don't worry, here is the answer for you. In fact, this is not a problem with your specifications, but because the round grommet has sharp corners, it is easy to hook the brush wire when the brush is inserted, so the above-mentioned situation is prone to occur. Let me teach you how to easily install the strip brush into the round grommet with brush. Slightly flatten the edges and corners of one end of the round grommet profile, and then insert the strip brush from the flattened end to easily assemble. The problem of round grommet with brush jamming no longer exists. Have you learned the quick assembly skills of round grommet with brush? Go ahead and practice!

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  • How to Choose Rotary Brush Glass Washer For Glass Products? AOQUN

    How to Choose Rotary Brush Glass Washer For Glass Products? AOQUN


    Glass products can be seen everywhere in daily life, from the curtain wall glass that you usually see to the test tube in the laboratory. These glasses need to be cleaned. Whether it is at the factory or after use, it is important for large glass product manufacturers. How to choose a suitable rotary brush glass washer to give them a thorough cleaning?   Because the surface of glass products is relatively fragile, when buying rotary brush glass washer, we try to choose those materials with soft texture and certain cleaning ability, otherwise it will cause scratches and scratches on the surface of the glass during the cleaning process. Or if the cleaning is not clean, you can choose to use a nylon rotary brush glass washer and choose different wire diameters according to its size to achieve a certain cleaning ability.   The second is the shape customization. The shapes of bottles currently seen on the market can be described as weird. If we choose the same product to clean bottles of different shapes, the cleaning effect is bound to be not as good as you think. The size and shape of the bottle are required to find a correspondingly capable manufacturer to customize a rotary brush glass washer for you, because only in this way can the sanitary corners of glass products be better eliminated.   As a manufacturer of rotary brush glass washer with 20 years of customization experience, Aoqun Brush Industry can customize products suitable for your use. It has customized a decanter rotary brush glass washer and beer bottle rotary brush for a well-known foreign brand. Glass washer is exported to major supermarkets in Europe and the United States. Therefore, if your brush roller needs are given to us, we will customize a rotary brush glass washer that exceeds your imagination. For more details, please consult Aoqun.

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  • Cleaning Brush Roller Used In All Walks Of Life - AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush Roller Used In All Walks Of Life - AOQUN


    Cleaning brush roller can be divided into many types, and different types play different roles. Today we will talk about one of them-spring cleaning brush roller.   Spring cleaning brush roller is also called winding cleaning brush roller. With the shaft as the center (there is also a process without shaft), the brush wire is embedded and pressed in a galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, and then wound into a spring shape by a machine. The brush roller made of spring technology solves the problems of high density and strong fastness. When manufacturing, the bristles are pressed into an aluminum or stainless steel strip by a steel wire through a strip brush device to make a strip brush, and then wound on the roller. On the shaft, the two ends are welded firmly by sub-pot welding. In some special industrial production, it is also necessary to make a spring brush with a certain gap to achieve a special effect of dust removal.   Spring cleaning brush roller uses different brush filament materials, which can be applied to glass machinery, textile printing and dyeing, electronic production, pharmaceuticals, packaging machinery, hardware, tobacco machinery, food processing, environmental sanitation and environmental protection industries to provide cleaning, dust removal, polishing, and sealing for products , Water absorption and strip conveying under high temperature.     Spring cleaning brush rollers appear more and more in our lives. How much do you know about spring cleaning brush rollers?

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  • Custom- Made Cleaning Brush Rotating With Good Quality For You – AOQUN

    Custom- Made Cleaning Brush Rotating With Good Quality For You – AOQUN


    Cleaning brush rotating is used in many production lines. Some businesses sell quality, and some businesses sell "low prices". Various flags are raised. The products on the market disturb the sight of consumers. As consumers, we must learn to identify quality Good product.    The low-priced cleaning brush rotating is generally not made of pure nylon material for cost reasons. Instead, it uses some secondary recycled materials or PP, PBT and other wool to cover the eyes. The wear resistance and resilience of these materials are inferior. Compared with pure nylon, the product has a short service life, is easy to break, and the replacement cycle is fast, which is equivalent to increasing our cost.    Not to mention the process, it is basically far from the industry standard. According to market surveys, many low-quality cleaning brush rotating seamless steel pipes have a thickness of only 3mm, which is far below the industry standard of 2mm. In addition, the joint between the shaft head and the seamless steel pipe is also reflected. The round table of the good-quality cleaning brush rotating roller will extend into the steel pipe more to be firm and durable. The density of wool is also one of the performances of quality.   Aoqun cleaning brush rotating company has nearly 20 years of customized production experience. It focuses on the customization and production of high-quality cleaning brush rotating products. It insists on using pure brush filaments to produce products. The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and the quality is obtained at home and abroad. Customer's approval, strong customization ability can produce a variety of functions, materials, styles of cleaning brush rotating for you, welcome customers to consult and customize with drawings and samples.

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