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  • Need Universal Escalator Skirt Brushes? Find AOQUN

    Need Universal Escalator Skirt Brushes? Find AOQUN


    During the National Day, everyone had a great time, but Li Gong, who was doing the escalator maintenance, had been very unhappy. Some troubles had been bothering him during this period. The reason is that Li gong's shopping mall universal escalator skirt brushes is not dense enough, dust easily enters the gap of the elevator causing failure, and it also caused an accident, so it is necessary to replace to a large universal escalator skirt brushes manufacturer. Through the online search, I found out that AOQUN feels good, and I will call you if I try it.   After receiving the phone call from Li Gong, the salesman Mr. Wang provided a solution to the difficulty of the universal escalator skirt brushes: increasing the size of the universal escalator skirt brushes base, thereby increasing the number of the filament to achieve a fine effect; AOQUN also has a large size D019 aluminum Profiles are available for installation. After that, Li Gong also requested to send samples within 2 days. After Li Gong made corresponding tests on the samples, he immediately placed orders for 10 escalators.   After 15 days of changing the universal escalator skirt brushes in the mall, Li Gong called AOQUN: "The seal effect of the escalator apron is obviously much better. There is no problem during the escalator running, and the safety factor is very high. No longer have to worry about accidents. Follow-up orders will be placed to AOQUN soon."

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  • Escalator Skirt Brush Parts with Reasonable Price - AOQUN

    Escalator Skirt Brush Parts with Reasonable Price - AOQUN


    An elevator manufacturer from Guangzhou found us. They are manufacturers specializing in escalators. They need a large number of escalator skirt brush parts. The suppliers of escalator skirt brush parts that they are currently cooperating are often unstable, which directly affects their production schedule, receiving customer complaints, it is now necessary to find a large escalator skirt brush parts manufacturer to supply.   We knew that the elevator factory is the top three escalator manufacturers in China. There is a demand for brush every day, and the supplier delivers twice a week. This requires high capacity for the supplier. We are a large domestic manufacturer of escalator skirt brush parts, and the fully automatic brush production machine can fully meet the delivery time requirements of the elevator factory. In only 2 days, we sent samples according to the customer's drawing requirements, and the customer provided the first batch of goods on time within 5 days after confirmation. Whether it is in product quality or delivery date, it has been approved by customers.   After one month of cooperation, we received feedback from customers. With our full cooperation, their delivery time has been guaranteed, and the relationship with old customers has been eased. It is the best escalator skirt brush parts manufacturer they have worked with. Orders will be placed to us later.

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  • Fray Resistance Escalator Skirt Brush Parts is from AOQUN

    Fray Resistance Escalator Skirt Brush Parts is from AOQUN


    On the 8th of last month, we received Mr. Liu from Shanghai, who is the purchaser of the escalator manufacturer, because we are looking for the industry-optimized escalator skirt brush parts to find us. The reason is that the quality of the escalator skirt brush parts produced by the previous three suppliers is very unstable. Problems such as filament loss and profile scratching often occur, and the requirements have not been improved many times, resulting in frequent complaints from customers. There is an urgent need to find a strong supplier to match the supply.   Under the inquiries, Mr. Liu learned that AOQUN is the manufacturer of the preferred escalator skirt brush parts in the industry, so he visited the factory to find out. We have carefully understood the confusion of Mr. Liu. I took Mr. Liu to visit our workshop. I randomly selected a brush with a tension meter on the production line and the test result reached 7kg. I also showed Mr. Liu the test report of our escalator skirt brush parts, rubbing back and forth 1 million times without deformation; At the same time, it shows that AOQUN has a complete management system of incoming materials inspection, process inspection and factory inspection. Mr. Liu also satisfactorily brought back the samples for testing.   After 4 days, I received an order for Mr. Liu's 20 escalators. One month after the successful installation, Mr. Liu specially called to express his gratitude: Since the use of the Aoqun's escalator skirt brush parts, there has been no filament loss. The industry's preferred escalator skirt brush parts is AOQUN!

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  • AOQUN Escalator Safety Brush Installation Is Easy to Assemble

    AOQUN Escalator Safety Brush Installation Is Easy to Assemble


    I received a call from Miss Lin of Guangzhou: "I saw your escalator safety brush installation on your official website and cooperated with many well-known brands. I also currently undertake a shopping mall project and want escalator safety brush installation for more than ten escalators. But I don't know if your escalator safety brush installation can match my other products?   For the customer's doubts, our customer service staff patiently explained that our company is a leader in the elevator brush industry, all kinds of escalator safety brush installations have been done, and our company's brush is easy to assemble. According to the requirements of Miss Lin, we made samples and the staff immediately took the samples directly to a shopping mall in Guangzhou and assembled them on the spot to Miss Lin. Our products are easily pressed into the customer's product accessories, and there is no obvious loose position after assembly, and will not slip out of self-weight. At the scene, Miss Lin praised the patience and care with our staff and gave us a thumbs up for easy assembling. The details of the order were finalized confirmed at the scene.   At present, the escalator safety brush installations of more than a dozen of escalators have been received. Miss Lin also recommend his friend to AOQUN to ask for another order. The relevant details are being negotiated.

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  • Escalator Safety Brush Installation of Old Escalators - AOQUN Helps You

    Escalator Safety Brush Installation of Old Escalators - AOQUN Helps You


    Mr. Shen, a Taiwanese guest, inquired, he took over the old escalator maintenance of escalator safety brush installation. He encountered an unsolvable problem. He asked a lot of suppliers and could not solve it. A friend introduced him to ask AOQUN. It turns out that these old escalators are small escalators produced by Mitsubishi Elevator Company. The position of the apron slab is narrow, and the profile of the normal escalator safety brush is not suitable for the position of the screw. Upon receiving this request, AOQUN engineers immediately proceeded to design. After the trial, the existing profile could be cut obliquely and the position of the screw was reserved. As long as Mr. Shen has a small amount of mold fee, he can have an adapted escalator safety brush installation refreshing profile. And when the order quantity reaches a certain amount, the mold fee can be returned. Mr. Shen was very happy, saying that the problem was solved with AOQUN. After a week, the new model came out and the test results were very satisfactory. Large goods are delivered after 10 days. Mr. Shen used it well, and shared the escalator safety brush installation to his friends and customers. In the past two days, his friend just gave the AOQUN the escalator safety brush order of 30 old escalators.

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  • Good Quality Escalator Safety Skirt Brush For You - AOQUN

    Good Quality Escalator Safety Skirt Brush For You - AOQUN


    Miss Luo is a purchaser of an escalator company. On one day, he used google to find AOQUN customer service. After in-depth understanding, we knew that Miss Luo wanted to find a good quality escalator safety skirt brush, because Miss Luo's company now stipulates strict control of quality and cost, the price is not proportional to the quality, which cannot meet her company’s requirements. Our customer service told salesman Mr. Wang of Miss Luo's escalator safety skirt brush requirement. Mr. Wang immediately contacted Ms. Luo and added Miss Luo’s WeChat to show the escalator safety skirt brush ROHS report. The quality is no problem. In terms of price, the price of AOQUN escalator safety skirt brush has been relatively stable in the past few years, and we are the escalator safety skirt brush supplier of Hitachi, Otis, Kone. The price is not a problem, either. Miss Luo asked for making sample and further investigation. A week later, Miss Luo called the salesman Mr. Wang Sheng. She said: "You are the factory that I am looking for good quality escalator safety skirt brush. I have consulted several escalator safety skirt brush factories and I have seen their samples. The result is that your company has reasonable price, reliable quality and meets the requirements of our company." And the next escalator safety skirt brush orders of 25 escalator safety skirt brush will be placed to you soon.

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