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  • Where To Buy Strip Brush, Best Value for AOQUN’s

    Where To Buy Strip Brush, Best Value for AOQUN’s


    Mr. Zhao is a purchaser of an escalator installation company. Recently, they have been complaint by a shopping mall in the northern area. The reason is that the where to buy strip brush is too thin and occasionally lose filament. In the northern, the sand wind was very large, which caused sand and garbage enter the escalator and cause malfunction. Now Mr. Zhao have to find a new supplier of escalator sealing brushes, Mr. Zhou find AOQUN by searching in the Internet, then contacted with AOQUN.   Miss Chen of the AOQUN received a consultation from Mr. Zhao. After understanding the problem of Mr. Zhao, Miss Chen provide the two solution directly: 1. Increase the base size of the where to buy strip brush, so the brush thickness increased; 2. To change current single-row escalator to double row with double protection. Miss Chen clearly stated that the above two sets of plans have a matching aluminum profile for installation, which has been successfully applied to the market and is a mature product.    In the end, Mr. Zhao chose the AOQUN double-row where to buy strip brush, and issued a test of 10 units escalator after receiving the sample. After using it for a period, Mr. Zhao received a favorable feedback from the mall, and promised that the newly developed shopping mall will also be handed over to Mr. Zhao for installation.

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  • Guangzhou Elevator Brushes Manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice

    Guangzhou Elevator Brushes Manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice


    Mr. Hua is an engineering manager of a large shopping mall in Guangzhou. These days, he is looking around for the Guangzhou elevator brushes. Because at end of the year, 13-unit old escalators in the mall need to be equipped with a brush. If the brush is not installed, the elevator cannot be used, and it needs to be shut down for rectification, which cause a huge loss. Therefore, he can only find the Guangzhou elevator brushes factory on the Internet. Because the delivery period is very short, the old ladder type does not have a suitable pedestal, so many elevator brushes factories are afraid to take this orders. Looking at the losses caused by the daily shutdown, Mr. Hua is in a hurry.   Through his friends who worked in the elevator factory, Mr. Hua learned that AOQUN is a professional manufacturer of Guangzhou elevator brushes and contacted us. After learning about the difficulties of Mr. Hua, we immediately provided Mr. Hua with a suitable pedestal and installation plan, and conducted a field visit to his ladder type. We worked overtime in just 3 days, and we helped Mr. Hua to install all the escalators with brushes, and the mall resumed to the normal business.   After all the escalators are in installation, Mr. Hua made a special call to AOQUN, on behalf of the company's general manager and he personally expressed his heartfelt thanks to AOQUN. "It is AOQUN helps the mall avoid the risk of long-term suspension. AOQUN is a real and big brand company." Looking for Guangzhou elevator brushes manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice.

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  • Timely Delivery of Elevator Brushes-AOQUN

    Timely Delivery of Elevator Brushes-AOQUN


    Lisa from Chile said: "In the near future, I have been troubled by finding a manufacturer who can deliver in time. Before communicating with the supplier, the delivery time is not punctual. All of them have been postponed to my customers. Now I have received customer complaints because our elevator brushes has delayed the whole project. We have to impose a fine. I have found you through the friends in the industry. Can AOQUN help me solve this delivery problem?"   We told Lisa: "Yes, we are the benchmark in the elevator brushes industry. We specialize in producing elevator brushes for 11 years and the monthly elevator brushes production can reach more than 600,000 meters. In addition, we made 380,000-meter escalator for Beijing Subway in 12 days in 2012, which was highly praised by the Beijing subway escalator contractor.” Lisa asked us to send the sample first. Once confirmed, they would have elevator brushes orders for 20 escalators, and we sent samples on the next day. After 7 days, Lisa informed the sample that it had been confirmed. After receiving her orders, our company immediately shipped out within 7 days.   Lisa was very satisfied with our deadline. She gave us feedback the for our high cooperation and timely delivery, he never received customer complaints, the order of elevator brushes has increased from 50 escalators in the previous year to the annual 200 escalators. Her client gave her a thumbs up.

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  • The Best Brush Escalator, AOQUN Live Up to Expectation

    The Best Brush Escalator, AOQUN Live Up to Expectation


    Receiving an inquiry from Russian guest Dmitry, he took over a government project and had no experience in purchasing brushes. He found out that our company is an expert in this area, so he asked for an offer to provide a brush escalator.   Because Dmitry didn't have the experience of buying a brush escalator, he can't provide the corresponding drawings for our reference. Our technicians designed according to the limited information provided by Dmitry, and plotted the drawings of the brush escalator for his reference. We explained to him in detail the basis of various data settings. Dmitry was dubious, so he proposed the demand for one brush escalator, and the remaining 20 pieces would be ordered after the installation was correct.   After more than a month, Dmitry was very happy to say, “The brush escalators and other accessories you provided are perfect after installation. Because your profession makes me feel relieved. So, this time I order all brush escalator from you, I will also recommend your brush escalator to my friends."

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  • AOQUN Flame-retardant Brush Escalator Is Your Choice

    AOQUN Flame-retardant Brush Escalator Is Your Choice


    A customer from Turkey, Adam, called for the second time and asked for help. "Why these brush escalator have no flame-retardant effect as it is said to have the flame-retardant effect? I burn it out. I have to manually extinguish it. The owner complained to me! Can your flame-retardant brush escalator for the escalator be truly flame-retardant?" Adam asked the escalator brush escalator in July. At that time, he told us that it was used for the old escalator of the subway, and the brush escalator was required to have a flame-retardant effect. Therefore, we especially recommended a flame-retardant brush escalator. This flame-retardant brush escalator has passed the highest UL94-V0 flame-retardant grade, which is extinguished from the fire, and the resilience is particularly good. The filament is durable and not easily deformed. The certificate was also sent to Adam, but Adam was attracted by the low price of another brush escalator manufacturer, and did not buy this flame-retardant brush escalator with us. Three months later, I received a call from Adam, saying that he was complained that the brush escalator had no flame-retardant effect. We comforted Adam at the time and also gave him an analysis. The flame-retardant effect of the escalator brush escalator he currently uses does not reach the level, and our flame-retardant brush escalator reaches the highest UL-94 V0 flame-retardant. Adam directly placed the order of 10 escalators. After 10 days, he replaced the original inferior brush escalator after receiving my product. The feedback said: The flame-retardant effect of your brush escalator is really very good. I really regret not buying a brush escalator with your family before! "Adam is using AOQUN fire-retardant brush escalator to bid, and the order volume is increasing.

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  • Elevator Brushes Manufacturer - AOQUN

    Elevator Brushes Manufacturer - AOQUN


    A month ago, an elevator maintenance customer in Turkey, Mr. Li, called me and said, “Anna, because the government department is going to go to the mall where I am responsible for elevator maintenance for a wide range of safety inspections after 3 weeks. The escalator is one of the key targets for the inspection. Therefore, the mall leader gave me a hard indicator that I have to complete the installation of all the elevator brushes in the mall in 20 days to successfully pass the safety inspection. You are a professional manufacturer of elevator brushes. Anna, you have to help me complete 30 elevator brushes in one week, and send them by air. Please, please." I heard that ordering is a good thing, brush the order time for completing 30 elevator brushes in one week is very fast.   AOQUN is the manufacturer of elevator brushes, which is capable of matching all customer orders. In the afternoon, I confirmed the order with Mr. Li and he paid the money. Several departments in our company met together and went all out to discuss the most favorable scheduling. Our supplier of aluminum strips also actively cooperated with us, and delivered the aluminum to us within 5 days. In the remaining 2 days, the aluminum strip was bent and punched, and the elevator brushes were packed. In the afternoon of the seventh day, I sent mail to Mr. Li that the goods could be shipped. This made Li really surprised, and happier. Within 12 days after shipment, Mr. Li has arranged to install all the elevator brushes in the mall, and can safely wait for the government to go down for security inspections.   After 15 days, Mr. Li called, "This time the government went down to check, they were very satisfied. The also gave us a grade A security level. Just because your elevator brushes can deliver in time, let me install in the fast time and pass the inspection. You are really a manufacturer of elevator brushes! This time, I have made a big splash in the entire maintenance industry. My customers have added 30% orders. Thank you very much!"

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