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  • AOQUN Straw Brushes Help You Wash Away the Hidden Bacteria

    AOQUN Straw Brushes Help You Wash Away the Hidden Bacteria

    September 21,2018.

    Since the government have opened the second child policy, the birth rate of newborns has improved significantly. In the current environment, mothers’ environmental awareness is growing stronger and stronger. They will pay more attention to how to choose the safe and environmental friendly baby products and baby cleaning products (including the straw brushes). We want to talk something about the straw clean. Many mothers know it is hard to clean the straw. If the straw is not clean enough, it will affect the baby’s health directly. Here we come to understand how to clean the straw of the milk bottle. We have to say, of course, you should use AOQUN straw cleaning brush, for the better and more effective cleaning effect. AOQUN straw brushes have various of brush head process such as, covering with plastic tip, fan-shaped, circling, tying up and so on. Our straw cleaning brush can be effectively prevent scratching the straw. We also have the shaft process as loop or plastic handle. The straw brushes can not only clean the straw of the milk bottle, but also can clean other straws. Whether it is curved, straight, colorful, transparent straw, or plastic, silicone, glass, stainless steel and other materials of the straw, our straw can clean all thoroughly!

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  • Delicate Vacuum Flask with AOQUN Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

    Delicate Vacuum Flask with AOQUN Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

    September 21,2018.

    With several typhoons have passed through, the weather is getting cooler and cooler. We rarely drink ice water like summer. For the busy office workers, who do not eat at regular hours, their stomachs often get uncomfortable. In order to protect the stomach, they will be more inclined to drink warm water, which means that the use of vacuum flasks will be more and more frequently. The vacuum flasks have variou styles, higher or shorter, big or small. With a long time use, it will inevitably have stains inside the bottle. As the vacuum flasks always have small bottleneck, but a big bottle body. If you use your hand to clean it directly with the cloth, we can only clean the space which our hand can touch. The bottle bottom is still dirty which can not get cleaned. Want to clean the vacuum flask effectively? AOQUN water bottle cleaning brush can help you. We can customize the water bottle cleaning brush according to customer’s vacuum flask, to ensure that you can solve your problems. In general, our water bottle cleaning brush can be with a handle or without a handle, the brush head can be made into a fan-shaped, circling or with cotton head, to reach 360 ° all-dimension clean effect. Customer could choose to have a brush handle or not based on their need. We also have the sponge brush, but the service life of the sponge brush is shorter than the nylon water bottle cleaning brush, so we suggest you to use the nylon water bottle cleaning brush.

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