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  • Medical Cleaning Brushes With Natural Materials - AOQUN

    Medical Cleaning Brushes With Natural Materials - AOQUN


    With the improvement of environmental awareness, the utilization rate of medical cleaning brushes is obviously improved, and the types of brushes are various, different materials and different choices. Common materials used in brushes are nylon, bristle, coir, cotton, etc. As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, many people will choose natural materials to reduce the use of plastics, in this way to respond to the call for environmental protection. Let's talk about the brush of natural materials today. The natural materials in the medical cleaning brushes are: bristle, coir, sisal, etc., but only the bristle is used for the brush. Because natural materials such as coir and sisal are too hard, if use it to clean the medical instrument, it is easy to scratch the medical instrument or make the medical instrument broken because the diameter of the brush is too large. Bristle is relatively soft in natural materials, and when the piglet is wet, it becomes softer, which does not cause undesirable problems and is environmentally friendly. The natural medical cleaning brushes is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a good cleaning ability, but it is necessary to choose the right material. Different materials have different hardness and cleaning requirements and cannot be blindly chosen because of environmental protection.

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  • Is Surgical Cleaning Brushes Too Soft? AOQUN Can Help You Solve

    Is Surgical Cleaning Brushes Too Soft? AOQUN Can Help You Solve


    Alexander from Italy found our company through the official website and initiated an inquiry for us. He said they are dealers specializing in the sale of laboratory instruments on Amazon, and they want to purchase a batch of surgical cleaning brushes. He said that a batch of brushes they had previously purchased were complained by customers that the stainless steel was too soft, not easy to clean, and it was difficult to reverse the direction.   After learning about the surgical cleaning brushes previously purchased by Alexander, we found that their previous brush diameter was 18mm, the total length was 250mm, and the diameter of a single stainless steel was only 1.0mm. The diameter and total length are too long, but the stainless steel is small, which will result in uneven distribution of the force, so the brush is difficult to control. We changed the diameter of the stainless-steel stem from 1.0mm to 1.2mm. With the increase of stainless steel, the hardness of stainless steel will increase, which will increase the hardness of the brush and better control.   We sent the surgical cleaning brushes to Alexander. After receiving it, he gave us orders of 3,000. After receiving the test tube brush for a month, Alexander responded: "new customers did not complaint, and the old customers also praised us for better quality. The brush hardness is very good now."

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  • AOQUN Surgical Instrument Brushes Scratching? NEVER!

    AOQUN Surgical Instrument Brushes Scratching? NEVER!


    Culver from Germany sent us an enquiry through Alibaba. He said that they want to buy a surgical instrument brushes. They have also purchased it before, but the brush head they purchased before has scratched the bottom of the surgical instrument, causing them a great loss.   We asked Culver to send us their previous surgical instrument brushes so that we could help them analyze the problem and better solve the problem. After receiving the Culver sample, we found that their previous brush was too thin, so that the head became thinner after getting wet, revealing the stainless-steel wire inside. When the surgical instrument brushes is used for cleaning, the stainless steel is in direct touch with the bottom of the surgical instrument and is scratched. We customized a brush for Culver with a 50% increase in filament thickness and sent it to him.   Culver received feedback after receiving the samples. They liked our surgical instrument brushes. After the experiment, they found that the problem of scraping the bottom was solved and the brush head was very soft. They finally ordered us 3,000 brushes.

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  • About the Shaft Material Selection of The Surgical Wire Brush - AOQUN

    About the Shaft Material Selection of The Surgical Wire Brush - AOQUN


    Surgical wire brush are used as tools for cleaning surgical instruments, and the shaft material selection is also critical. If the quality of the material is poor, it may affect the cleaning effect, the results of the next experiment, and even may pose a safety hazard. Today we will talk about the importance of steel wire selection.   It is well known that surgical wire brush is generally made of a combination of filament and steel wire. The steel wire of the brush generally are stainless steel, rubberized wire and iron wire. In the comparison of the three kinds of wires, the best quality is stainless steel, followed by the rubber line and the last wire. The instability of the wire will cause rust after a long time and multiple cleanings. If the rust falls or remains in the surgical instrument, many adverse consequences will occur. The rubberized line is a rubber sleeve on the basis of the iron wire to isolate the direct contact between the iron wire and the water, but the rubber layer outside the rubberized wire will be abraded after a lapse of time. The stability of the stainless-steel wire is the strongest and it is not easy to rust.   AOQUN surgical wire brush is generally made of stainless-steel wire because it has the best stability, reduces safety hazards, and has a longer service life. 

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  • Precautions For The Use Of Wire Brush Medical - AOQUN

    Precautions For The Use Of Wire Brush Medical - AOQUN


    Many customers asked us how to use the wire brush medical properly. AOQUN can tell you.   The following details should be noted:   First, pay attention to match the instrument diameter and the wire brush medical diameter, too large is easy to crack the instrument;   Second, the brush should be washed first with water residual liquid in the instrument, please pay attention to excessive force during brushing to prevent crushing or puncture the bottom of the instrument; in addition, if the pressure is too large, it will reduce the service life.   Third, when the instrument has acid or alkali or corrosive drugs, it should be diluted or rinsed before using the wire brush medical, then rinsed with water and suspended for drying.   Fourth, if necessary, add detergent to wash. Then put the brush back in place and buckle it on the instrument rack.   AOQUN brush not only protects the instrument, but also greatly prolongs the service life. We are an expert in making wire brush medical. AOQUN will be the long-term supplier of you.

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  • Customized Multi-Standard Wire Instrument Brush - AOQUN

    Customized Multi-Standard Wire Instrument Brush - AOQUN


    If you need a number of different wire instrument brush with various sizes, and can not find a manufacturer that can be customized, then AOQUN can help you.   AOQUN is a professional brush manufacturer with 11 years of high-volume high-quality wire instrument brush customization experience. The project manager can provide a customized solution in 8 hours, the sample is completed within 2 day. The factory pass rate is ≥99.5%, and the customer satisfaction is ≥95%. In addition, AOQUN has 12 quality inspection and strict quality management procedures.   In order to better and faster solve the needs, you should send the pictures and drawings of the wire instrument brush you need and the application scene. After receiving the information, colleagues from AOQUN Technology R&D department generally completed the sample proofing within 2 days according to the drawings.

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