• What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

    What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

    September 24,2021.

    Through polishing technology, the roughness of the glass surface can be reduced, and the surface becomes bright and smooth. Commonly used tools for glass polishing include polishing powder, polishing fluid, polishing wheel, polishing bristle brush, etc. I believe everyone knows the first three. Today we will talk about glass polishing brush and some of its commonly used materials. Glass Polishing Brushes There are many types, shapes, and materials of glass polishing bristle brushes, and different polishing bristle brushes are applied to different production processes on the production line. Take the mobile phone screen as an example. There are many processes to produce a screen. In the initial corner polishing and deburring process, the larger and relatively hard sisal material polishing bristle brush may be used, and the screen light hole in the later period. For polishing bristle brushes in other processes, soft nylon materials are used. Therefore, the material of the brush is also determined according to the use environment and product. The commonly used brush filament materials for glass polishing bristle brush include horsehair, chemical fiber, nylon, sisal, copper wire, etc. In different processes of the production process, brushes of different materials are used to polish the glass to achieve the corresponding use effect. Custom glass polishing bristle brush, coming to Aoqun Brush! The polishing bristle brush produced by Aoqun Brush is used in the production lines of multiple smart product companies. The company has strong R&D customization capabilities and good product quality. For more details, please consult Aoqun Brush!

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  • Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

    Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

    September 23,2021.

    Manual polishing of pipes is not only inefficient, but also the surface roughness of processed products is not uniform. Compared with hand-held polishing, pipe robot polishing machine can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. If you want to better improve the polishing effect, you can use the pipe polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory. With the development of force control technology, pipeline robot polishing machine can flexibly remove burrs, effectively avoiding various errors such as workpiece damage and positioning. During casting grinding and pipe polishing, the pipe polishing brush fixed on the instrument and the object to be polished can maintain a constant pressure, so that the surface of the object to be polished can be restored smoothly. The tube polishing brush of Aoqun brush manufacturer is made of advanced brush-making equipment, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed. It is especially suitable for polishing the internal welding parts of large pipes to keep the inner wall flat. The use of Pipe polishing brush for polishing processing can improve processing results, improve product quality, increase production efficiency, speed up programming progress, shorten production cycles, and reduce production costs. If you need to customize your exclusive pipe polishing brush, you can consult Aoqun customer service for customization with drawings and samples.

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  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    September 18,2021.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We will rest for three days to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival. 2021.9.19-2021.9.21 All staff of AOQUN wishes you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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  • What Are The Filaments Of The Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    What Are The Filaments Of The Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    September 17,2021.

    Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright and smooth surface. It is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece. Polishing brush is one of the common tools in the processing industry. The material of the polishing brush is determined by the object to be polished. There are too many industries that can use the polishing brush, such as automobile production industry, machine tool CNC mold industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, wood industry, etc., which can polish the surface of the object. , Sanding and deburring. Do you know what are the commonly used brush filament materials for polishing brushes? There are 6 commonly used materials for polishing brushes: nylon wire, abrasive wire, steel wire, copper wire, fiber wire, sisal wire, and pig (bristle) hair. Which material do you use? You can consult Aoqun to recommend suitable filaments and custom polishing brushes according to your application scenarios.

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  • Do You Know How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner? AOQUN

    Do You Know How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner? AOQUN

    September 15,2021.

    In recent years, in terms of home cleaning, many families have purchased cordless vacuum cleaners for cleaning. However, there are many types of vacuum cleaners, and there are certain skills in purchasing. For example, the following points must be taken into consideration. 1. Volume selection: Different brands of wireless vacuum cleaners have different volume designs. As far as daily cleaning is concerned, the size is small and light, and the model that is easy to lift will save effort to use, and girls with low power can also operate freely. 2. Core performance: The core performance here mainly refers to the vacuum degree. The model with high vacuum degree and high power will naturally have a stronger suction capacity, which can absorb fine dust and large particles, and even more garbage can be cleaned. 3. One machine with multiple functions: Most of the wireless vacuum cleaners on the market today support one machine with multiple functions. It can be connected to different vacuum cleaner brush heads to achieve different functions. When purchasing, you can make personalized choices according to the cleaning needs of the home scene. 4.Battery life: battery life is of course self-evident, it is best to choose a model with a long battery life based on the excellent performance of the above points. After comprehensively evaluating various parameters, you can buy a vacuum cleaner according to your own ideas. In fact, in addition to the diversified choice of vacuum cleaners, there are also many choices of vacuum strip brushes. If you don't know how to choose a vacuum strip brush, you can directly call Aoqun customer service for more details. Aoqun is a professional manufacturer of high-quality, high-volume vacuum cleaner strips. The manufacturer of the brush.

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Aoqun Floor Strip Brush Roll? -AOQUN

    What Are The Characteristics Of Aoqun Floor Strip Brush Roll? -AOQUN

    September 14,2021.

    More and more furniture decoration will use softer wood floors in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and other rooms, and tile floors in kitchens, balconies and other rooms that are easy to get dirty. In order to meet the cleaning needs of vacuum cleaners, Aoqun brush manufacturers design Produced floor strip brush roll. The floor strip brush roll of Aoqun Brush Factory is very popular in the market. It is suitable for most domestic wooden floors and tiles in our country and can absorb more dust. The soft floor brush roll covering the vacuum brush head can reduce the drag and wear of the hardwood floor. The dust, dander, and allergens in the blanket were all sucked away by the powerful vacuum cleaner, and there was nowhere to hide. The soft floor strip brush roll can effectively clean the hard floor, and it will be cleaner while wiping while sucking. It also has a certain polishing effect on the wooden floor. It can care for the wooden floor while cleaning daily. Floor Strip Brush Roll The floor strip brush customized and supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is produced by the brand-new 3.0 flocking process. The bristles are evenly distributed, the bristles are fastened and wear-resistant, and the super soft fluff has good elasticity and strong adaptability, which can basically meet the requirements. The cleaning needs of many families. For more product information of vacuum cleaner brush heads, please consult Aoqun Brush Factory. Aoqun can customize floor brush rolls of various materials and specifications according to your vacuum cleaner style.

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