• Congratulations on AOQUN Becoming Guangdong High-tech Company

    Congratulations on AOQUN Becoming Guangdong High-tech Company

    April 14,2019.

    Recently, according to the "High-tech Company Certification Management Measures" (Gao Ke Fa [2016] No. 32) and the "High-tech Company Certification Management Work Guidelines" (Gao Ke Fa Huo [2016] No. 195), the national high-tech company certification management network publicly announced the list of “Guangdong Province's first batch of high-tech companies in 2018”. Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the state for its independent research and development level and technological innovation capability, and won the honorary title of “Guangdong High-tech Company in 2018”. The identification of high-tech companies is a comprehensive evaluation and identification of the company's core independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the management level of research and development, growth indicators and talent structure. After the strict screening of the country, AOQUN has obtained the recognition of the first batch of high-tech ompanys in Guangdong Province in 2018, indicating that AOQUN has received strong support from the state in innovation and research and development, and it is also the recognition of the country's production technology level and product technology. Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality brush custom company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Before awarding high-tech company honor, we have 12 patents and obtained intellectual property management system certification, ISO9001- 2015 quality system and safety production standardization double certification, and "contract-honoring and trustworthy company" honorary certificate. "AOQUN" brand of brush, strip brush, cleaning brush, brush roller and other products sell well in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 30 industries, and with CRRC Group, Schindler, Hitachi, KONE, Combi and other internationally renowned companies of long-term cooperation. With the rapid development of the company, the company's technology research and development and independent innovation work has never stopped. Adhering to the tenet of “Sincerity, Achievement, and Future”, AOQUN adheres to the spirit of “professionalism, concentration and dedication”, devotes to scientific management, pursues excellent quality, and carefully make every brush; actively promotes independent innovation of the company. The process of independent research and development will further strengthen the company's technological innovation capability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, provide strong technical support for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of Companies, and strive to build the national excellent brands and contribute more power to “China's intellectual creation”.

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  • Grateful and Green Ching Ming Festival

    Grateful and Green Ching Ming Festival


    It is the time of grass growing in spring, and it is also the time of Ching Ming Festival. The Ching Ming Festival carries the traditional culture of honoring the ancestors, paying homage to the heroic spirit, and thinking carefully about life. It highlights the sacrificial culture and embodies the national spirit, and is full of the moral feelings of the Chinese respecting the ancestors and respecting the ancestors. In recent days, mountain forest fires have occurred continuously in many places, causing major losses, especially in Muli County, Sichuan Province. This added a touch of grief to Qingming this year, which caused us to be alert and watch out for the tragedy. Let the Ching Ming Festival be truly environmentally friendly, let people play with nature, and meet the hearts of the people. In the Ching Ming Festival, while express grateful to our ancestors, we should worship our ancestors civilly and environmentally, to spend a green Ching Ming Festival. Safety first, prevention first, environmental protection, compliance with regulations. AOQUN attaches great importance to environmental protection work. Our product research and development team have 17 years of industry experience. AOQUN yellow flame-retardant nylon escalator brush is used in the escalator sidewalk along with the safety of our upper and lower rides, which obtained the national invention patents, and many brush are complied with more than 30 certifications. According to the State Council's "National Festival and Memorial Day Holidays", AOQUN's holiday schedule is as follows: April 5th - April 7th, 2019, for a total of 3 days. During the holiday, you need to contact our business friends, please call: 13609069985 Ms.Xiao.

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  • AOQUN Reasonable Price and High Quality Bottle Brush Small

    AOQUN Reasonable Price and High Quality Bottle Brush Small

    March 29,2019.

    Mr. Ashia from India sent us an enquiry. He wants to buy 500 bottle brush small and hopes that we can give him a discount. Because India’s tax is very high, they need a low price to lower tax. After knowing the size of the bottle brush small that Ashia need, we found that the size of the bottle brush he need was the regular size we produced, we were producing a similar size on that time. Noted the target price of Ashia, we found that his target price is far lower than our cost price. We promise him that we are willing to give him a discount of 5% off this time. If his next purchase amount reaches 50,000, we are willing to give him a 10% discount within 1 year. Ashia told us that it is no problem to purchase 50,000 pcs in 1 year and accepted our proposal. 2 months after purchasing 500 bottle brush small, Ashia found our company again and directly purchased 50,000 pcs. We also fulfilled our previous commitment and offer 10% discount for Mr Ashia.

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  • Good Quality AOQUN Door Brush Draught Excluder

    Good Quality AOQUN Door Brush Draught Excluder

    March 29,2019.

    The main function of the door brush draught excluder is to block the wind and block the sound. However, Miss Xiang, the purchase of a door industry in Guangzhou, recently received a batch of door seals. The brush is uneven and cannot seal the effect. Miss Xiang was not willing to accept such products, and required the original manufacturer to rework a batch of products, but the manufacturer did not reply for confirmation, and Miss Xiang would like find the new supplier to produce new batch door brush draught excluder. Through the introduction of acquaintances, Miss Xiang contacted AOQUN. The customer service of AOQUN carefully learned about the current situation from Miss Xiang, and told Miss Xiang, AOQUN is a manufacturer that has obtained the "ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System" certification.  AOQUN has its own solution for problem of high- and low-level door brush draught excluder, First, AOQUN uses computer-controlled high-speed machine production to adjust the machine according to the custom height, and then trimmed brush before the packaging, and finally QC will check whether each product is qualified before leaving the factory. In every step of production, the production quality is strictly controlled according to the quality inspection of the quality system documents, process inspection and factory inspection. Eliminate the unevenness of the door brush draught excluder. Listen to the customer service, Miss Xiang order a test order. After 7 days, Miss Xiang received the door brush draught excluder and contacted AOQUN again and praised us.  The quality of the brush was very good, and the door brush draught excluder was smooth and neat. Soon after, Miss Xiang has become an old customer, and there are 1000 meters for every order.

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  • AOQUN Bottle Brush Long Handle Will Satisfy Your Customers

    AOQUN Bottle Brush Long Handle Will Satisfy Your Customers

    March 27,2019.

    Few days ago, A man whose name is Michael, asked us about the bottle brush long handle. Michael told us that their customers complained to them that the bottle brush was difficult to grip, touch feel is not good. So, he asked if we could produce a large handle bottle brush for him. After receiving the requirements of Michael, we immediately developed a plan to customized a bottle brush long handle for him. We made several modifications to the length and diameter of the handle, and finally customized a large wooden handle bottle brush that is 10cm long and its shape fits well in the hand. This large handle bottle brush is not only beautiful in design, but also important to meet the needs of European and American customers, which making Michael’s customers more comfortable. Michael was very satisfied after receiving the samples. He took the big bottle brush long handle to the store to try out customer satisfaction. The customer said that this bottle brush feels very good and is particularly satisfied with this product. So, Michael immediately ordered 5,000pcs bottle brush long handle from us. A month later, he gave us feedback that the brush was very popular in the market and sold very well. They planned to purchase another 10,000pcs.

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  • Tensile Resistant of AOQUN Nylon Brush Strip is Beyond Your Imagination

    Tensile Resistant of AOQUN Nylon Brush Strip is Beyond Your Imagination

    March 27,2019.

    The nylon strip brush is in widely use, including doors and windows, furniture, hardware, glass, ceramics, textiles, cabinets, elevators, rail transportation, cleaning and other industries. Some industries will have the corresponding tensile requirements of the nylon strip brush. The tensile requirements of different industries are not the same, but the main purpose is hope the nylon strip brush to be wear resistant with long service life. The minimum tensile requirement is that the nylon strip brush filament will not easily pull out or loose in the course of the application. Otherwise, the nylon strip brush will not achieve the use effect, it will even leave in somewhere inside the machinery and equipment which affect the operation of the entire equipment, etc., the bad effect is unthinkable. AOQUN’s tensile standard is that select about the 10 mm diameter brush filament for tensile test, the tensile should ≥6kg. Recently, we have done the nylon strip brush tensile test according to the customer tensile acceptance requirements. Customer requires that the tensile should be equal or large than 10kg for about 200 brush filament when pull the filament vertically. The tensile reached 11.25kg without any changes of the brush filament(in the below picture)! Moreover, AOQUN nylon strip brush can withstand more than 1 million times friction without deformation by other wear-resistance test. The escalator and screen door industries  has strict requirement for the wear resistance, need to ensure the tensil resistance and wear resistance, thus to have a good sealing.

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