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  • Elevator Door Brushes Offer – AOQUN’s Quality Value for Money

    Elevator Door Brushes Offer – AOQUN’s Quality Value for Money


    The guest from Brazil, John, sent an inquiry of the elevator door brushes in Ali, and received a reply from our company and another supplier. John gave a feedback to us: our offer is more expensive than the other, he hoped we could explain.   Roger, who was responsible for following up with the guest, responded to John's question as follows: First of all, have you received samples from us and the other one? Because of different materials, different specifications, different quality, product accuracy will lead to different prices. Our company is a supplier of brand escalator manufacturer such as Hitachi and Schindler. The product quality and brand reputation are all verified by the market and supported by customers. It is also because of the advantages of AOQUN elevator door brushes in the cost performance, the products are exported to more than 50 countries, more than 3,000 customers witness the development of AOQUN. Of course, your question about the price is very normal. We recommend that you take the samples separately from the two companies, and pay attention to whether the materials, dimensions, tolerances, drawings are listed on the other quotation? The price of our elevator door brushes is clear and the relevant specifications are clearly marked. When you receive samples, we will also teach you how to identify the quality of the product. We can provide a free sample for you to compare.   Now John has become a good friend with Roger. With the professional assistance of Roger, John said that he bought the most cost-effective elevator door brushes and recommended many new guests to Roger!

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  • Timely Delivery for Elevator Door Seal – AOQUN

    Timely Delivery for Elevator Door Seal – AOQUN


    Kate from Mexico sent an enquiry: "I want to buy an elevator door seal, but my request is to ship within 3 days after placing the order. Can you do it?"   After learning about Kate's requirements, we immediately provided two solutions: First, she can purchase our regular models and sizes, because we have stocks in stock to meet her delivery requirements. The second is to sign an annual order agreement with her to keep stock of her special elevator door seal, which can also meet her delivery requirements. Kate was very happy about this. After confirming the annual order of the elevator door seal, we applied for a one-year standing stock elevator door seal for her. After 3 times on time delivery, Kate directly called: "Your elevator door seal delivery is very punctual, can meet my delivery requirements, now my project progress is much smoother than before, I hope that you can become my long-term Elevator door seal supplier!"

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  • Customized Elevator Door Seal for You - AOQUN

    Customized Elevator Door Seal for You - AOQUN


    At the show, a Spanish customer Stacy found us: My end customers currently want a red elevator door seal, but my local supplier has not red. You are a manufacturer, can you customize a red escalator for me?”   After learning about the demand of Stacy, we immediately replied: "Our company is a company that has more than ten years’ experience in producing elevator door seal, designing for many customers in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., including yellow nylon flame retardant, elevator door seal with led lights, etc. Please give us the specific size and color, we will make samples for you to test for you." Stacy immediately sent the drawings to us through the mobile phone to discuss with us, confirming that we provide Immediately after the plan, pay us a sample confirmation.   A month after we shipped the goods, Stacy called us: Your red elevator door seal is in full compliance with the specifications of my customers. He is very satisfied with the strong warning effect of the brush, and has already placed orders for 15 escalators. Thank you, I hope we can cooperate for a long time!

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  • AOQUN Color-changing LED Escalator Brush Guards

    AOQUN Color-changing LED Escalator Brush Guards


    I recently received an inquiry from Russian Ferad: “My end customer must install a color-changing LED escalator brush guards, but the local dealer did not have LED lights, let alone discoloration. Can you provide it?”   After receiving the inquiry from Ferad, our customer service Jay immediately replied: "Our company is a company with more than ten years of experience in the production of escalator brush guards. It has cooperated with KONE, Otis to provide LED lamp escalator brush guards. You don't have to worry about it at all. Please tell us the requirements and we will provide you with a solution right away.” Ferad immediately sent the request information to us, and decided to try 10 elevators after confirming the solution we provided.   About 2 months later, we received a thank you call from Ferad: Your LED escalator brush guards is of good quality, the color of the LED light can be displayed at our request, and there have been no problems so far. I hope that you can be my long-term supplier.

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  • Securely Packed Escalator Brush Guards - AOQUN

    Securely Packed Escalator Brush Guards - AOQUN


    “I am Joe from Spain. Since my supplier has not been able to meet the packaging requirements of the escalator brush guards, and there is a bending phenomenon, it cannot be installed properly. Can you provide an escalator brush guards that meets my packaging standards? " After knowing joe's request, our customer service Jay immediately replied: "Hello Joe! Our company is a company with more than ten years of experience in the production of escalator brush guards. It provides escalators for the world-famous brands such as Hitachi, Schindler, KONE, Otis. Brushes packaging requirements can meet their safety requirements, no damage during transportation. Please tell us the packaging requirements, we will provide solutions immediately." After listening to our program, Joe thought that the carton plus the wooden box solution was very good, decided to try 10 elevators. About a month later, we received a call from Joe: “We are very satisfied with your escalator brush guards! Not only transportation has no problems, but the quality is very good.”

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  • Which Is the Strongest Manufacturer of Escalator Brush Skirt? -AOQUN

    Which Is the Strongest Manufacturer of Escalator Brush Skirt? -AOQUN


    Mr. Wan has been exporting escalator accessories for many years and has been struggling to find a manufacturer of escalator brush skirt with good quality and fast delivery. Although there are many brush manufacturers in Zhejiang, there are often complaints after exporting to customers. At the Shanghai Elevator Exhibition, Mr. Wan got the contact information of AOQUN and couldn't wait to find it.   As a professional manufacturer of escalator brush skirt, AOQUN has 12 production lines and a monthly capacity of 1.8 million meters. AOQUN is a long-term supplier of elevator brands such as Hitachi, Schindler and Mitsubishi. Product quality has witnessed and tested by more than 3,000 customers. At the same time, the sufficient capacity and safety stock can fully solve Mr. Wan's demand for fast delivery. After understanding, Mr. Wan did not hesitate to give an order to AOQUN.   Two days ago, Mr. Wan specially called to report the news, saying that his end customer was very satisfied with the escalator brush skirt he provided, and was preparing to make another new order with doubling amount.

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