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  • Very Clean Brush Side Escalator - AOQUN

    Very Clean Brush Side Escalator - AOQUN


    Johnny from the United States sent an enquiry on 8th of October, "Please ask your company to provide a safety brush side escalator with no oil and dust. The brush side escalator must be free of oil and dust. The appearance must be qualified." After receiving the call from Johnny, he said, "Because I have found two brush side escalator suppliers to supply the brush side escalator, the surface of the brush side escalator has a lot of oil, dust, and has not been cleaned. I felt that it was used for a long time, which made us lose face. I have to find a good quality brush side escalator supplier.   After learning that Johnny has not been able to find a clean, oil-free brush side escalator, we talked directly with Johnny about the sample delivery, because the actual sample can prove everything, prove the quality of our brush side escalator. At the same time, we sent the catalogue to the Johnny, and after Johnny communicated with us, learning about our brand customer Hitachi and Schindler, Johnny trusted and recognized us. He said: “because I found AOQUN, all the quality problems are completely eliminated.”   Johnny called: “the quality of the brush side escalator is good, because your samples, I get more and more orders, no longer have to worry about quality problems, I just received an order for 25 escalators, will send you later.”

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  • AOQUN Brush in Escalator is This Smell

    AOQUN Brush in Escalator is This Smell


    Kelvin of Ireland sent us a message on WhatsApp telling us that he recently bought some brush in escalator at a Chinese brush factory and was preparing to install a brush in escalator in his customer's shop. But when he was checking the goods, he measured the material of the brush in escalator by burning, but found that it was not right! The taste is not only not like nylon but also very niffy. He said: "I am very angry that the supplier has deceived me. I found some suppliers of brush in escalator in LinkedIn. I saw that you are very good at promoting the foreign media. I am looking for you to buy a batch of brushes. "" AOQUN devotes to professional production of brush in escalator for more than ten years, we have encountered customers to reflect similar problems to us. Some brush in escalator suppliers use secondary recycled materials or other waste raw materials to save costs and make huge profits. So how can we help Kelvin solve his troubles? First of all, we showed the product certification obtained by our company. Secondly, we sent sample for Kelvin to confirm. After receiving the samples, Kelvin said that AOQUN products are very pure and he is very confident in our products, and Kelvin confirm the order without saying anything. Before the shipment, our business staff directly conducted video chat with Kelvin to make a simple visual test to let customers witness the quality of our products. When the customer receives the goods, he said: "The strength of AOQUN in the industry is the same as your escalator nylon brush in escalator. We will have the demand in the future and contact you in the first time."

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  • Non-deformed Brush in Escalator-AOQUN

    Non-deformed Brush in Escalator-AOQUN


    At the escalator exhibition, a Philippine customer DGM found us and complained that my brush was bent and deformed two months after the installation on the escalator. I received a complaint from my customer, and I had to purchase and replace it separately, which increased my purchase cost. Can you provide an brush in escalator that is not deformed?”   After hearing this complaint, Roger immediately replied: "Our company is a company with more than ten years of experience in the production of brush in escalator. It has cooperated with KONE and Otis to help the brush in escalator project. After testing, the same product is used on the screen door in the train, after 1 million high-speed friction tests, it will not be deformed. Please tell us the specific requirements, we will provide you with a solution right away.” DGM decided to try brush for 10 elevators after confirming the solution we provided.   About 6 months later, we received a thank you call from DGM: your brush in escalator has not been deformed after half a year of use. I hope that you can become my long-term supplier.

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  • Brush on Elevator with No Bending Filament - AOQUN

    Brush on Elevator with No Bending Filament - AOQUN


    Amy from Malaysia called for help and said, "Why is it so difficult to find a good brush on elevator now? The filament is messy, all of which are bending, seriously affecting people's vision, and we have already been complained by our customers. A friend of mine introduced you, I heard that your company has done a good quality brush on elevator, so I ask you to make the brush on elevator to be exactly the same as my sample without any bending filament.   When we communicate with Amy, we inform Amy that the bending filament is caused by the problem of brush on elevator production. If the filaments are not placed well or the machine is not adjusted, the filament will be bending. We are the benchmark in the brush on elevator industry. Our brush on elevator are up to the standards in the industry, and we are all produced according to the customer's samples. We also ask for sending samples first, let Amy confirm our quality. We sent samples the next day, Amy received the sample on the 5th day. Amy called and said, "The quality of your brush on elevator is really good. The samples I received are all without any bending, and they are all perpendicular to the baseline of the brush on elevator base. It is very beautiful.”   After confirming the sample, the order for the brush on elevator of the five escalators were immediately placed. The customer said, "Use the samples you sent to send to the customer. They are satisfied, and now there are already 20 escalator brush on elevator orders in the negotiation, it is worthy to be AOQUN’s partne!”

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  • Tidy and Flat Brush on Elevator – AOQUN

    Tidy and Flat Brush on Elevator – AOQUN


    Claudio from Italy sent an enquiry and said, "I want a safe escalator Brush on elevator. Can you send some samples to our company for reference?" Our customer service staff learned through the communication that Claudio is a well-known elevator brand manufacturer in Italy, but the quality of the previously cooperating suppliers was unstable, and the Brush on elevator was all uneven. He wanted us to send some samples as he can know the quality of production.              Our customer service sent out the escalator Brush on elevator of different specifications and models within the same day. After receiving the samples from our company, the feedback will be returned immediately, "I am very satisfied with the sample of your company, the Brush on elevator is very neat, the vision is very comfortable. And the quality of other aspects is also very good. But I don't know whether the quality of your goods and samples are consistent, I will place an order for one escalator first. “   Not long ago, Claudio received the goods with very much appreciated. "It was the first time I saw the quality of the Brush on elevator samples of you. The follow-up orders will continue to be ordered to you. Please help me to leave the production space."

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  • AOQUN Elevator Door Brushes Safe to Your Home

    AOQUN Elevator Door Brushes Safe to Your Home


    The important attractions of a tourist city need to replace the elevator door brushes for the old escalator. The engineer responsible for maintenance said that the previous brush installation did not meet the safety regulations, and required AOQUN to provide the safest brush and installation solution.   In order to ensure safety, AOQUN immediately sent a sales engineer to conduct a site visit. It is found that the distance between the curved section of the original installed elevator door brushes and the step surface is very high, far exceeding the relevant requirements of the safety regulations, and it is completely unable to prevent the clip. The root cause is that the arc of the brush does not match the curvature of the apron plate of the escalator. As a senior manufacturer in the industry, the AOQUN elevator door brushes has already summarized the best method for measuring the size of the curved section. The sales engineer measured the relevant data on the site, calculated the conversion, and gave each parameter to the production.   In the first two days, the guest sent an new and old escalator bush compared picture, and gave the AOQUN a thumbs up. At the same time, all the orders for the replacement of all elevator door brushes in the scenic area were ordered to AOQUN. The guest said: order to the AOQUN, safe and rest assured!

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