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  • Where to Find High quality Escalator Safety Brushes? – AOQUN

    Where to Find High quality Escalator Safety Brushes? – AOQUN


    After the National Day, a manager of the escalator dealer, Mr. He, received a lot of complaints from the supermarkets that the escalator safety brushes were replaced less than half a year. Mr. He decided to replace the escalator safety brushes supplier and look for another escalator safety brushes factory. After listening carefully to Mr. He’s requirement, our manager Wang told the manager that we are AOQUN to comply with the ISO management system and strictly enforce the quality standards. The brush at the bottom of the escalator requires a pulling force of ≥6kg when the bottom width is ≥3mm, and it passes the test report that the brush does not fall off and does not deform after 1 million times of friction, and the phenomenon of filament loss is eliminated, the price of the escalator safety brushes has increased in the past 10 years. But It is relatively stable in AOQUN. Mr. He asked manager Wang to send samples to see. Two days later, Mr. He called the manager Wang again. He said: "The samples received by your company have also been tested by the technical department. They said that the escalator safety brushes are high-quality!" Mr. He did not hesitate to place 30 escalators directly.

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  • Sealing Good Elevator Safety Brushes - AOQUN

    Sealing Good Elevator Safety Brushes - AOQUN


    Meng is a technical engineer of the elevator manufacturer. Recently, the escalator installed in a shopping mall has often been troubled. After careful investigation by Meng, the reason is that the elevator safety brushes of the escalator is sparse. Because of the large wind and sand in the north, there are often dust and garbage falling into the machine and malfunctioning. In order to solve this problem, Meng found us.   Our 10 year-experience business managers, Ms. Gui, who received the work of Meng, and learned that the elevator safety brushes of the escalator they used were single-row. And we have a double-row elevator safety brushes on both sides, the intercross of the two rows of elevator safety brushes can enhance the seal ability. This brand has been applied to Hitachi, Schindler and other brand manufacturers; you can rest assured to use. Later, he also agreed to test the two sides of the double-row escalator with 5 ladders in the first 3 days.   On the 10th day after the installation test, I received feedback from Meng: "As you said, the elevator safety brushes seal effect t is super strong, and there is no problem from the installation of the elevator safety brushes. I hope to cooperate with AOQUN in the long run."

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  • How to find A Company with Patent for Elevator Safety Brushes? - AOQUN

    How to find A Company with Patent for Elevator Safety Brushes? - AOQUN


    Giggs, who is doing elevator maintenance, is the engineering manager of a foreign mechanical and electrical equipment company. In the past few days he was looking for a manufacturer with a patent for the elevator safety brushes. Because his customer recently asked him to choose the manufacturer that owns the patent. Seeing that the agreed delivery date is getting closer and closer, and the manufacturer with the escalator brush patent has not found it, Giggs can only ask the network platform to see if he can finally find one.   When he had no clue, a colorful brush appeared in front of Giggs, and then Giggs contacted the manufacturer - Aoqun. Aoqun customer service Anna told Giggs that the color escalator brush is the first of its kind and has many patents for elevator safety brushes. Among them, the yellow flame-retardant elevator safety brushes are the most popular. First, the yellow color is the warning color. Secondly, the elevator safety brushes V0 flame retardant breaks the precedent that the colored elevator safety brushes cannot be used for flame retardant. The most important thing is that the yellow elevator safety brushes has been used in the site of the Hong Kong subway. Hearing here, Giggs asked if Anna could send samples to him, first try to see the effect of this elevator safety brushes product.   A week later, Giggs gave a feedback, he was very satisfied with the color of the elevator safety brushes, AOQUN product is not only good quality, but also has the patent for elevator safety brushes, and is the world's first colorful flame-retardant product, tension and resilience are great, which is the products they need to find. Next, Giggs will focus on promoting the color elevator safety brushes and hope to cooperate with AOQUN!

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  • Looking for the Best Escalator Tread Brush? AOQUN

    Looking for the Best Escalator Tread Brush? AOQUN


    On October 28th, our customer service received a consultation from Mr. Wang from Zhuhai. He is the purchasing manager of an elevator maintenance company. “Recently, I have often received complaints from customers who have installed the escalator tread brush. All the escalator tread brushes have different degrees of deformation and cannot be restored. This not only affects the appearance, but also has great security risks and must be solved immediately.”   Later, we learned that the escalator tread brush used by them was made of PP material. Therefore, we suggested that Mr. Wang replace the material with PA, because PA has a lot of wear resistance and recovery force compared with PP. We provided samples within 2 days according to the drawings, and Mr. Wang also tried to place orders for 3 escalators.   After 15 days of field testing, Mr. Wang said: They now use the AOQUN escalator tread brush, and the shopping mall has good feedback that the current escalator tread brush is very smooth, and immediately rebound after sweeping. The problems are solved, and the rest of the escalators must be mounted with AOQUN escalator tread brush.

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  • Escalator Tread Brush Supplier, AOQUN Is Your Choice

    Escalator Tread Brush Supplier, AOQUN Is Your Choice


    Mr. Song is the master worker of an elevator installation company in Hubei. When it was closed to the Chinese New Year, he suddenly received the installation task of 13 escalators. In the case that the original escalator was not equipped with an Escalator brush, it cannot be put into use, so they can only find the escalator tread brush supplier themselves. Many escalator tread brush suppliers were unable to do this with short delivery times and high-quality requirements. In this way, they would be unable to deliver, and the workers will be unable to return to their hometown for the New Year.   Finally, Mr. Song learned that we are the escalator tread brush supplier designated by many well-known escalator manufacturers and found us. After understanding the difficulties of Mr. Song, we started several production lines at the same time, and we were familiar with the product specifications and delivered in just 3 days.   After the owner successfully accepted the escalator, Mr. Song made a special call to express his heartfelt thanks to AOQUN on behalf of the workers! They avoided the dilemma that they could not go home for the New Year, and even had a holiday in advance. It is worthy of the elevator manufacturers praise: the escalator tread brush supplier, AOQUN is your choice!

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  • Looking for Metal Deflector Brush Escalator Base? -AOQUN

    Looking for Metal Deflector Brush Escalator Base? -AOQUN


    I once chatted with Mr. Zhao, an elevator maintenance, and did not intend to hear that he was looking for a manufacturer of deflector brush escalator bases. Mr. Zhao used plastic brush base before. Although the price of plastic is cheap, it would crack by gravity, so the frequency replacement has large cost. He wants to replace a metal material. Although he also asked a few manufacturers, but they required a high MOQ and a huge amount of mold making costs, so he has not found a satisfactory manufacturer, he would like to ask if there is a meter brush base in AOQUN.   After listening to Mr. Zhao’s request, I immediately told him to find AOQUN. AOQUN has a variety styles of deflector brush escalator bases for customers to choose. The conventional models of the single-row deflector brush escalator and the double-row deflector brush escalator are also available and can also be customized according to the customer's esclator type. The deflector brush escalator bases produced by Aoqun are mainly made of alumina. The products have been tested and certified by professional third-party organizations such as SGS, in line with the new national standard for the installation of escalators and automatic pedestrian walkways. Before I finished introduction, Mr. Zhao interrupted me and asked me to send a few samples of the commonly used deflector brush escalator to him. He tried it first to see the effect!   After a week, I chatted with the customer again. The customer said to me excitedly. Thank you very much for sending us samples. The samples have been installed and the owners are very satisfied. The most important thing is that the sample given by AOQUN can be matched to the escalator he is using now, without having to open another mold. It saved him a lot of cost and  he said that all the deflector brush escalator bases will be purchased in AQOUN in the future.

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