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AOQUN Escalator Brush Manufacturer

AOQUN Escalator Brush Manufacturer

February 28,2023.

Is there a recommended escalator brush manufacturer? The answer is: yes. Today I will focus on recommending: AOQUN escalator brush manufacturer. The escalator brushes produced by this escalator safety stainless steel brush manufacturer have already covered the subway lines, light rail lines, and high-speed rail lines of major cities across the country, as well as large supermarkets such as Yintai Department Store Group, Guangzhou Resort Plaza, etc. So, what makes the escalator safety brush of Aoqun Brush Industry occupy most of the domestic market?

In addition to the qualification and strength of escalator brush manufacturers, the final analysis, depends on the quality of escalator safety brush products produced by AOQUN escalator brush manufacturers. First of all, in terms of products, there is a complete range of brush filaments, such as flame-retardant escalator brushes, anti-static brushes, etc., all of which can be customized; the brushes are exquisite in workmanship, and the filaments are smooth in color, uniform in thickness, neat, and free of skewed hairs. , the surface is free of oil, dust, rust, corrosion, etc.; and the materials used for the brush base are all national standard oxidized aluminum alloy bases, and the surface can be oxidized or painted in different colors; even the accessories of the escalator brush device are matched. They are very complete, such as terminals, screws, and so on.

Secondly, the specification and size of the escalator brush not only meet the requirements of international standards but also has a variety of sizes for you to choose from, such as a variety of single-row and double-row aluminum alloy bases, etc.; and the escalator safety The material, shape, function, and color of the brush can all be customized. In addition, regarding the production of escalator safety brushes, AOQUN must strictly test and control the size, tension, feel, and appearance of each mass-produced brush product, for example, flame-retardant escalator brush products, Passed 10 IROHS tests, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe.

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