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  • How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner?| AOQUN

    How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner?| AOQUN

    August 16,2021.

    Due to the maturity of the vacuum cleaner industry, almost every household now has a vacuum cleaner. However, there are more and more brands and more and more functions. Your friends have made a lot of mistakes when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Many people don't know how to choose. AOQUN has some suggestions for choosing a vacuum cleaner: 1. Vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into three types: horizontal, vertical and hand-held. Because horizontal vacuum cleaners were launched earlier, they are larger in size, consume more power, and are more expensive; although vertical vacuum cleaners consume There is not much electricity, but there will be some insufficient suction power; hand-held vacuum cleaners are small in size, and the suction power and power consumption are both moderate, so this type of vacuum cleaner is used more at home. 2. There are two types of vacuum cleaners: wired and wireless. Wired vacuum cleaners produced in the early years were more popular at the time. However, with the continuous development and innovation of vacuum cleaner technology, wireless vacuum cleaners have gradually entered people’s field of vision and have basically replaced them now. In addition, the wired vacuum cleaner is located in a place as high as the ceiling, and the wired vacuum cleaner cannot be cleaned, so it is a good choice to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner now. 3. The dust collection capacity is also very important. The amount of dust collection is related to the motor. Currently, the motors on the market are divided into ordinary brush motors and digital brushless motors. Brushless motors have high suction power and low energy consumption, which is relatively more. Suitable for home use. 4. For wireless vacuum cleaners, it is very embarrassing to find that there is no electricity in the middle of the cleaning work. Therefore, when buying a wireless vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the battery life, which depends on the battery type and capacity of the vacuum cleaner. Most wireless vacuum cleaner batteries are divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries. Different types of battery life and life are different, but because the life and safety of lithium batteries are the best, so most of the current home appliances Lithium battery is the first choice for power supply. 5. When buying a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to its mite removal function. Bed sheets are a good environment for nourishing mites. Living under the damage of mites for a long time will not only affect the development of children, but also cause our more serious skin allergies, scabies and other problems. It is very important to buy a vacuum cleaner with the function of removing mites. 6. At the same time, when the vacuum cleaner is working, there will always be more or less noise problems. If it is a qualified vacuum cleaner, it will have the function of eliminating noise, mainly by adopting a noise reduction design on the air duct of the va...

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  • How To Keep The Cabinets Room at a Constant Low Temperature?

    How To Keep The Cabinets Room at a Constant Low Temperature?

    July 21,2021.

    Even if there is a complete air conditioning system inside the cabinet, there are many devices in the data center. In fact, the temperature distribution in the cabinet is uneven. Even if the current data center is equipped with ventilation ducts, the front of the cabinet is the air inlet and the rear is the air outlet, which can immediately take away the heat. However, because the heating power of various devices is different, if high-power devices are installed in some locations, local overheating of the computer room is prone to occur, which affects the safe operation of the data center, and may even cause hardware damage and individual equipment. A series of problems such as shutdown due to high temperature appeared. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature range in the data center computer room to remove or reduce local hot spots. In order to improve the operating environment of IT equipment, ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the data center, remove local hotspots, and reduce the excessive temperature of the local cabinets, some measures to deal with the hotspots of the data center are discussed below. There are 7 factors that cause hot spots in the local location of the data center: 1. The free U position gap in the cabinet causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise. 2. The gap between adjacent cabinets in the same row causes the temperature inside the cabinet to rise. 3. The temperature inside the cabinet rises between the bottom of the cabinet and the electrostatic floor. 4. The mismatch between the air supply volume of the perforated floor corresponding to a single cabinet and the air volume required by the IT equipment in the cabinet causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise. 5. The matching of the density of the cabinet orifice and the air volume of the equipment causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise 6. Inappropriate input cooling capacity and heat load cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise. 7. The data center has been used for longer and longer. Some of the old equipment in the cabinet and the hot air generated by the heating equipment itself cannot be efficiently discharged, which causes eddy currents in the cabinet, resulting in high temperature and high pressure in the cabinet, resulting in high local temperature. In the past, most of the methods for solving local hot spots were to increase the cooling capacity of the entire room, which would only increase energy consumption, and the local hot spots have not been completely eliminated. In addition, the point-to-point active refrigeration method is added, which is rack-mounted precision air supply air conditioner. This method has a long layout period, large investment, and layout is also very difficult. Based on several years of experience, and related standards and best tests at home and abroad, there are 7 points about how to solve local hot spots: 1. The manual air valve and the directional ventilation plate are the cold air diver...

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  • Six Types Of Strip Brushes and Their Applications

    Six Types Of Strip Brushes and Their Applications

    June 16,2021.

    Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that offers brush research and development, production, and sales associated services. We focus on product quality and safety at AOQUN BRUSH with our modern production technology and equipment. We have implemented an ISO9001-compliant quality management system. In addition, we were certified by CNAS and SGS, as well as the enterprise authentication of work safety standards. AOQUN strip brushes, roller brushes, staple set brushes, cleaning brushes, twisted wire brushes, and other products of various materials and shapes provide UV resistance, anti-static, antibacterial characteristics, flame retardance, UV resistance, and other features. ▪ Strip Brushes A brush is a tool with bristles made of materials like hair, wire, metal, and synthetic fibers that are attached to a wood, plastic, wire, or metal handle. Strip brushes are also known as channel bases. Strip brushes have metal backing tape that wraps around their bristles. Due to this, the brushes are mounted in holders or placed into grooves. Depending on requirements and application, the density, flexibility, and trim length of the brush varies. A flexible seal/equipment brush is a type of strip brush that is loaded with a filament. The strip brush's primary role is offering a barrier against dust, light, incursions during operation, mist, and heat. These brushes also function well as dry coating applicators on conveyor lines.Nylon strip brushes with 100% nylon are the most commonly used strip brushes. Static reduction can be achieved with a 100% conductive format. Strip Brushes AOQUN offers a variety of standard strip brushes in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, and filament materials. The brush properties and strip brush shapes are extremely versatile and can be customized to match practically any application. Chip removal, surface cleaning, material transport applications, sealing, conveyor cleaning, and other jobs are possible with strip brushes. ▪ Types and Applications 1. Escalator Strip Brushes AOQUN escalator strip brushes meet global escalator safety code requirements, including EN115, A17, and B44, and they are suitable for a wide range of escalators, moving walks, and elevators. They include a novel flexible brush spine that makes for easy removal during escalator maintenance. Escalator Strip Brushes 2. Door Strip Brushes When a seal around the margins of a door is required, door seal brushes are an excellent choice. Door seal brushes can provide a variety of benefits depending on the type of door they are installed for: keeping out pests (rodents, birds) and dust, providing safety from the weather (wind, rain, and storm), providing security, maintaining interior temperature control, and maintaining cleanliness. Door Strip Brushes 3. Cable Strip Brushes AOQUN provides cable strip brushes with brush seal-like brush plates and brush strips that are best suited for applications that do not require a high sealing rate. Th...

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  • Cleaning Equipment of Various Guns- Gun Brush

    Cleaning Equipment of Various Guns- Gun Brush


    Today I want to talk about guns cleaning: the guns can be divided into military guns, hunting guns, sports guns, special guns, teaching guns and police riot firearms and so on. No matter what kind of gun also will be left oil and gunpowder residue after shooting. If it is not cleaned up, by the time go on, it will raise the malfunction rate of the firearms. The oil pollution will clog the barrel and become solid gradually, it may cause weapons bombing without cleaning in time. The gunpowder slag may be stuck so that the bolt cannot pull. At this time, you need a professional cleaning tool – the gun brush. The common gun brush sets consist of nylon gun brush, brass gun brush, cotton gun brush. AOQUN uses the pure nylon filament to make the gun brush with uniform density, which has good clean effect for the oil and residues of the gun tube. The gun cleaning brass brush is strong corrosion resistance and hardness, which is suitable for removing the knot powder residue and burn marks. The cotton gun brush is the best choice for cleaning solvents. The gun brush is the essential equipment of the Wolf Warriors. We know that how big is our ability, how professional we are. AOQUN is actively to develop various brushes in the brush industry. Therefore, we devote ourselves to the application of technology and in-depth study of the use of customer demand, strive to provide customers with the right, accurate brushes in the customer service for each field. AOQUN is committed to be the brush industry leader of the brush industry.

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  • Fish Farm Filter Brush Makes Your Fish Pond Clear as Mirror

    Fish Farm Filter Brush Makes Your Fish Pond Clear as Mirror

    September 27,2018.

    If you want to have clear and clean water in koi fish pond, you should have a good fish pond filtration system. There are many filter medias in the market, which one should we choose? Should we put the filter media into the fish filtration system? So far, the fish farm filter brush is the new filtering product with the better cleaning and filtering effects than the traditional adsorption float, biochemical cotton. So many people will choose the put the fish farm filter brush into the koi fish pond. Firstly, AOQUN fish farm filter brush is added the hydrophilic,biophilic and nutritional sustained-release elements to better promote the growth of microorganisms and to improve the microbial quantity. Secondly, we use environmental friendly and cross filament, that has four angles to against the water washing in horizontal (water flow) and vertical (oxygen flow) direction, thus make the bacteria easily to breed and live to form the biofilm at the beginning. If using the straight filament, the biofilm cannot form so easily as the cross filament. The angel filament has better cutting action on bubbles, to increase the oxygen utilization, reduce the oxygen exposure. Thirdly, fish farm filter brush has longer service life than any other filter media. AOQUN Filament has good oxygenation performance, hang up the biofilm quickly and easy to take off, also corrosion resistance, no clogging, no bundling, low cost and simple management. Fourth, according to the environment and handling capacity, the service life should be generally 3-5 years, meanwhile, you should clean the floating plastic bags, wood and other recyclables regularly. Before Use                                                        After Use Fifthly, as the fish farm filter brush can easily form the biofilm, when water go throughs the fish farm filter brush with biofilm, the duct in the water will stick on the brush, it will help to change the nitrification bacteria to nitrite, thus to reduce the burden of the nitrifying bacteria in the next layer biofilm. You may ask AOQUN brush for more details of fish farm fish farm filter brush, we can provide you with better solution of fish farm filter brush usage.

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  • Cleaning Hero-Medical Cleaning Brush

    Cleaning Hero-Medical Cleaning Brush

    September 27,2018.

    As a cleaning specialist, the medical cleaning brush faces the medical instrument full of bloodiness, bacteria, viruses, but it does not afraid of the dirty and works like a dare-to-die corps to clean the medical instrument everyday diligently. The professional ethics of the medical cleaning brush is our hero. Therefore, the medical cleaning brush need to be thoroughly cleaned after used as to keep in clean condition for reuse. If you clean properly, it will extend the service life. You may pay attention to a few points in the cleaning process. Firstly, you should soak the brush in disinfectant, then use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean it for a few minute. If the stains on the brush can not be cleaned, the medical cleaning brush sacrifice glorious. It should be discarded immediately. Last but not least, the medical cleaning brush can be reuse only after sterilization. The used medical cleaning brush should be sterilized in the using day. AOQUN can customize all kinds of cleaning brush for medical instrument, no matter standard size or non-standard size. AOQUN medical cleaning brush has no debris, neatly cutting under a microscope of 30 times. We can be your satisfied product. The picture shows the proud group of hairbrush - under the microscope, magnified 30 times more than the hairline without debris.

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