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  • Strip Brushes UK, AOQUN Is Your Best Choice

    Strip Brushes UK, AOQUN Is Your Best Choice


    On August 15th, the customer service of Aoqun received a consultation from Miss Li, asking if AOQUN can customize the strip brushes uk? It turns out that Miss Li is doing business of automated logistics system equipment. The products used in the previous years caused the paint to fall off due to frequent friction, which not only damaged the appearance but also brought the peeling paint onto the goods. Now she hopes that the AOQUN can help solve it.   After learning the situation, the manager of the business AOQUN, Mr. Chen, took the initiative to contact Miss Li and learned through communication: For the black conveyor belt on the matching equipment, the profile must use black. The aluminum profiles of the previous strip brushes uk are easy to paint off by spraying, so it is directly recommended that change to anodizing to form an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile by electrolytic oxidation to improve corrosion resistance. Improve wear resistance and hardness and protect metal surfaces. The sample was then sent to Miss Li.   After receiving the strip brushes uk, Ms. Li carefully compared the test and found that it was not only beautiful in appearance, but also did not drop paint through repeated rubbing, so there was no need to worry about the paint falling on the goods and causing customer complaints. Then she directly placed an order of 1000 meters.

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  • Metal Strip Brush Credible Manufacturers – AOQUN

    Metal Strip Brush Credible Manufacturers – AOQUN


    Mr. Zhu from Guangzhou is a manufacturer of desk grommets. Recently, he found that the thickness of the metal strip brush was actually getting thinner and thinner. Although the size has consistently met the installation requirements, the sealing effect has been greatly reduced. He suddenly realized that it was the supplier who offered him a price increase some time ago. Because the price increase was not successful, he even quietly reduced the brush thickness. Mr. Zhu was very angry about this behavior, decided to look for another supplier.   Through the business card review, Mr. Zhu found that AOQUN Mr. Wang has been in constant contact with him, so he first thought of letting Mr. Wang provide samples and quotes for him. After receiving Mr. Zhu’s request, Mr. Wang immediately sent three kinds of materials and two kinds of thick metal strip brushes according to Mr. Zhu’s request, and separately priced them. In order to confirm the sample, Mr. Zhu can also do sample return and sample retention. After receiving the samples, Mr. Zhu was very moved by the details and immediately placed an order of 500 meters.   So far, Mr. Zhu has been working with AOQUN for more than seven years of metal strip brush. Because of Mr. Wang honest and considerate service, Mr. Zhu’s distribution business department is spread all over the country.

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  • Nylon Strip Brush, AOQUN Is Worthy Of Your Praise

    Nylon Strip Brush, AOQUN Is Worthy Of Your Praise


    On December 8th, customer service Xiao Liu received a telephone consultation from Mr. Mo: high-end nylon strip brush, can AOQUN provide customization? It turns out that Mr. Mo is a purchaser of a household products company, because he wants to prevent the room from leaking and cold air, and install a nylon strip brush at the bottom of the door. But it is very common style in the market, installed on their high-end doors is very mismatched. As AOQUN is the industry leader, so he call to consult. AOQUN Mr. Wang, replied to Mr. Mo after he understood the situation: “The nylon strip brushes on the bottom of the market are all installed with aluminum profiles. It is a bit out of place to install under the higher doors. The aluminum profile can be treated with black oxide, and the bright black has an innate advantage in any color. The PA material is made of nylon strip brush, and the flexibility and resilience also ensure that the nylon strip brush does not deform under frequent friction. It has a good sealing effect." The sample was sent for testing the next day. On the 5th day after receiving the samples from AOQUN, Mr. Wang received Mr. Mo's email: Thanks to the high-end nylon strip brush provided by Aoqun. It is very high-grade, and the sealing effect is good. Even the boss praises it. The submitted proposal has been passed and now requires a 1500 meters nylon strip brush.

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  • Carefully Selected Strip Brush Price – AOQUN

    Carefully Selected Strip Brush Price – AOQUN


    Mr. Zeng from Jiangsu has been a procurement staff in the door industry, and has received complaints from customers. The new project's refrigerator strip brush price is rust after has been used for a period of time, which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the company's reputation. At this time, the company's senior leaders are very concerned and ask Mr. Zeng to find the new supplier as soon as possible.   Mr. Zeng is puzzled by the fact that the strip brush price is rust. In order to solve the problem, Mr. Zeng had to change the supplier, and through the introduction of a friend and call to contact Mr. Wang, the business manager of AOQUN. After learning about Mr. Zeng's current situation, Mr. Wang told Mr. Zeng that the galvanized sheet was rusted for several reasons: 1) The galvanized sheet was impure and penetrated with impurities such as iron. 2) The surface zinc is not evenly wrapped, revealing the metal inside and causing corrosion. 3) Improper storage, scratching, water intrusion, and possibly rusting. The materials used by AOQUN are carefully selected, and they are not cheap and use inferior products. The materials are inspected according to the national standard GB/T30402-2013. The materials purchased by AOQUN are accompanied by the supplier's material report. For the problem of Mr. Zeng, if you want to completely solve the problem of rust, it is recommended to use 304 stainless steel or better 316 stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rust. Mr. Zeng listened to Mr. Wang and said that he was very happy to make the first order.    A month later, Mr. Zeng once again contacted Mr. Wang, and said that thanks to Mr. Wang, there was no rust after AOQUN strip brush price was used, which was highly appreciated by the top leaders. Mr. Zeng decided to sign an annual contract with AOQUN.

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  • AOQUN Strip Brush Sizes - No Deformation After 1 Million Times High Speed Friction

    AOQUN Strip Brush Sizes - No Deformation After 1 Million Times High Speed Friction


    "The owner inspected strip brush sizes, found deformation of the bristle, I don't know how to do? My friend in this industry recommended you to us. "George from Singapore sent us a distress call. George's company was responsible for the supply and installation of door parts. This time he was responsible for a PSD project in Australia. The customer complained that the brush was deformation during the owner's final inspection. Roger who has rich experience in PSD sealing brush served George. He introduced several possibilities of brush deformation to George, and suggested George to send a sample of the strip brush sizes he was using, and send our common products used on PSD to George immediately. After analysis, it was found that the strip brush sizes purchased by George company was made of inferior bristle, with poor resilience and easily to be deformed. At the same time, George also received the sample of AOQUN. Compared with his deformed brush, the advantages of AOQUN brush is very obvious. AOQUN PSD sealing brush is softer, and its resilience is much better. Due to the tight schedule, Roger immediately applied for an urgent order from the leader and sent out the 5,000-meters PSD sealing brush within 2 days. George sent Roger a letter to appreciate his help, after receiving the bulk goods and passing the acceptance inspection of the owners. And signed a long-term supply agreement with Roger. In recent two days, George informed Roger that he would soon place an order for the strip brush sizes of the next project in Chile, with the quantity of 10000 meters.

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  • Is The Strip Brush Holder Decoloring? AOQUN Solves it for You

    Is The Strip Brush Holder Decoloring? AOQUN Solves it for You


    “Why the strip brush holder leave black marks on the bottom or top surfaces of the door? my customers also complained me, can you tell me what the reason is?" Bob, from Australia, was so annoyed when contacting with us. Originally, Bob had bought a number of strip brush holderes locally and installed them with doors for his customers. Later, he received complaint from his customers.   As a professional manufacturer of strip brush holder, AOQUN company is very clear about why there are black marks. Miss Liu, who received Bob, patiently explained: "In order to save costs, some manufacturers use inferior black dyeing agent, and the coloring technique is poor, which results in filaments quickly decoloring, and finally sticking to the door surface." AOQUN can assure our customers that our company has always adhered to use imported high-quality color masterbatch, to ensure the effect of dyeing, and never decolor." Miss Liu sent a sample to Bob at once. Bob received the sample and did some tests to make comparison, found that AOQUN’s strip brush holder is different with his previous supplier’s. Even after many times of frictions, there was no mark left at all. That satisfies Bob.   After checking our production cycle, Bob decided to replace the previous batch of inferior garage door seal brush, and ordered totally 10,000 meters with Ms. Liu. And Bob says he will simply use AOQUN strip brush holder from now on.

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