Strip Brush Study Case

  • One-Stop Supply of Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush – AOQUN

    One-Stop Supply of Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush – AOQUN


    The state has issued the requirements of "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicles" (GB7258-2017). As a result, the demand for Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brushes has been increasing. At the same time, product selection has also increased. Recently, Miss Xiang found that the pulling force of strip brush and the staple set technology is completely different.   Miss Xiang also came into contact with the Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush 18 years ago. She has not enough experience in product identification. Their company, as a state-owned enterprise, has strict control over quality and cost, so Miss Xiang hopes to consult a professional manufacturer to determine how to find a cost-effective Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush. Under the introduction of the customer service, she learned that the staple set process fixes the filament by pressing a whole iron wire, and the strip brush process fixes the filament by pressing a piece of iron wire. The pulling force of strip brush can reach 10kg and the staple set brush can be up to 8.8kg. The Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush of the trailer is to prevent the formation of water mist and affect the safety, so it is necessary to choose a slightly better clamping technology.   Through the detailed introduction of Aoqun, Miss Xiang also knows that Aoqun is a professional manufacturer of trailer Spray Suppressant Rigid Spine Brush, and both the bristle process and the filament transplanting process can be supplied, so Miss can also choose according to different customers requirements from Aoqun.

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  • Which Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush is Best? - AOQUN

    Which Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush is Best? - AOQUN


    Mr. Chen from a Automobile Co., Ltd. called our company and said that the state has stipulated that heavy truck tires should be equipped with Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush. At present he has found several brush manufacturers, but they are not suitable. He learned from a friend that Aoqun is a professional manufacturer of Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush for automobile tires, so he called to inquire and asked if we could take the time to visit him with a model to discuss cooperation matters. The next morning, we took a model to visit Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen showed us the models of other brush manufacturers and found that the filament of the brushes had no brightness, matte color, poor resilience, low flexibility, and the base was galvanized. We took out our model for Mr. Chen and introduced our Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush with good gloss, good restoring force and elasticity, high flexibility, the base is made of stainless steel, and passed the ROHS and SVHC174 tests. In line with GB7258-2017, GB34659-2017 automobile and trailer anti-splash use requirements, the unit price may be slightly higher than other manufacturers, but value for money. After listening to our introduction, Mr. Chen affirmed our company's product quality and sincere service attitude, saying that Guangzhou Aoqun is indeed a leading manufacturer of professional Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush for automobiles. In the end, we successfully negotiated and became the sole supplier of Spray Suppressant Flexible Spine Brush for this automobile company.

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  • Flexible Spray Suppressant Brush Factory, Of Course Choose AOQUN

    Flexible Spray Suppressant Brush Factory, Of Course Choose AOQUN


    Tao is a trader of auto parts wholesales. He usually supplies auto parts for special car manufacturers. Recently, a car manufacturer has found Tao and asked him to help him find a productive flexible spray suppressant brush factory. Because the previous manufacturers often failed to deliver the goods, the entire shipment plan was disrupted. Through online information, Mr. Tao found Ms. Liu from Aoqun brush Industry. By understanding the types of customers in Ms. Tao, Ms. Liu told Tao confidently: "Aoqun is a brush factory specializing in the production of flexible spray suppressant brush. The company has been established for more than ten years. It can produce conventional flexible spray suppressant brush. Products can be customized according to the drawings and physical samples provided by customers. The door-to-door delivery greatly guarantees the customer's on-time delivery rate. " After 3 days of placing the order, all orders of Mr. Tao were delivered. Mr. Tao said happily after receiving the goods: "Aoqun is really a strong flexible spray suppressant brush factory. I have seen the products, not only the product quality is good, and the most important thing is that the delivery date is accurate. I am assured to cooperate with a large brand company such as Aoqun. "Later, Tao added a batch order of 2000 meters flexible spray suppressant brush.

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  • Car Truck Accessories Spray Suppressant - AOQUN Specifically Provide For You

    Car Truck Accessories Spray Suppressant - AOQUN Specifically Provide For You


    Mr. Ye, the purchaser of a well-known brand car manufacturer in Jiangsu, called us and said that their manager asked him to find an truck accessories spray suppressant. He has not purchased before; He found this product is available in AOQUN. Then he called us. Xiao Zhang, who is AOQUN’s product manager responsible for the anti-splash device for truck accessories spray suppressant. He told Mr. Ye: The car anti-splash device can reduce the spray of water mist, keep the cleanliness of the body, license plate and mirror, and improve driving safety. The car truck accessories spray suppressant has a straight strip type and a semi-circular shape; the size can be customized according to the wheel cover specifications. The car truck accessories spray suppressant produced by AOQUN meets the requirements of anti-splash use of GB7258-2017 and GB34659-2017 cars and trailers national standard, and is tested by RoHS and SVHC174, which has anti-UV and anti-aging functions. Mr. Ye is very pleased to find such a professional car truck accessories spray suppressant manufacturer, and immediately asked for several samples that are common in the market. After a one-week test, Mr. Ye was pleased to inform us that their company had approved the car truck accessories spray suppressant that after internal discussion, the brush must be exclusively provided by AOQUN.

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  • Guangzhou Plain Mudflaps Brush Manufacturer-AOQUN

    Guangzhou Plain Mudflaps Brush Manufacturer-AOQUN


    "Can you produce the plain mudflaps brush?” Jack, a vehicle accessory dealer from the United States, anxiously asked us on the phone. Originally Jack recently bought a plain mudflaps brush in Zhejiang, the result is the goods are not consistent to the sample. which was returned by his customer. Through internet, he found Guangzhou Fender Brush manufacturer: AOQUN in the Internet. Roger is the sales engineer in charge of semicircle brush industry. According to the unique needs of customers, we particularly designed the semicircle brushes for customers from more than 20 countries overseas. Roger asked Jack for more information on size. Based on industry experience, he recommended him the pure nylon filament material. After negotiation, the size, the specifications of the samples were confirmed and immediately arranged sample. In response to Jack's biggest concerns about the inconsistence, Roger showed Jack AOQUN's qualifications, honorary customers and product advantages via PPT and video. With more than 17 years experience of brush customization, AOQUN supplies brushes to over 20 industry leading enterprises, and was recognized well by them. Three days later, we heard from Jack that he was very pleased with the sample of the plain mudflaps brush he received. So, we immediately confirmed the first trial order 3000pcs. A week later, Roger arranged the first shipment for Jack. Last week Jack called Roger and said that his client was very satisfied with the goods, requesting the subsequent products should be in accordance with the goods this time, and decided to sign a long-term supply agreement with us.

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  • Customizing Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush, AOQUN Is Your First Choice

    Customizing Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush, AOQUN Is Your First Choice


    James is a procurement manager of a truck manufacturer from Germany, sent an inquiry and said, "I saw your company is a factory that makes custom Plastic Metal Mudguard Brushes, I currently have a project that just needs fenders brush. Could you please provide me with detailed information for my reference?" Salesman Roger first gave AOQUN’s Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush catalogue to James for reference, and chose semicircle or straight brush according to the customer's preference, and introduced the material to James in detail. The customer was very satisfied, and soon provided the product parameters. Because this project is only a try sample stage, the quantity is not large. Considering the cost and timeliness, the customer asked our company whether we could directly customize the Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush without making samples. According to the data that James provided and after re-checking all the parameters, Roger confirmed to the James that AOQUN could make bulk order directly with sample as long as the drawing and all specification are correct. The customer placed the order. Half a month later, James replied to us, “we could not believe that your customized Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush matched our products perfectly, and I am very satisfied with your quality and professionalism. I promise to place our all Plastic Metal Mudguard Brush order to you in Future”.

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