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Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

February 23,2023.

The brushes of the escalator are usually installed on both sides of the lower part of the escalator to prevent the safety hazard caused by the entanglement of items such as shoelaces or clothes in the gap between the steps of the escalator and the side panels of the escalator. It is common in shopping malls, supermarkets or subway entrances and exits on the escalator, play the role of anti-pinch. Generally, this brush is set up mainly to remind us that there is danger here, so don't approach it. In addition, the brush on the escalator has another function, which is to prevent some small parts such as coins, mobile phones, keys, etc. from falling into or getting stuck in the gap, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine.

brushes of the escalator

So, when you see this, you should know: where is the brush of the escalator and what is the main function of the brush of the escalator. Here, it is worth mentioning that when taking an escalator, you must pay attention to the three common escalator danger points as follows:

1. The gap between the apron board and the steps

The dangerous point of the escalator is the place where the brush is provided as a protective device, that is, the gap between the escalator apron and the steps. Although the gap is very small, no more than 4mm, it is very dangerous for children who are active and have little safety awareness.

2. The junction between the steps and the ground

If the gap between the steps of the escalator and the ground is not properly maintained, it is likely to become larger. If you are not careful, this place is prone to escalator safety accidents.

3. Triangular area

The so-called "triangular area" refers to the triangular area formed by the handrail and the upper floor. This is a dangerous "thunder point" of the escalator. When the escalator goes up to the triangular area, if the child is active or mischievous, if the child sticks his hand or head out of the handrail, his head may be caught, or even There will be bigger safety accidents while taking the elevator.

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