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  • AOQUN Flame-retardant Brush Escalator Is Your Choice

    AOQUN Flame-retardant Brush Escalator Is Your Choice


    A customer from Turkey, Adam, called for the second time and asked for help. "Why these brush escalator have no flame-retardant effect as it is said to have the flame-retardant effect? I burn it out. I have to manually extinguish it. The owner complained to me! Can your flame-retardant brush escalator for the escalator be truly flame-retardant?" Adam asked the escalator brush escalator in July. At that time, he told us that it was used for the old escalator of the subway, and the brush escalator was required to have a flame-retardant effect. Therefore, we especially recommended a flame-retardant brush escalator. This flame-retardant brush escalator has passed the highest UL94-V0 flame-retardant grade, which is extinguished from the fire, and the resilience is particularly good. The filament is durable and not easily deformed. The certificate was also sent to Adam, but Adam was attracted by the low price of another brush escalator manufacturer, and did not buy this flame-retardant brush escalator with us. Three months later, I received a call from Adam, saying that he was complained that the brush escalator had no flame-retardant effect. We comforted Adam at the time and also gave him an analysis. The flame-retardant effect of the escalator brush escalator he currently uses does not reach the level, and our flame-retardant brush escalator reaches the highest UL-94 V0 flame-retardant. Adam directly placed the order of 10 escalators. After 10 days, he replaced the original inferior brush escalator after receiving my product. The feedback said: The flame-retardant effect of your brush escalator is really very good. I really regret not buying a brush escalator with your family before! "Adam is using AOQUN fire-retardant brush escalator to bid, and the order volume is increasing.

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  • Elevator Brushes Manufacturer - AOQUN

    Elevator Brushes Manufacturer - AOQUN


    A month ago, an elevator maintenance customer in Turkey, Mr. Li, called me and said, “Anna, because the government department is going to go to the mall where I am responsible for elevator maintenance for a wide range of safety inspections after 3 weeks. The escalator is one of the key targets for the inspection. Therefore, the mall leader gave me a hard indicator that I have to complete the installation of all the elevator brushes in the mall in 20 days to successfully pass the safety inspection. You are a professional manufacturer of elevator brushes. Anna, you have to help me complete 30 elevator brushes in one week, and send them by air. Please, please." I heard that ordering is a good thing, brush the order time for completing 30 elevator brushes in one week is very fast.   AOQUN is the manufacturer of elevator brushes, which is capable of matching all customer orders. In the afternoon, I confirmed the order with Mr. Li and he paid the money. Several departments in our company met together and went all out to discuss the most favorable scheduling. Our supplier of aluminum strips also actively cooperated with us, and delivered the aluminum to us within 5 days. In the remaining 2 days, the aluminum strip was bent and punched, and the elevator brushes were packed. In the afternoon of the seventh day, I sent mail to Mr. Li that the goods could be shipped. This made Li really surprised, and happier. Within 12 days after shipment, Mr. Li has arranged to install all the elevator brushes in the mall, and can safely wait for the government to go down for security inspections.   After 15 days, Mr. Li called, "This time the government went down to check, they were very satisfied. The also gave us a grade A security level. Just because your elevator brushes can deliver in time, let me install in the fast time and pass the inspection. You are really a manufacturer of elevator brushes! This time, I have made a big splash in the entire maintenance industry. My customers have added 30% orders. Thank you very much!"

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  • Elevator Brush Expert AOQUN Makes Your Order Worry-Free

    Elevator Brush Expert AOQUN Makes Your Order Worry-Free


    Saleh, from the Middle East, sent an enquiry asking if we could produce a 3-meter elevator brush. Through communication, Saleh suspended cooperation with former suppliers. Because the customs clearance requirements of the Middle East countries are severe, the previous batch of elevator brushes would be detained by the customs because the cooperative factories cannot provide the corresponding customs clearance documents. Saleh almost became a blacklist in the customs companies. After learning about Saleh's experience, we introduced him in detail to the background of our cooperation with Middle Eastern guests for many years, and I know all the information about customs clearance. The 3-meter-long elevator brush that everyone is afraid of custom clearance is the normal specification for the Middle East guests. And in 1 hour, the clearance documents needed by Saleh were sorted out for his reference. After receiving the documents, Saleh was very satisfied and immediately placed the order. After Saleh received the elevator brush from our escalator, he was satisfied with our company's satisfaction by 100%. He immediately added an order of $500,000 and introduced his friend to us. We are currently in contact with Saleh's friends for follow-up orders.

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  • Brush in The Escalator, AOQUN Solves Your Urgent Need

    Brush in The Escalator, AOQUN Solves Your Urgent Need


    I received a call from Brandon of Malaysia, "I want to buy a brush in the escalator. How long does it take to receive the goods?” Our customer service staff understands that Brandon bought a new batch of brush in the escalator, but there are serious quality problems, the brush in the escalator cannot be used and need to re-purchase. Brandon heard from his friends that AOQUN’s brush in the escalator production cycle is short, and the quality is guaranteed. So, Brandon wanted to find AOQUN to solve the urgent need. After the customer service staff of our company understood the situation, they overtime worked and the customer confirmed the details of the relevant brush in the escalator, and arranged immediately after receiving the order. Within three days, AOQUN helped to arrange the production and sent it to Brandon. After receiving the brush in the escalator, Brandon replied very happily: "Fortunately, I have listened to my friend's suggestion this time, otherwise the whole project will be delayed, not only will lead to a complaint, but the most serious one may lose this customer. It is your help, let me solve all the problem. Our company wants to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with your company. Because you are not only my business partner, but also my friend."

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  • AOQUN Single-row Brush in The Escalator Is Just Moderate Softness

    AOQUN Single-row Brush in The Escalator Is Just Moderate Softness


    Monica of Canada told us on our website that she recently purchased a batch of single-row brush in the escalator from Philippines,” I thought it was all right. I didn’t expect to see that the filament on the brush was too soft and did not meet the company's internal safety brush installation standards.” In response to this problem, her suppliers claimed that the filament diameter provided by their company was not suitable, they were not responsible. Monica was very annoyed, only to pick another professional brush company to re-stock.   The problem that Monica encountered was obviously caused by the wrong choice of the filament diameter. As soon as the team received the information from Monica, they responded immediately and confidently said to the other side: "Please give it to us. If there are any quality problems, you can complain to us through the website." According to the customer in the case of the reflection, our staff immediately recommended several samples of the brush in the escalator with a slightly larger diameter for reference. After comparison, Monica selected the brush sample that best meets the requirements of the filament diameter, and placed a small batch of brush for test.   On the day when the first batch of goods arrived, Monica sent a thank-you letter saying, “I can meet such a professional team like you, these days’ efforts are not in vain. And I finally bought the single-row brush in the escalator. I will just ask for your goods later!"

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  • Packaging Brush Side Escalator, AOQUN is Serious

    Packaging Brush Side Escalator, AOQUN is Serious


    In May of 18, Vietnam's Vicky wrote to us that due to poor packaging, which caused the brush side escalator to be deformed. After a detailed understanding, I learned that the problem mainly occurred in the curved arc packaging position. Because his former supplier packed the carton, there was too much space in the box, and the squeeze was received during the transportation. The deformation problem has occurred. Therefore, Vicky needs to reorder a batch of curved arc brush side escalators, and I hope that we can provide her with an effective solution.   Packaging is a problem that cannot be ignored. If the packaging is improper, the damage caused to the goods is also witnessed. AOQUN is specialized in the production of brush side escalators, but also did not leave the packaging problem behind. On the contrary, AOQUN has always strictly standards of packaging, only to ensure that customers receive high quality products that are intact. In order to solve Vicky's problems, we not only show the customer the packaging diagram of the brush side escalator side escalator, but also discuss the reasons for the deformation of the brush side escalator caused by the packaging.   AOQUN quickly provided Vicky with a solution to solve the brush side escalator packaging problem, and Vicky confirmed the order after the third day.

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