Cleaning Brush Study Case

  • How To Choose Brush Filament For Industrial Brushes?

    How To Choose Brush Filament For Industrial Brushes?

    March 22,2023.

    So the dust-proof seal brush, its main purpose is to install at the entrance and exit of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors, windows, etc., to prevent dust from entering and affecting the production quality of industrial products. For this kind of dust-proof brush, The brush filament is nothing more than to have very good toughness, and the surface should be very smooth, but also have antistatic ability. The polishing brush, the function is to polish and remove thorns on the surface of the polished object. The brush filament of this kind of polishing brush should be determined according to the material of the polished object. If the material of the polished object is hard For steel plates, etc., the brush wire used by the polishing brush must use bronze wire with very strong hardness. If the material of the object to be polished is ordinary iron products, the brush wire selected by the polishing brush must use steel wire with better hardness. The cleaning brush is a kind of industrial brush used in agriculture and industry for cleaning and dust removal. For the cleaning brush, the cleaning brush is in the cleaning work for a long time, so the requirements for brush wire must be wear-resistant, It has corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform. Since the cleaning brush needs to keep the object in a certain fixed position for a long time, if the performance of the brush filament is not good, it will definitely cause grooves to appear in a certain position during the accumulated work. , thus destroying the use effect of the cleaning brush.

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  • Uses Of Industrial Strip Brushes

    Uses Of Industrial Strip Brushes

    March 20,2023.

    Sealed steel wire brush strip is a new type of cleaning tool. This new type of brush is mainly used in industrial production and can be used for machine cleaning. It is mainly used to clean the dust inside the machine, polish the surface, etc. It can be used according to its own The materials are divided into different types.   Silicon carbide grinding brush stick, this material is mainly used in steel mills or hardware factories, you can use several sealed steel wires to completely remove the rust spots on the surface, and you can also use it for casting processing, one-time casting Surface deburring is used for polishing casting, and it can also polish steel strips, aluminum strips and copper strips, so that the surface of the product has a mirror effect.   Wire brushes are mainly used in stone factories to polish marble, granite, etc., to smooth the rough stone surface. Nylon brush is a relatively widely used industrial brush series. It is mainly used for industrial washing of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packaged after cleaning. Because the toughness of nylon brushes is not very good, people usually need to pay attention to the maintenance of nylon brushes. But don't wash too hard with nylon brushes.

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  • Four Common Industrial Brushes

    Four Common Industrial Brushes

    March 14,2023.

    From the perspective of making industrial brushes, there are several types of brush rollers:   1. Spring brushes. In terms of the manufacturing process, the industrial brushes and brush rollers adopt a new brush roller manufacturing method imported from abroad, which solves the difficulties of strong firmness and high precision.   2. The brush roller can be manufactured on a flat plate. The brushes produced by this method have high precision, but the cost is relatively high; the main thing is to arrange the brush wires first, and then put them into a special mold. The steel plate is punched into pieces of brush wheels, and then the brush wheels are strung together and fixed on the roller shaft to form an industrial brush wheel.   3. Horse nailing machine brush roller, which is also the most traditional production method, is to punch holes on the surface of the brush roller or brush plate, and then use a machine to implant the bristles into the holes that were previously punched; and this method produces Advanced industrial brushes and brush rollers are also widely used.   4. The injection-molded brush is used. The biggest advantage of this production process is that the bristles have a high binding force because its brush filaments are integrated with the brush plate; this production method is to put the brush filaments into a special In the mold, and then injection molding to integrates the brush wire and the brush plate; now the industry that uses this kind of brush more is the sanitation brush of the sanitation industry.

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  • Kinds Of Industrial Brushes Application

    Kinds Of Industrial Brushes Application

    March 13,2023.

    Industrial brushes, brush rollers, and pipe brushes have a wide range of applications, and the selected manufacturing materials also vary according to different use environments. The categories of industrial brushes are rich and complicated, and a brief analysis is as follows. I. Application scope of the industrial brush roller 1. Cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials. 2. Surface treatment of metal hardware materials. 3. Clean and grind the surface of the printed circuit board. In short, industrial brush rollers are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as strip conveying under high temperatures, rough surface treatment, surface cleaning, oxide scale removal, plate polishing, etc. II. Application scope of abrasive nylon brush roller The abrasive nylon brush roller is made of imported 612 nylon and domestic 1010 nylon, combined with 20-40% of abrasive materials into the wire material for the brush roller, which has high strength, high rigidity, and fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, high melting point, etc., it is a high-strength and wear-resistant brush roller. Abrasive nylon brush rollers are used for galvanized steel shot blasting machines, food machinery, and other industrial equipment. III. Application scope of pipe brush and bottle brush 1. The bottle brush is used to remove dirt inside test tube bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and pharmaceutical bottles. The bristles are made of nylon, pig bristle, and other materials. The brush can be made according to the size of the bottle's diameter. 2. The deep holes of mechanical parts, related holes, and the joints of concentric and large holes will produce burrs during the processing process. Removing burrs can improve the quality of parts, which is an important part of the machining process. It is a necessary, economical, and efficient method to use channel brushes to deal with small hole burrs.

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  • Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Industrial Brushes

    Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Industrial Brushes

    February 22,2023.

    Industrial brushes are used for polishing, deburring, grinding and other purposes. There are many problems that need to be paid attention to in the use of industrial brushes, and the precautions should be popularized for users. Precautions for the use of industrial brushes: Industrial brushes sometimes have quality problems due to the wear of the shaft, the bending of the brush filaments, the abuse of the operator or improper use, etc. Try not to use damaged or malfunctioning brushes. Because this may lead to aggravated brush damage and human injury, the brush should be replaced as soon as possible, and related operations should be improved to avoid unsafe production. When using industrial brushes, avoid excessive force, otherwise the brush filaments will be bent and deformed, heat will accumulate after friction, the brush will be damaged and dull, and the service life will be greatly reduced. If you think the cutting power of the brush is not enough, it is recommended to use a sharper brush or increase the speed of the brush appropriately, instead of using too much force.

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  • Solutions For Industrial Brush Deburring Machines

    Solutions For Industrial Brush Deburring Machines

    February 21,2023.

    Industrial brush deburring is a process that removes burrs on the surface of the workpiece by using the brush disc to rotate and instantly rub against the workpiece to generate cutting force. For workpieces with uneven surface within 100mm, the orifice, inner hole, step edge, surroundings and surface of the workpiece can be deburred by using the brush deburring machine. According to the different materials of the workpiece, choose different brush discs to deburr. Cemented carbide is an alloy material made of hard compounds of refractory metals and bonding metals through powder metallurgy. It has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, which basically remain unchanged even at a temperature of 500℃. It still has high hardness at 1000℃. Therefore, the corner passivation processing of cemented carbide requires the use of Sweden BP-MX corner passivation polishing brush deburring machine. And cutting tool polishing, edge passivation, deburring processing. By changing the workbench or clamping method, it can not only process flat disk workpieces, but also passivate, polish and deburr the corners of shaft parts. Flat or slightly concave-convex workpieces are evenly processed by abrasive brushes on a planetary light extraction table. Through the rotary motion of the worktable, the workpiece carrier and the brush, the corners of the workpiece in all directions are uniformly passivated and deburred. In this process, the upper surface of the workpiece is also polished simultaneously. Modular design allows special combinations to suit customer's application; compound interchangeable table for maximum flexibility; dry or wet processing possible; automatic compensation for brush roller wear leads to consistency of results; can produce various edge shapes; fully enclosed working environment; touch-screen simple operation interface.

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