Cleaning Brush Study Case

  • Reamer brush Can Be Customized From AOQUN

    Reamer brush Can Be Customized From AOQUN


    Some customer wanted to purchase a batch of reamer brush but only needed little amount for the first time. Many manufacturers cannot make it. AOQUN could do that, and or products can be customized according to customers' requirements. And then, in order to solve the problems and needs better and faster, AOQUN suggested Customer to send us the drawings and application of the reamer brush. After receiving these product materials from Customer, AOQUN gave the sample to their colleagues in the technical department and make the sample according to drawings. AOQUN reamer brush is very practical, and the size is also suitable. The most important thing is that although the quantity is small, but the quality is great.

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  • Custom Bone Reamer Brush For You

    Custom Bone Reamer Brush For You


    You may came across the situation: the bone reamer brush that were ordered from other suppliers did not match the bone reamer. The cleaning effect was not obvious. After cleaning, the residue around the bone reamer was not cleaned and it was very difficult to clean, lead to the customer’s dissatisfaction.   The diameter of the common bone reamer is 3-8mm. The diameter of this bone reamer is 20mm. Of course, the ordinary bone reamer cleaning brushes cannot meet the cleaning requirements. The bone reamer brush needs to be custom. We usually recommend customer replace the original bone reamer cleaning brushes with a 20mm diameter new bone reamer cleaning brushes.   AOQUN bone reamer brush has the better cleaning effect. The residue is cleaned. AOQUN is well understand customer’s needs, improve their custom efficiency. 

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  • Specializing In Acetabular Reamer Brush—AOQUN

    Specializing In Acetabular Reamer Brush—AOQUN


    Some customers had purchased acetabular reamer brush from other manufacturers before, but found that the goods were not what they wanted, the size is not right, which seriously affected the sales of Acetabular reamer brushes.   AOQUN have 11 years of experience in the brush industry. AOQUN recommend that Customers to send us the product specifications, pictures and application of Acetabular reamer brush. AOQUN should select the right size of brush mainly based on the diameter and length of the Acetabular reamer. So, AOQUN suggested a Acetabular reamer brush for the diameter of Acetabular reamers.   The quality of AOQUN Acetabular reamer brush is good and has a very good cleaning performance, Customers didn’t worry about our quality any more and he hoped for long-term cooperation.

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  • AOQUN Good Quality Acetabular Reamer Cleaning Brush

    AOQUN Good Quality Acetabular Reamer Cleaning Brush


    Some bad quality acetabular reamer cleaning brushes will scratch the acetabular reamer.   AOQUN can solve this problem. In order to understand the problem of the customer more quickly, on one hand, AOQUN suggested the customer to send us the products used before; on the other hand, after receiving the drawings and product pictures and application from the customer. AOQUN tested the acetabular reamer cleaning brush that the customer had purchased before. The rubber wire is inferior and cannot meet the requirements for normal production. AOQUN told the customer the result and our solution. For the acetabular reamer cleaning brush, AOQUN use 304 spring to prevent rust. The bristle AOQUN used is pure nylon that does not scratch the inner of the acetabular reamer, it also has a good cleaning performance. The concave and convex parts of the Acetabular reamer can be touched by brush and cleaning clearly.   This acetabular reamer cleaning brush is of good quality, perfect use and practical and there is no scratching inside the Acetabular reamer. It has been favored by many customers.

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  • AOQUN Brush Medical Saves Your Time

    AOQUN Brush Medical Saves Your Time


    Aoqun Brush medical was exported overseas and the quality is guaranteed.   Aoqun will match the Brush Medical with length and inner diameter. The handle is made of stainless-steel wire, which can be bent as small as palm and packed into a bag for easy carrying. It can stretch to the longest length and cleans the entire medical instrument when need. The brush is made of pure nylon and is perfectly combined with stainless steel to clean the inside of the medical instrument multiple times without penetrating the medical intrument.   Aoqun Brush medical fit the medical instrument perfectly and can be thoroughly cleaned the inside of the medical instrument. It is important to save time. The customers feedback is also very good. 

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  • Customize Brushes In Medical - AOQUN

    Customize Brushes In Medical - AOQUN


    AOQUN know that medical instrument needs to be cleaned regularly, because the moisture in the medical instruments can cause the accumulation of mold, algae and bacteria, which will not only shorten the life of the equipment, but also be harmful to our health. AOQUN recommend that you can send the overall picture and drawings of the brushes in medical and the application. After receiving the information, AOQUN customized the brushes in medical. The brush cleans the medical instrument. For the brushes in medical, AOQUN use 304 stainless steel to prevent rust. The bristle is made of pure nylon ensures that the inner of the medical instrument is not scratched,   and have good cleaning performance. The brush head is processed in fan shape, so it can reach the concave and convex parts of the medical instrument for thorough cleaning. AOQUN brushes in medical set is perfect and practical. After the brushes in medical set was put into the market, the feedback was good and he received many customers' favor.

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