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  • Where Is The Cheaper Escalator Brush Skirt? – AOQUN

    Where Is The Cheaper Escalator Brush Skirt? – AOQUN


    Recently, Ms. Dong, an elevator parts dealer from Chongqing, called: “My escalator brush skirt orders are getting less and less, because my suppliers are constantly raising prices, but the quality has not improved significantly. The result of my customer purchases is decreasing.   I hope to find a good quality but cheaper escalator brush skirt."   After understanding Miss Dong’s request, we immediately recommended the hot-selling escalator brush skirt according to the specifications and target price of the demand. But Miss Dong hoped to get a lower price than the previous supplier to make up for the lost customers. According to their application requirements, we designed a new escalator brush skirt for Miss Dong under the premise of the same quality, reducing the costs from raw materials to reach her target price. After the sample passed, Miss Dong decided to place an order for 10 escalators for test.   About a month later, Miss Dong called again: "Your escalator brush skirt is not only better than the previous supplier, but also cheaper. My customers are very good at quality. Now my order for the escalator brush skirt increases by 15% more than before. I hope that you can become my long-term escalator brush skirt supplier!"

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  • Choosing Chongqing Escalator Brush Use, It Is Better to Choose AOQUN

    Choosing Chongqing Escalator Brush Use, It Is Better to Choose AOQUN


    Guangzhou's Yansheng is a supermarket escalator maintenance, and a large number of escalator brush use are purchased every year. In the past, the brush was purchased from the Chongqing escalator brush use manufacturer, but the brush which bought every year had a filament loss phenomenon, and they would be fined by the supermarket after the filament loss. During this period, five different Chongqing escalator brush use suppliers were also changed, but they have not completely solved this problem. Therefore, this year, Yansheng have to cooperate with a more powerful escalator manufacturer.   Through the network, Yansheng learned that AOQUN is the leading enterprise in the escalator brush use, and Yan Sheng decided to go to AOQUN’s factory to have a look. Seeing that AOQUN has perfect in-process inspection, sample inspection, factory inspection and other documents in the brush production process, to ensure that each brush is real material, in line with UL94-V0 flame retardant; strict control in the process to ensure the brush's pulling force is greater than 6kg, no filament loss. In order to dispel Mr. Long’s concerns, we showed the flame retardant performance and tensile test for Yansheng, and the tensile strength of the brush was ≥6KG. After Yan Sheng saw it, he immediately said that he would never go to the Chongqing to buy a brush. He would like to cooperate with AOQUN, and he should immediately place an brush order for 10 escalators.   After half a month, we received a phone call from Yansheng, and all the escalator brush use were installed. This time there was no filament loss in the brush, and the supermarket was very satisfied. Choosing the Chongqing escalator brush use is worse than choosing AOQUN escalator brush use.

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  • Looking for A Metal Escalator Brush Use End Cap, Contact AOQUN

    Looking for A Metal Escalator Brush Use End Cap, Contact AOQUN


    Mr. Zhao, from an elevator maintenance company, he was looking for a manufacturer of escalator brush use end caps. Most of the end caps used by Mr. Zhao are made of plastic. Although the price of plastic end caps is cheap, it will crack by gravity, so the frequency of replacement is fast and the cost is high. He wants to replace the end cap with a metal material. Although he has asked several manufacturers, but they basically ask for the order quantity and the huge mold opening cost. Therefore, he has not found a satisfactory manufacturer. He wants to ask if there is escalator brush use end cap in AOQUN.   After listening to Mr. Zhao’s requirement, our salesman Roger said:” you are right to find AOQUN.” AOQUN has a variety of styles of escalator brush use end caps for Mr. Zhao’s choice. Single-row and double-row escalator brush are used. Roger told Mr. Zhao that we can not only provide Mr. Zhao with a regular end cap; but also, can customize the corresponding end cap according to Mr. Zhao's escalator type. The end caps produced by AOQUN are mainly made of alumina. The products have been tested and certified by SGS and comply with ROHS, SVHC, and new national standards for the installation of escalators and automatic walkways. Before Roger finished, Mr. Zhao interrupted Roger and asked him to send a few samples of the commonly used escalator brush use. Mr. Zhao wanted to try it first to see the effect!   A week later, Roger chatted with Mr. Zhao again. Mr. Zhao said excitedly, “thank you very much for sending us samples. The sample has been installed, very matching, and the owner is very satisfied. The most important thing is that the sample escalator brush use end cap given by AOQUN can match the escalator he is using now, no need to open another mold.” It saved him a lot of cost, and all the escalator brush use end caps were purchased from AOQUN in the future.

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  • Escalator Anti Static Brush is Fast and Good - AOQUN

    Escalator Anti Static Brush is Fast and Good - AOQUN


    At noon, I suddenly received a call from Jack. He is the purchasing manager of a large foreign trade escalator dealer. It turned out that he had been looking for a manufacturer since the beginning of the morning. The contract that he signed with the customer was approaching and the escalator anti static brush manufacturer was late for delivery, and Jack had no choice but to find another manufacturer. However, many manufacturers rejected for the delivery period was short. Manager Huang immediately contacted Jack after learning the news. Jack was still worried at the time. Manager Huang said that he would not worry about the accumulated experience of AOQUN. He has 10 years of experience and is very guaranteed. Jack had to promise to try. We worked overtime according to the escalator anti static brush parameters by him, and successfully delivered the product within the scheduled 3 days. Jack, who received the goods, called the salesman, Huang, and said that all the escalators had been fully accepted. He would like to thank the owners of the company for their support. If it is not the help of AOQUN, it is impossible to deliver the escalator anti static brush to the customer during the delivery period. It is really fast and good to choose AOQUN!

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  • Escalator Anti Static Brush Price Makes You Feel at Ease – AOQUN

    Escalator Anti Static Brush Price Makes You Feel at Ease – AOQUN


    In June, the customer service Swallow received the consultation of Miss Li. She is the buyer of the escalator manufacturer. Because the company now strictly controls the quality and cost, the price is not proportional to the quality. If it does not meet her requirements, she needs to find an Escalator anti static brush with reasonable price to cooperate, find us through Alibaba.   After understanding the situation, our business manager contacted Miss Li: We have 10 years of experience in producing Escalator anti static brushes. The price of Escalator anti static brush has been relatively stable in three years, and we have not changed much in the price of Escalator anti static brushes. We have perfect incoming inspection, process inspection, factory inspection, etc., as well as strict ISO9001-2015 quality management system. After listening to Miss Li, Miss Li hoped that AOQUN can provide samples as soon as possible, and Swallow promised that Miss Li will provide samples for testing within 2 days according to the drawings.   After 8 days, I received feedback from Miss Li: "We have consulted several brush factories, and the samples have been compared. Your company's Escalator anti static brushes meet the requirements of our company and the price is reasonable." Miss Li ordered brush for 10 escalators.

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  • Where to Find Professional Thyssen Escalator Safety Brushes Manufacturer? – AOQUN

    Where to Find Professional Thyssen Escalator Safety Brushes Manufacturer? – AOQUN


    Mr. He, who is doing maintenance work, recently found AOQUN and asked if we could produce the Thyssen escalator safety brushes. There were more than 30 Thyssen elevators need to install the Thyssen escalator safety brushes before the Chinese New Year. The owner requested that the supplier of the brush must be a manufacturer that has cooperated with Thyssen, and the delivery time is also very short. Mr. He have asked several suppliers, but they have no experience in working with Thyssen. If Mr. He can't finish the installation work on time, he would be fined by the owner, so he needed to find a brush manufacturer that has cooperated with Thyssen as soon as possible.   Through the escalator manufacturers, we know that AOQUN has cooperated with many well-known escalator manufacturers in China for a long time, and is a high-quality partner of various manufacturers. Mr. He immediately departed to visit AOQUN. After learning about Mr. He’s intentions, we introduced the advantages and characteristics of the Thyssen escalator safety brushes and demonstrated the tensile test and brush burning test of UL94-V0, etc. After knowing this, Mr. He suddenly expressed his confidence that the Thyssen escalator safety brushes should be produced by AOQUN. After receiving Mr. He’s order, AOQUN sent 300 meters Thyssen escalator safety brushes to Mr. He’s site in just 3 days, receiving Mr. He’s praise.    After 10 days, Mr. He’s escalator and escalator safety brushes was all accepted and passed. He made a special call to AOQUN. “Thanks to the support given by AOQUN, not only the completion of the project, but also the installation was completed ahead of schedule, avoiding the risk of being fined by the owner and getting paid in advance.”

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