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The Mysterious Use Of The Escalator Skirt Safety Brush Strip

The Mysterious Use Of The Escalator Skirt Safety Brush Strip

March 31,2023.

When I was a child on the escalator, I didn't notice the brushes on both sides of the escalator, so what are these brushes for? Why do they appear on almost every escalator now? People often make the mistake of thinking this is for cleaning shoes, but this idea defeats the purpose of a brush.


Every gap on the escalator is a risk. People thought the escalator was a docile machine. Over the years, it has happened that the escalator swallowed people or the feet were caught by the escalator. Seeing those bloody images, people realize that escalators are very destructive machines. A long time ago, experts improved the safety protection measures of elevators for people, set up warning signs, and installed escalator skirt safety brush strips on the left and right sides of escalators. This escalator skirt safety brush strip is inspired by the isolation brush used in car shifters to keep debris and insects from crawling into the shifter.

Escalator Safety brush strip


Escalator skirt safety brush strip Installed on both sides of the escalator, above the moving steps. Long brush filaments stretched out to cover the gaps in the escalator steps. The soft brush wire warns passengers and reminds them to stay away from the edge of the steps. Compared with the brush wire, the friction force will be relatively small, and the friction force at the edge of the escalator is rather large, forming a force that swallows the passenger's feet into the crevice.


Many places encourage the use of this escalator skirt safety brush strip, especially in Europe, where this brush must be installed. In the AOQUN escalator brush strip factory, there are nylon escalator brush strips with LED lights and flame-retardant brush wires. I hope you will choose our products, which can not only provide the beauty of the elevator but also provide protection for the citizens.

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