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  • Aluminum Holder Strip Brush, Can You Quickly Assemble It?

    Aluminum Holder Strip Brush, Can You Quickly Assemble It?

    July 22,2021.

    Are you wondering why it is difficult to easily assemble the strip brush with the right size into the aluminum alloy profile. Yes, many customers have such questions, why the strip brush is installed in the aluminum alloy profile, the brush wire of the strip brush will be embedded in the aluminum groove, and there will be crooked hairs and jams. This is the specification is not customized, right? Don't worry, AOQUN will answer for you   In fact, this is not a problem with your specifications, but because the corners of the aluminum alloy profile are very sharp, it is easy to hook the brush wire when the brush is inserted, so the above-mentioned situation is prone to occur. Now AOQUN will teach you how to easily install the strip brush into the aluminum alloy profile.   Aluminum Holder Door Seal Brush Strip We only need to prepare a simple small tool-sharpening. We use a sharpening knife to flatten the edges and corners of one end of the aluminum alloy profile a little (not sharp by hand), and then insert the strip brush from the flattened end to easily assemble. The problem of jams no longer exists. Have you learned the quick assembly skills of aluminum alloy strip brushes? Go ahead and practice!   AOQUN has been rooted in the brush industry for 20 years and has scaled up and downstream industrial chains. R&D and design team with senior industry experience, 6000 square meters standardized factory building, German fully automated production equipment, daily production capacity of 65,000 meters, total production capacity of 20.89 million meters per year, planting brushes of 6,753,500 meters per year, and twisted wire brushes of 131.04 million per year. Under the special pressure of 2021, relying on its strong industry resources, sufficient production capacity, strict quality control process and perfect product quality traceability system, each customer order was completed on time, quality, and quantity. All customers have been praised and recognized, and become their best supplier of strip brushes.

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  • Strip Brush Manufacturer

    Strip Brush Manufacturer

    July 20,2021.

    Is your brush strip manufacturer worthy of your trust? For example, are the raw materials used, production technology, product quality, delivery time and other aspects worthy of your trust? Aoqun Brush Factory is your trusted choice! Companies in more than 50 countries and regions around the world choose to trust and cooperate with brush strip manufacturers. They have rooted in the brush industry for nearly 20 years. They have rich and unique industry customization experience. They independently develop customized brush products for customers according to their requirements. Ten patent certifications, it is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, A-level tax credit taxpayer, Guangdong Province contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise, and has obtained ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification. Quality and integrity are supported by long-term cooperation from customers. On-time delivery rate ≥98%, customer satisfaction ≥99.9%, never received customer complaints about product fraud, raw material leakage and other issues. Hitachi, Otis, KONE and other world-renowned brands have also chosen to cooperate with the brush strips factory. There are many manufacturers of brush strips, and there are certainly not many that are worthy of your trust. Aoqun brush strip manufacturers are worthy of your trust whether they are the soft power or the hard power of the manufacturer.

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  • How Should We Choose The Appropriate Strip Brush? AOQUN

    How Should We Choose The Appropriate Strip Brush? AOQUN

    July 13,2021.

    Strip brushes are also called brush strip, industrial strip brushes, etc., which are made by pressing iron sheet, aluminum strip and stainless steel strip as the base of the strip brush by adding corresponding filaments to it. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used in escalators, doors (such as household doors, industrial doors, fast doors, rolling doors, revolving doors, screen doors, etc.), and can also be used in desks, household vacuum cleaners, cabinets and even industrial machines on the device.   Therefore, the main function of the strip brush is safety and anti-pinch, sealing and dust prevention, dust removal and decontamination, polishing and polishing, etc., both in industry and daily life, have given a significant role. Since the application range of the strip brush is so wide and its effect is so great, how should we choose the right strip brush? Strip Brush 1. Strip brushes made of different materials should be selected according to the different use environments, so that their service life can be longer. For example, the anti-pinch strip brush installed on the escalator can be made of nylon because its hair will be softer and recover faster.   2. It is necessary to choose a strip brush with better tensile strength. No matter what kind of equipment it is installed in or what role it plays, the strip brush is mainly due to the fact that the filaments cannot be dropped, otherwise everything will become empty talk. Therefore, It is your best choice to choose a brush with high tensile strength.   Aoqun Brush Industry, as a large-scale strip brush manufacturer with more than ten years of R&D and production experience, can customize strip brushes of various sizes and functions for you. The tensile force of the strip brush can be ≥6KG, which can more effectively prevent hairs. Drop, achieve the desired effect you want, more customized solutions, please contact Aoqun Brush Industry.

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  • What Is The Difference Between A Strip Brush And A Brush Strip?

    What Is The Difference Between A Strip Brush And A Brush Strip?

    July 12,2021.

    We usually hear that there are two names: strip brush, and brush strip. In fact, these three names refer to the same product. There is a machine passing through the iron base, and a fastening thread is placed in the middle. A kind of brush product that is symmetrically pressed, because the produced shape finally shows a strip shape, so it has the above three names. Later, as its application range became wider and wider, more pronouns appeared, such as brush rod, rod brush, long brush, straight brush and so on. There are many names for it. For example, it is often used with aluminum alloy brackets, so some people also call it aluminum alloy strip brushes and hair brush strips. According to different shapes, they can be divided into h-shaped, F type, T type aluminum alloy brush, etc. Strip Brush Seal Another example is the difference in the scope of use, some of which are cabinet strip brushes, escalator strip brushes, splash-proof strip brushes, etc. Therefore, when we see strip brushes and brush strips again, we probably know what kind of brush they are. Aoqun Brush Factory has custom-made brush strips for many years, and can customize strips of various specifications and sizes for you. For more customization details, please contact us.

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  • How Much Do You Know About Aoqun Flame Retardant Strip Brush Seal?

    How Much Do You Know About Aoqun Flame Retardant Strip Brush Seal?

    July 9,2021.

    Why add halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant? Flame retardants contribute directly to saving people's lives. In most cases, plastic polymers can cause or spread flames, because they are organic compound plastics. When heated, they can decompose into unstable flammable products. How much do you know about Aoqun flame retardant nylon strip brush seal? Flame Retardant Nylon Strip Brush Seal Currently, flame retardant strip brush sea is divided into the following grades (UL94) according to different countries and no use scenes: 1. HB: The lowest grade requirement among flame retardant grades. For samples with a thickness of 3-13 mm, the burning speed is less than 40 mm/min, and for samples with a thickness of less than 3 mm, the burning speed is less than 70 mm/min; or at the mark of 100 mm. Extinguished before. 2. V-2: After two 10-second burning tests on the sample, the flame goes out within 30 seconds. Can ignite cotton wool under 30cm. 3. V-1: After two 10-second burning tests are performed on the sample, the flame goes out within 30 seconds. Can not ignite cotton wool below 30cm. 4.  V-0: After two 10-second burning tests are performed on the sample, the flame goes out within 10 seconds. No burning objects should fall. Aoqun Brush's flame retardant strip brush sea has reached the highest level and can provide third-party inspection reports.

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  • How To Distinguish Between Pvc And Pp Strip Brush?-AOQUN

    How To Distinguish Between Pvc And Pp Strip Brush?-AOQUN

    July 7,2021.

    I believe you have seen pp strip brush a lot, but have you heard of PVC strip brush? In fact, the strip brush made of PVC is not bad at all. The Chinese name of PVC is also called polyvinyl chloride. It is one of the largest plastic products in the world, and it is cheap and favored by manufacturers. Compared with pp material, the color of PVC material is richer, and it can be processed into transparent PVC strip brush. The density of PVC is smaller than pp, and the finished product is also lighter. In addition to the difference in color and weight, PVC has better acid and alkali resistance than pp, and can withstand climate changes for a long time. According to this material characteristic, Aoqun Brush Company has developed a PVC strip brush. Aoqun Brush Industry Strip Brush Factory carefully prepares every strip brush, and the strip brush produced can stand the test of time. PVC Strip Brush PVC strip brush has strong anti-ultraviolet radiation ability, is not flammable, and is not easy to deform and fade after long-term exposure to the sun, especially suitable for outdoor use. It is worth noting that the high temperature resistance of PVC material is weak, and it cannot be used near the fire source or high temperature point. If you still have doubts about PVC strip brushes, you can contact AOQUN customer service for more detailed information.

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