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  • Tensile Resistant of AOQUN Nylon Brush Strip is Beyond Your Imagination

    Tensile Resistant of AOQUN Nylon Brush Strip is Beyond Your Imagination

    March 27,2019.

    The nylon strip brush is in widely use, including doors and windows, furniture, hardware, glass, ceramics, textiles, cabinets, elevators, rail transportation, cleaning and other industries. Some industries will have the corresponding tensile requirements of the nylon strip brush. The tensile requirements of different industries are not the same, but the main purpose is hope the nylon strip brush to be wear resistant with long service life. The minimum tensile requirement is that the nylon strip brush filament will not easily pull out or loose in the course of the application. Otherwise, the nylon strip brush will not achieve the use effect, it will even leave in somewhere inside the machinery and equipment which affect the operation of the entire equipment, etc., the bad effect is unthinkable. AOQUN’s tensile standard is that select about the 10 mm diameter brush filament for tensile test, the tensile should ≥6kg. Recently, we have done the nylon strip brush tensile test according to the customer tensile acceptance requirements. Customer requires that the tensile should be equal or large than 10kg for about 200 brush filament when pull the filament vertically. The tensile reached 11.25kg without any changes of the brush filament(in the below picture)! Moreover, AOQUN nylon strip brush can withstand more than 1 million times friction without deformation by other wear-resistance test. The escalator and screen door industries  has strict requirement for the wear resistance, need to ensure the tensil resistance and wear resistance, thus to have a good sealing.

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