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  • Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    April 7,2022.

    It has been half a year since the opening of Guangzhou Metro Line 18. The first train of Line 22 officially departed at 6 o'clock today. This is the second high-speed rail transit in Guangzhou with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, also known as the sister line of Line 18. It is also equipped with the "strongest brain" to realize fully automatic operation system functions. The train can automatically complete departure, operation, door opening, and closing operations, automatic alignment, automatic alignment and isolation of platform doors and vehicle doors, and automatic car washing without driver operation. , automatic line transfer and other functions. The appearance of Line 22 is different from other subways. The appearance uses a streamlined "flying wing" shape, a carbon fiber hood, an integrated outer windshield, the main color of "amber" gold, and a vibrant orange belt. The interior innovatively introduces a healthy lighting system. The color temperature of the light varies with the season in three units. In the design process, taking into account the characteristics of the city express line, the middle car is equipped with 4 pairs of double-opening sliding doors with large openings, so that passengers can get on and off quickly. Adopting a horizontal and vertical combination of seats that is different from ordinary subways, the passenger capacity is 20% more than that of high-speed trains. The subway adopts a fully sealed equipment cabin design, which can effectively isolate external noise. You can pay attention to the joints on the car or the screen doors of the platform are equipped with sealing brushes, and the sealing brushes can effectively block dust and foreign objects and can achieve noise reduction, wind shielding, energy-saving, sealing, and other effects. The filament of the brush is made of nylon filament with high flexibility, strong recovery, elasticity, and good wear resistance, which conforms to the technical standards of the European Union and has a flame retardant effect. The flame retardant effect is close to the UL94-V0 level, it can also be sealed and waterproof, and it also plays the role of beautiful decoration. Last time, we provided screen door sealing brushes, escalator brushes and sidewalk escalator brushes for the whole line of Line 18. Aoqun once again provided sealing brushes for Guangzhou Metro Line 22, and its wear resistance is very good. The industry is exquisite, the brush will not lose hair and deform after 1 million high-speed friction, the filaments are tight, and the performance is intact. The service life of the brush can be as long as 10 years. As an R&D and design team with 17 years of senior industry experience, AoqunBrush has 20 years of industry experience, more than 30 EU and industry certifications, and business in more than 50 countries and regions. Treating products to ensure ingenious manufacturing and worry-free quality. According to the needs of customers, we can provide suitable a...

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  • How To Maintain The Weather Strip Brush?

    How To Maintain The Weather Strip Brush?

    March 2,2022.

    The first is to check whether the strip brush has large cracks or breaks. If the strip brush is broken or has large cracks, it can be repaired with adhesive. In particular, the use of special adhesives for sealing strip brushes can easily repair large cracks. Of course, if the sealing strip brush is seriously damaged, or the degree of aging is relatively large, it is best to replace the new sealing strip brush to save trouble. It is not difficult to replace the sealing strip brush, but if you want to do it better, it is best to ask a professional to do it. Weather Strip Brushes The daily maintenance work of the strip brush mainly includes the following items. The first is to use car detergent for cleaning. After cleaning, apply a layer of high-permeability protective agent to prevent the strip brush from aging. In addition, the gaps of the sealing strip brushes are easily filled with sand and dust, which can cause rust. For this purpose, dust, etc., should be removed with a brush. The sealing strip brush is not very conspicuous in your home, but it is the cornerstone of stability. It is a powerful measure to ensure the airtightness, water tightness, and sound insulation of doors and windows. At the same time, it is also a reliable guarantee for the safe existence of glass after external forces in the doors and windows. Because the weather strip brush is affected by climate and sunlight, it will shrink, age, and deform. Therefore, the weather strip brush is not allowed to work in a stretched state and should be kept in its free state. In order to hold the glass tightly, the sealing strip brush is often pulled too tightly during the installation process, which cannot guarantee the free state, so that it is in a stretched and deformed state. The practice has proved that due to the installation of the sealing strip brush in the state of tensile deformation, the sealing strip brush has fallen off, broken, and cracked. For this reason, when installing, the length of the strip brush is longer than the assembly side of the door and window, and the inclined plane is broken at the corner, and the adhesive is used to stick it firmly, leaving enough expansion and contraction allowance.

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  • Why Should The Strip Brush Be Used With Aluminum Strips?

    Why Should The Strip Brush Be Used With Aluminum Strips?

    February 24,2022.

    Affected by recent international events, many industries can only avoid losses by raising prices for aluminum, hardware, and labor costs that continue to rise. In the face of such a market situation, Aoqun Brush Factory reminds you that customers who need aluminum alloy strip brushes should quickly place an order and stock up! F-shaped Door Seal Brush Strip There are many aluminum alloy strip brush products supplied by Aoqun Strip Brush Factory. For example, the sealing brush at the bottom of the door is suitable for the use of h-shaped, F-shaped, Y-shaped, T-shaped and even special-shaped aluminum strips. effect. Another example is the escalator strip brush used on the escalator. According to different ladder types, choose single/double row aluminum alloy reference bases to use, which can effectively prevent foreign objects from falling into the gap, does not affect the normal operation of the elevator running machine, and can reduce the volume , clip accidents, as well as aluminum alloy wire box brushes, cabinet aluminum alloy strip brushes, etc. Aoqun strip brush manufacturers do a good job of each aluminum alloy strip brush and sincerely serve every user. In the face of the continuous rise of raw materials, we will continue to provide customers with high-quality strip brush products at reasonable prices. In order to safeguard the interests of our customers, before the price has risen sharply, please place an order and stock up as soon as possible for customers who need to use aluminum alloy strip brush products.

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  • How To Maintain High-Quality Strip Brushes?

    How To Maintain High-Quality Strip Brushes?

    February 21,2022.

    Aoqun Brush Factory does a good job of every brush, the same brush products, different product quality. The strip brushes installed on doors and windows can be reused after cleaning. First, the attention of the brush: 1. Do not wash against the bristles. 2. After cleaning, use facial tissue or cotton pad to gently press with your fingers to let the water drain out, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles and loosen the structure of the bristles, resulting in hair removal. 3. After cleaning, hang the brush and let the bristles face down to dry. 4. It should be air-dried naturally. It should not be dried with a hairdryer, and it should not be dried in the sun, otherwise, it may damage the material of the bristles. Second, the use of the brush: 1. Widely used in all kinds of automatic doors, movable doors and windows, revolving doors, sliding doors, sealing on elevators, as well as to block dust, prevent dust from entering the interior, and clean large industrial machinery. 2. The water blocking of glass edging machines, the internal sealing of agricultural harvesters, the sealing of wind turbine hoods, and the brushes of car washers are indispensable accessories for modern industrial equipment. 3. What is the product, many people are at a loss and don't know what it is, but when it comes to toothbrushes, laundry brushes, shoe brushes, dishwashing brushes, pot washing brushes, and even paintbrushes, everyone will feel all too familiar. 4. In fact, this is a commonly used tool in people's daily life, and it is also the first form of use of brushes, but for a long time, everyone has been accustomed to using them and often ignored them. 5. Although the brush is also an item that wipes things like an eraser, the eraser can be made into various shapes and can have various flavors, but the brush is completely different from the eraser. different. The brush has only a single rectangular shape, and that rectangular shape is too straight and rigid.

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  • How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    January 18,2022.

    Do you have big questions about how to choose a brush strip? The experienced Aoqun brush master will tell you, pay attention to the following points: 1. Of course, the first thing to look at is the tension. If the brush strip is not fastened, can it still achieve the effect you want? Usually, the standard we use is that when the bottom width of the brush strip is greater than 4mm, if its length is in the interval of 10mm, its cluster tension is greater than 10kg; 2. Check the brush bar for light leakage. Here, you can basically see whether light leaks by observing whether its density is consistent. Especially the brush strips with inconsistent density, the thickness is uneven, and the thin position is easy to leak light. This directly affects seal cleanliness or the effect you want. 3. Check whether the base of the brush strip is rusted. Check whether there are rust spots on the surface of the metal base, and whether the rubber base has obvious aging, cracking, or loss of elasticity, otherwise it is prone to bursting. 4. Check whether the protective surface is in good condition. The base of the brush strip is usually galvanized or electroplated, which can protect the base from rusting. At this time, we need to check the base of the brush strip to see if the overall color is consistent, smooth, without color blocks, and without peeling layers. 5. Check whether the connection position is loose or cannot be installed. Generally, the looseness after installation is because the tolerance of the brush strip is too large, resulting in large differences in the parameters such as length and height of the batch, resulting in looseness or direct failure to install. The above 5 points can help you quickly choose high-quality brush strips. Aoqun Brush Industry has 11 years of experience in customizing high-quality and large-scale brush strips; it has won 15 nationally recognized brush patents, and has passed more than 30 EU certifications ; The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 quality system management requirements of the safety production standardization double certification enterprise.

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  • How Does The Anti-Static Brush Remove Static Electricity?

    How Does The Anti-Static Brush Remove Static Electricity?

    January 13,2022.

    Static electricity is ubiquitous in our lives, and its harm is sometimes not to be underestimated. For this reason, anti-static has become a problem that we urgently need to solve. We should hear more about anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves, anti-static floors, etc., but do you know anything about anti-static brushes? How does it come to be anti-static? In fact, the anti-static brush uses the principle of eliminating static electricity. By installing metal wires on the handle, the principle of positive and negative electrodes of the human body is used to eliminate static electricity. In the selection of filaments for anti-static brushes, we can choose anti-static PA material, static-conducting nylon fiber, carbon fiber, etc., and then choose solid wood or plastic as the handle. Anti-static Brushes As for the softness and hardness of the wool, we can choose materials with different softness according to different usage requirements. Usually, the anti-static brush is used to clean the printed circuit board or some components that are prone to static electricity to clean the dust. Static elimination discharge to the ground, etc. In dry winter, people will generate a lot of static electricity when they take off their clothes, and static electricity will be generated when their hands come into contact with objects. Necessary. Aoqun Brush Industry can customize various types of anti-static brushes for you, so that your cleaning will no longer be disturbed by static electricity.

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