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  • How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    January 18,2022.

    Do you have big questions about how to choose a brush strip? The experienced Aoqun brush master will tell you, pay attention to the following points: 1. Of course, the first thing to look at is the tension. If the brush strip is not fastened, can it still achieve the effect you want? Usually, the standard we use is that when the bottom width of the brush strip is greater than 4mm, if its length is in the interval of 10mm, its cluster tension is greater than 10kg; 2. Check the brush bar for light leakage. Here, you can basically see whether light leaks by observing whether its density is consistent. Especially the brush strips with inconsistent density, the thickness is uneven, and the thin position is easy to leak light. This directly affects seal cleanliness or the effect you want. 3. Check whether the base of the brush strip is rusted. Check whether there are rust spots on the surface of the metal base, and whether the rubber base has obvious aging, cracking, or loss of elasticity, otherwise it is prone to bursting. 4. Check whether the protective surface is in good condition. The base of the brush strip is usually galvanized or electroplated, which can protect the base from rusting. At this time, we need to check the base of the brush strip to see if the overall color is consistent, smooth, without color blocks, and without peeling layers. 5. Check whether the connection position is loose or cannot be installed. Generally, the looseness after installation is because the tolerance of the brush strip is too large, resulting in large differences in the parameters such as length and height of the batch, resulting in looseness or direct failure to install. The above 5 points can help you quickly choose high-quality brush strips. Aoqun Brush Industry has 11 years of experience in customizing high-quality and large-scale brush strips; it has won 15 nationally recognized brush patents, and has passed more than 30 EU certifications ; The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 quality system management requirements of the safety production standardization double certification enterprise.

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  • How Does The Anti-Static Brush Remove Static Electricity?

    How Does The Anti-Static Brush Remove Static Electricity?

    January 13,2022.

    Static electricity is ubiquitous in our lives, and its harm is sometimes not to be underestimated. For this reason, anti-static has become a problem that we urgently need to solve. We should hear more about anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves, anti-static floors, etc., but do you know anything about anti-static brushes? How does it come to be anti-static? In fact, the anti-static brush uses the principle of eliminating static electricity. By installing metal wires on the handle, the principle of positive and negative electrodes of the human body is used to eliminate static electricity. In the selection of filaments for anti-static brushes, we can choose anti-static PA material, static-conducting nylon fiber, carbon fiber, etc., and then choose solid wood or plastic as the handle. Anti-static Brushes As for the softness and hardness of the wool, we can choose materials with different softness according to different usage requirements. Usually, the anti-static brush is used to clean the printed circuit board or some components that are prone to static electricity to clean the dust. Static elimination discharge to the ground, etc. In dry winter, people will generate a lot of static electricity when they take off their clothes, and static electricity will be generated when their hands come into contact with objects. Necessary. Aoqun Brush Industry can customize various types of anti-static brushes for you, so that your cleaning will no longer be disturbed by static electricity.

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  • Where Is The Anti-Static Brush Used?

    Where Is The Anti-Static Brush Used?

    January 10,2022.

    The appearance of electronic products has changed our lives. Because the field of electronic products is very wide, basically all the things we use daily are inseparable from electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones, watches, televisions, and so on. Our lives are inseparable from electronic products. Similarly, the production of electronic products cannot be separated from anti-static brushes. We all know that if dust falls into the circuit board during the production process of electronic parts, it will not only affect the quality of the electronic product itself, but also have a great impact on the subsequent production process of the product. Therefore, an anti-static brush must be used. Anti-static brushes are used in the production process of electronic parts, and electronic parts, circuit boards and other products are constantly cleaned and brushed to remove dust, so as to protect the products from electrostatic interference and affect the accuracy while maintaining the cleanliness of the products. There is also a certain danger of static electricity. The dander dust will catch on static electricity and cause fire, which can cause electrical short-circuit and fire. Therefore, everyone should regularly use anti-static brushes to clean electronic circuit boards. Aoqun Brush Manufacturer focus on customizing high-quality high-quality brushes in large quantities. With 11 years of rich industry experience, we can customize and produce high-quality anti-static brushes of various specifications for you.

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  • Aoqun Brush Factory Insists On Being Themselves!

    Aoqun Brush Factory Insists On Being Themselves!

    October 21,2021.

    At present, there are many types of brushes on the market, the competition in the brush industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the homogeneity of the middle and low-end markets is becoming more and more obvious. Under such a general environment, Aoqun Brush Factory still adheres to the brand concept of "focusing on quality and reflecting value", creating high-quality brush products such as strip brushes, twisted wire brushes, and planting brushes to bring customers better The brush experience. When purchasing brush products, customers also pay more attention to the experience of using brushes. In order to produce better brush products, Aoqun Brush Factory has introduced fully automatic German machines, invested a lot of scientific research costs, and optimized process management. System, ERP system, CRM system, the brand concept of "focusing on quality, reflecting value" runs through Aoqun Brush industry. Aoqun Brush Factory has always adhered to its original intention and will not follow the trend in the brush industry. As a maverick manufacturer of high-quality and mass-customized brushes, Aoqun brushes will always put consumers' perception in the first place. I believe that in the future, Aoqun Brush Industry will have a more dazzling performance, and the future can be expected!

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  • Which Chinese Brush Supplier Is Reliable? Aoqun

    Which Chinese Brush Supplier Is Reliable? Aoqun

    October 14,2021.

    With the development and expansion of the brush industry, brush manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. There are many brush manufacturers in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Qianshan and other places. But with so many brush manufacturers, how can we distinguish between good and bad manufacturers?   Many buyers have been troubled by this problem for a long time. In fact, when choosing a brush manufacturer, the qualifications of the manufacturer can be identified from the following aspects.   1. Whether it is produced independently. Aoqun brush manufacturer is a brush manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Nowadays, many companies in the market are branding as source manufacturers. How much can they really achieve? Choose Aoqun manufacturers, the price is cheaper, the supply cycle is shorter, the after-sales service is assured, and the product quality is more guaranteed.   2. Whether it can be customized. Personalization is developed to meet the individual needs of customers, not only to provide personalized products, brush manufacturers also need to provide personalized services. Especially in the context of high openness of production resources and difficulty in overcoming product homogeneity, good service has become an important decisive point for meeting different consumers, different scenarios, and different consumer needs.   3. Whether the delivery date can be guaranteed. As far as the Guangdong brush industry is concerned, it is not uncommon for the production capacity to be lower due to the "three-stop four-stop" power restriction order, the extension of the delivery period of the brush manufacturers, and even the return of products by customers. This not only caused certain economic losses, but also broke the production plans of manufacturers and customers. It can be seen that the issue of futures is an important factor affecting the development of brushing factories. Aoqun has not been affected by the curtailment, and is a high-tech brush enterprise guaranteed by the state.   Which Chinese brush supplier is more reliable? In China, you can choose Aoqun brushes with confidence.

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  • What Is The Brush Production Capacity Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

    What Is The Brush Production Capacity Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

    October 13,2021.

    I have always heard that Brush Factory is fast in making brushes, has strong customization capabilities and punctual delivery. Is this really the case? Today we will visit this brush manufacturer. As a benchmark in the brushing industry, Aoqun has a standardized factory building of 5000 square meters, a complete set of production system solutions (human, machine, material, method, measurement, and environment); established AQS standards, set up 12 quality inspection links, and 39 craftsmanship Each brush; realizes a series of strict and standardized inspection and inspection procedures such as incoming material inspection, production first inspection, manufacturing inspection, etc., to ensure that the accuracy rate of each customer's product exceeds 99.99%. Give your order to Aoqun Brush Factory, please put a hundred hearts! In addition to producing conventional brush strips, cleaning brushes, escalator brushes, and medical brushes, Aoqun Brush Factory can also customize various photovoltaic brushes, cabinet brushes, vacuum cleaner brushes, polishing brushes and other products, providing one-stop brushes Brush customized service to make your purchasing work easier. Buy brushes, come to Aoqun Brush Industry!

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