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  • How To Use The Door Sealing Strip Brush To Reduce The Air Volume?

    How To Use The Door Sealing Strip Brush To Reduce The Air Volume?

    July 8,2021.

    One type of vent seal that many people use under the door is the door seal strip brush. The seal strip brush is made of wood, metal, vinyl or other materials, and the bristles are swept along the edge of the seal. The panels and bristles, which can be synthetic or natural, are like other types of ventilation seals, helping to block cold air. Door Seal Strip Brush Since the brush assembly is flexible, it can also easily sweep across the floor when the door is opened or closed, providing simple operation while also providing decent wind-dry protection. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you get the maximum sealing effect. 1. Look for a door sweeper with a double-row sealing strip brush 2. Install the door seal brush on the right side For doors that swing inward, install the sealing strip brush on the inner bottom edge. If the door swings outward, connect it to the outer bottom edge of the door. 3. Use a mohair brush to seal In the long run, you may be most satisfied with the mohair door brush seal. They may be slightly more expensive, but mohair can block airflow very well. Mohair is naturally antibacterial, and the fiber is easy to absorb and release water, and it is also more durable. Mohair is the most durable animal fiber. F-shaped door seal brush strip Aoqun sealing strip brush can be directly assembled on the aluminum alloy base, and can be directly attached to the bottom of the door, which is both sealed and convenient. The sealing effect of the Aoqun sealing strip brush is very good. It is made of pure nylon wool. The flexibility and resilience of the wool are as high as 99.99%. It is not easy to deform and still has a good sealing effect after repeated use.

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  • How To Choose Door Brush Strip? -AOQUN

    How To Choose Door Brush Strip? -AOQUN

    June 3,2021.

    Some customers asked how to choose a qualified dustproof nylon brush strip for door. Today, AOQUN strip brush manufacturers share a few tips for purchasing. Dust-proof nylon door brush strips are composed of nylon wire, base and fastening wire. When we purchase, we can observe the two exposed parts of nylon wire and base. The overall length and color of qualified nylon brush strips for garage doors are relatively uniform, with a certain degree of gloss; if you touch it by hand, the surface of the industrial brush strip nylon brush is dry, and it will quickly restore the original shape after lightly touching it. Pull a handful of nylon filaments firmly, the brush strip seal filaments will not shift. The base is usually made of plastic or metal. When the optional bar brush base is a metal base, pay attention to whether there are rust or scratches on the metal surface. Nylon Door Strip Brush As a Door Seal Brush Strip Manufacturer that has been operating in good faith for nearly 20 years, the brush strip door seal products of AOQUN Strip Brush Factory are well received by customers. Long-term contracts have been signed with many companies, and the quality is more guaranteed. For customized garage door brush strip, please contact AOQUN BRUSH Company customer service.

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  • Why Do Custom Door Strip Brush Customers Have Good Feedback?

    Why Do Custom Door Strip Brush Customers Have Good Feedback?

    May 12,2021.

    Why do you choose AOQUN BRUSH to customize brushes? Is it because of the price? service? quality? Or is it cost-effective? I think AOQUN BRUSH can do well with these factors. This is my personal experience. Customized aluminum alloy strip brushes at AOQUN BRUSH Factory. The customer service who matched with her guided me with her professionalism, and the communication was smooth. I said that I need to customize the brush strip seal for door to seal the bottom of the door. I want to achieve a good sealing effect. Miss Sun gave me a picture of clear specifications and a customizable range. I only need to provide the corresponding parameters according to the prompts on the picture to determine the specifications of the aluminum alloy strip brush I need to customize. Subsequently, I professionally recommended the F-shaped door seal brush strip aluminum profile based on my rolling door style, and sent the suitable sample to me for confirmation on the same day. The efficiency is really high. F-shaped Door Seal Brush Strip From consultation to shipment, Ms. Sun followed up very well and answered all questions patiently. The service quality is high and the product quality is good. It is no wonder that there will be "Customized brush strip door seals, look for AOQUN". They will also provide warehouse storage services for customers who have customized garage door brush strip products in large quantities for a long time, so as to save customers' warehouse pressure, and they can be readily available. But it is really from the customer's point of view. AOQUN BRUSH is the strip brushes factory that I have worked with with high cost performance. Recommend!

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  • That’s right!I Am Dust-Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush-AOQUN Brush Factory

    That’s right!I Am Dust-Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush-AOQUN Brush Factory


    Dust-proof brushes are mainly installed at the inlets and outlets of industrial equipment, cargo sorting and transmission, lifting platforms, elevators, doors and windows, cabinets and other components to prevent some dust floating in the air from entering through these gaps and polluting equipment and products. , Mainly play the role of sealing dust, mosquitoes, energy saving, environmental protection, cold and heat insulation, cleaning, etc. Therefore, the requirement for the brush wire is to have high elasticity, the surface of the brush wire is lubricated, and sometimes it is also necessary to have an antistatic function. Nylon Dust-Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush produced by Aoqun is made of pure nylon yarn. The yarn is neat and smooth, with good recovery, wear resistance and sealing performance. The strip brush is precisely pressed by German production equipment, standardized production, and strictly controlled tolerances. The strip brush produced is fastened and does not shed hair, so you can use it with confidence. At the same time, Aoqun designs from the perspective of consumers, and most of the Dust-Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush produced adopts two installation methods: custom-pitch screws and 3m double-sided tape. It is easy to install and wash. Dust-Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush has strong applicability, installation, use, and subsequent cleaning are very convenient, come and buy it at Aoqun!

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  • The Creator Of High-End Door Seal Threshold - AOQUN

    The Creator Of High-End Door Seal Threshold - AOQUN


    Ms. Wei is a purchase from a local logistics and transportation company. Recently, she was troubled by finding the door seal threshold on the garage door. It turns out that because their garage doors are not purchased in the same batch, the gaps between different models are not the same, so the samples sent by many manufacturers are not suitable. Through many inquiries, I know that Aoqun is the creator of the high-end door seal threshold, hoping to help her solve the current difficulties. Aoqun’s customer service Mr. Chen patiently listened to Ms. Wei’s explanation. It turns out that she has 6 types of garage doors, each of which is within 5 cm in width, and the width of the fixed position is basically the same, so Mr. Chen based The dimensions provided by Ms. Wei sent door seal threshold holders of 30h, 25h, 20h and 16h for her choice, so that if the hair length cannot be unified, the base specifications should be unified as much as possible to reduce Ms. Wei’s purchase cost. Ms. Wei received the samples 3 days later and was very satisfied with the samples Mr. Chen sent in the past, because Mr. Chen not only sent each fixed frame but also matched the door seal threshold of different specifications and materials. So that Miss Wei can quickly determine the specifications she wants to customize as soon as she receives the samples, so Miss Wei confirmed the order for 10,000 meters on the same day and paid the full price.

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  • Exquisite Door Bottom Seal - AOQUN

    Exquisite Door Bottom Seal - AOQUN


    Manager Ren is the purchasing manager of a door company, and they have a product supporting door bottom seal.   With the help of Aoqun's professional R&D team, we cooperated with the manager to overcome various problems and production processes of door bottom seal:   1. The door bottom seal product has very strict requirements on the material. The Aoqun brush has passed the SVHC169 test report, which is completely applicable; 2. The base of the brush must be made of 304 stainless steel; 3. Not loose after adapting and installing;   After 3 days, when Manager Ren received the first batch of door bottom seal samples sent by Aoqun, he immediately placed an order for 23,000 meters of door bottom seal.

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