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  • AOQUN VO Flame Retardant Industrial Strip Brush For Your Choice

    AOQUN VO Flame Retardant Industrial Strip Brush For Your Choice


    Mr. Pan, the manufacturer of the screen door in Singapore, called. “because the previous import of a small batch of brushes has no flame retardant effect, our bidding failed. We will bid for a big project of 30 stations this time, it must reach UL94-VO flame retardant effec. I have found several brush manufacturers, and I have not choose yet. I knew you through my friend’s introduced. I believe you can help me to provide the UL94-VO flame retardant industrial strip brush."   When AOQUN’s senior sales Coco received a phone call from Mr. Pan, Coco replied Mr. Pan that AOQUN has made brushes for more than 11 years, and has been cooperating with world-renowned brands in the screen door industry, such as Faiveley, CRRC and Panasonic. To supply the industrial strip brush. Our screen door sealing brush has a very good flame-retardant effect. It is extinguished from the fire and has no dripping. At the same time, Coco sent a UL94 flame retardant certificate issued by the third party to Mr. Pan. Mr. Pan asked us to send samples to test and bid. Coco sent samples on the same day and made a quote. Afterwards, we negotiated with Mr. Pan and confirmed the price. After 3 days, we received a sample confirmation message from Mr. Pan, telling us that there would be a bidding result within one week, and then notify us.   After 10 days, Mr. Pan called and said: "You are the leader of the brush industry. I use your industrial strip brush to bid and success! Thank you for being there, I will confirm the details of the specific order with you later."

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  • Ultra-Low Defective Rate Of AOQUN Metal Back Strip Brush

    Ultra-Low Defective Rate Of AOQUN Metal Back Strip Brush


    Recently, I received an inquiry from Olesandra of Ukraine: the defective rate of the door frame sealing brush I purchased before is as high as 3%. Because only the dealers supply the good to me, and the defective rate cannot be reduced, which leads to our customers' complaints and reduced orders. Can you provide metal back strip brush with low defective rate? After learning about Olesandra's requirements, we introduced our company to him. "AOQUN is a manufacturer with 11 years of experience in manufacturing door frame sealing brush strips. The defective rate of products is controlled within 0.3% for a long time, and the quality is approved by customers. And we have our own internal quality inspection standards, the goods shipped with the inspection report. Please tell us the standard of your metal back strip brush and we will provide you with a suitable solution. Olesandra immediately sent us the information he requested, and after confirming the solution we provided, he decided to try an order of 10,000 pieces. About two months later, we received Olesandra's call: "your door frame sealing brush is of good quality, and the defective rate is within 0.1%. Now there are no customer complaints, and the number of orders starts to increase. I hope you can become a long-term supplier of my metal back strip brush.

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  • How Important Of A Good Strip Brush Application – AOQUN Let You Know

    How Important Of A Good Strip Brush Application – AOQUN Let You Know


    “Can you provide me with consistent thickness strip brush application?” Franklin, the purchasing manager of the Australian garage door manufacturer, wrote in the mail. Through the communication we knew that, Franklin's company purchased a batch of sealing brushes from a brush factory in China some time ago. Originally, if the quality of the brush was good, it should be able to be used normally. A serious problem was found in the brush when it was inspected. In addition to the thickness of the bristles did not meet the standards they require, the brush light leakage was also more serious. Therefore, Franklin wanted to find some qualified brush manufacturers in the Internet. The website of AOQUN deeply attracted him. As a brush manufacturer with 11 years of experience, AOQUN’s professional Anna made a commitment: "Please don’t worry, we will provide the best products to support you. "We first checked the location of the strip brush application, dimension, thickness requirements. Second, we made samples to ensure that the product meets the requirements, During the sample process, we will make relevant production records for the product information to ensure that the large products are consistent with the samples. At the end of the sample confirmation, Franklin sent us the first order after scrutinizing all the parameters of the product and checking the light leakage. When receiving the first 1800-meter order, Franklin also sent an email saying: "Not only me, our technicians are very satisfied with your strip brush application samples. I hope that you can also do the better for mass production. I believe we have tight cooperation in future."

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  • AOQUN Timely Delivery Of The Strip Brushes Suppliers

    AOQUN Timely Delivery Of The Strip Brushes Suppliers


    I recently received an inquiry from Hassain of Paraguay: "my current strip brushes suppliers often fails to deliver the goods in time, which leads to the delay of my project and customer complaints and fines. I need to find a manufacturer who can deliver on time. I found you through the Internet search, can you help me solve the door under the seal brush on time delivery problem?   We told Hassain: "we are a strip brushes suppliers with 11 years’ experience in producing door bottom seal brushes, with a monthly brush output of more than 500,000 meters. Compared with other dealers who can only rely on the strip brushes suppliers to decide the delivery date, we have an obvious advantage. We can also keep stock for our regular customers to meet their unplanned orders. In addition, in 2013, we provided the UAE customers with 100,000 pieces of customized door bottom seal brush within 10 days, the customer even came to the factory personally to appreciate us. We provided Hassain with the samples of the specifications he required. 7 days after confirming of our samples, Hassain placed a trial order of 2000 door bottom seal brushes.   Two months passed, Hassain has placed three orders with us. He told us that we delivered the goods in time, his customer never complains him. He hopes that we can become his long-term strip brushes suppliers and keep inventory for him.

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  • Where To Buy Strip Brush Outstanding Guangzhou Manufacturer, Surely AOQUN

    Where To Buy Strip Brush Outstanding Guangzhou Manufacturer, Surely AOQUN


    Recently, Mr. Liao from a Dongguan wardrobe factory, Liao anxiously inquired with us for the where to buy strip brush. He said the wardrobe brush they just installed was complained by his customer for a serious light leakage and hair shed phenomenon. This time he hopes us to supply him a suitable door bottom sealing brush. After communicating with Mr. Liao, we knew that his previous brush does not have a good tensile strength, which led to the serious filament shed under friction. And the bristles are too soft that resulted in the light leakage. By analyzing his samples, we concluded that because the bottom width of the where to buy strip brush is not coordinated with the brush thickness, which led to this problem of filament shed. And because the brush height reaches 80mm, the 0.2mm diameter of the filament will be too soft to stand up. Combined with the total height of Mr. Liao's brush and assembly slot, we readjusted the appropriate dimensions for it, and provided the sample for him in 2 days. After receiving the where to buy strip brush sample, Mr. Liao tested it repeatedly. Not only was the filament shed settled, the sealing effect is also very good, but there is also no light leakage. He directly placed orders to us. Three months later, he told us he never received any similar complaint on the brushes. Their business of door brush is better and better too. Their company also built a long-term partnership with us.

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  • Whose Polypropylene Strip Brush is Outstanding? Surely AOQUN

    Whose Polypropylene Strip Brush is Outstanding? Surely AOQUN


    When we visited an indoor living exhibition domestically in 2018, we met Vivi of Malaysia by chance. After a conversation, we learned that Vivi's company is manufacturing household doors. Vivi mentioned that their company has a number of products that need sealing brush, but the polypropylene strip brush they purchased has a poor quality. The brushes were proved to be impure and likely to be recycling material after being tested. To ensure the product quality, they terminated cooperation with the previous manufacturer, and considered to find a better supplier during this trip in China.   Before the exhibition, we were all ready, like preparing the catalogue and samples in advance. Not just showing her our development, qualifications and customer cases, we also presented some samples for her reference. AOQUN Brush strictly inspect the selection of materials, to ensure that the material is pure, never use recycled materials. After looking at our samples, Vivi took 2 polypropylene strip brush and aluminum strips with the specifications and materials close to their requirements. she took these samples in order to show them to their engineering for inspection. A week later, Vivi sent an email to inform us that their engineers were satisfied with our samples and now need to make a final proofing confirmation. Four days after receiving the sample, Vivi wrote to us: "Your polypropylene strip brush samples are quite in line with our standards. I will place order to you once we have a need." After three weeks, Vivi sent the first 800-metre order.

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