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  • Cleaning Brush Drill Manufacturer-AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush Drill Manufacturer-AOQUN


    Cleaning brush drill is a kind of brush made by winding process. According to its filaments, it can be divided into nylon (PA), PP, metal wire and abrasive wire, etc. It is usually used in the glass ceramic industry, Furniture and wood industry, cleaning and environmental protection industries, etc., through the selection of different wire diameters and wool materials, create different cleaning brush drills.   Usually it plays a role in polishing, dust removal and cleaning, and nylon cleaning brush drill is a more commonly used product, because it has the characteristics of strong recovery, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and it is non-toxic and non-polluting. The food-grade material is also commonly used in food processing. Its high abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance are also deeply loved by customers in the textile, printing and dyeing, ceramic and glass industries.   Aoqun Brush Industry, as a brush customization company specializing in the production of cleaning brush drills, can provide you with a one-stop solution for cleaning brush drills according to your use environment.

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  • AOQUN Cleaning Brush For Drill Is No Worse Than Foreign Ones

    AOQUN Cleaning Brush For Drill Is No Worse Than Foreign Ones


    Manager Wang of the design department of a brand manufacturer called and asked if our company can produce cleaning brush for drill for circuit board cleaning equipment? , Because I always imported from abroad before, but for long shipping time abroad, I wanted to find a company that can supply it in China, I was worried that the quality was not as good as that imported from abroad.   Aoqun customer service Roger was very happy and confident to tell Manager Wang that Aoqun Brush is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales, with 20 senior industry experience, products exported to more than 50 countries, and more than 20 industries.   This cleaning brush for drill is specially designed for Israeli customers.Israeli customers were very satisfied with the appearance when they first received samples of our brushes from Aoqun.   However, when he compared our samples with his previous ones in Germany When the imported cleaning brush for drill were tested together for 2 months, I was very surprised to tell us that the quality of your Aoqun brushes is actually better than the German ones, and they are more durable. At the same time, Roger told Manager Wang that we can send one first Samples for him to test.   Manager Wang was very happy when he heard this. Originally, this cleaning brush for drill had to be imported, but now it can finally be purchased domestically. The samples are paid on delivery, and the samples will be tested after receiving them. After testing for 1 month, he told Roger that he would place an order. For cleaning brush for drill, I am very happy to find a very good quality brush supplier in China. It saves time and time. Buying professional cleaning brush for drill should from Aoqun.

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  • Wire Brush has contributed to Aircraft industries

    Wire Brush has contributed to Aircraft industries

    September 27,2018.

    A variety of twisted, disc and rotary wire brushes for surface conditioning and deburring applications are used in aircraft industries. The main functions of the wire brush is to round shape edges, remove metal flakes for not to pollute the engine and the oil filters, and to assure the normal engine operation. Generally speaking, it needs us to work closely with the engineers to customize the wire brush, will be much different from the standard wire brush. AOQUN can offer you any material of brushes, such as PP/PA/natural animal hair/metal/abrasive wire, etc.. Further more, we can provide 2000 kinds of brushes meeting with standard specification, and we can customize any brushes to satisfy your unique need.

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