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  • What Is The Polishing Brush Roller Used For? | AOQUN

    What Is The Polishing Brush Roller Used For? | AOQUN

    August 26,2021.

    Grinding is a processing method that uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, thereby making the surface smooth and level. It uses polishing tools, abrasive grains or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece. The commonly used polishing methods are as follows: 1. Ultrasonic polishing: Ultrasonic treatment can be combined with chemical or electrochemical methods. Starting from the principle of solution corrosion and electrolysis, the ultrasonic oscillation method is used to separate the dissolved product on the surface of the workpiece, so that it is corroded or electrolyzed on the surface; ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid can also inhibit the corrosion process, which is conducive to the formation of a mirror effect. 2. Electrolytic polishing method: The basic principle of electrolytic polishing is similar to that of chemical polishing, that is, the surface of the selective dissolution material is small and prominent to make the surface smooth. Roller Polishing Brush 3. Chemical polishing: Chemical polishing is to dissolve the convex surface of the material to be polished in a chemical medium to make the surface smoother than the concave surface. The important advantage of this method is that it can polish a large number of workpieces and polish multiple workpieces at the same time without using other equipment. The core problem of polishing is the preparation of polishing liquid. 4. Mechanical polishing method: Mechanical polishing refers to the method of making the surface smooth through cutting and plastic deformation of the material surface. Oilstone, louver, sandpaper, grinding wheel, polishing brush roller, etc. are generally more commonly used polishing tools. What is the polishing brush roller used for? Mechanical polishing brush rollers are commonly used, especially in the following polishing methods. Honing: Polishing the inner diameter of parts, generally used to grind the inner diameter of engine cylinders and other parts, using rotating reciprocating motion polishing, and applying pressure on the mirror with the force of a spring, so as to obtain a bright mirror effect. The polishing brush roller produced by Aoqun, which is made of strip brush winding or planting brush technology, is abrasion-resistant and not easy to deform, and is suitable for most honing processes. Grinding: Put the object to be processed on the grinder and press it down from above. Next, spray the slurry (abrasive grains) between the object to be processed and the grinder, and inject the slurry (abrasive grains) while rotating during polishing. According to different polishing objects, the process of strip brush and planting brush will be selected. Of abrasive brush rollers. Liquid polishing: The abrasive is driven by hydraulic pressure, so that the abrasive particles pass through the surface of the workpiece during the high-speed reciprocating process, and the contact surface of ...

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  • How Many Types Of Glass Polishing Techniques Are There? AOQUN

    How Many Types Of Glass Polishing Techniques Are There? AOQUN

    August 25,2021.

    There are usually many types of glass in the market. In fact, glass products need to be polished. So what are the different glass polishing methods? Study with me. Polished glass: Before float glass appeared, some glass needed to be polished to achieve the effect of paralleling the two sides. Polishing glass refers to polishing the two surfaces of ordinary glass or rolled glass with emery, silica sand and other abrasives, and then polishing with red powder, tin oxide and felt. Sandblasted glass and etched glass: Use 4-7kg/cm2 high-pressure air to blow diamond and other particles into the glass surface to form sand marks. Can depict lines, characters and various patterns. The parts that do not need to be processed are wrapped with rubber, paper and other materials as a protective film. For example, pickling and sintering of sandblasted glass (all sandblasted) will result in rough corroded glass, also known as frosted glass. Stained glass: Stained glass is a transparent material that can provide color art for doors and windows. Generally speaking, it is coated with a special glaze on the glass, and then the pattern is baked, or the pattern is pasted on the glass. This production method is similar to ceramics. Colored glazed glass: Colored glazed glass is an opaque colored glass made by sintering inorganic pigments on the surface of flat glass and after heat treatment. With different pigments, glass glazes of different colors can be produced. A single color can be used on doors and windows, and colored glass (also known as granite glass or marble glass) can be used on the internal and external walls or floors of buildings. Glass Polishing Brushes Glass polishing brushes are used when polishing different types of glass. If you need to customize polishing brushes, please contact Aoqun industrial brush manufacturers with drawings and samples. Aoqun Brush has been focusing on the production and research and development of brushes for nearly 20 years. You provide one-stop brush customization service.

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  • What Is The Use Of A Pen-Shaped Polishing Brush? Aoqun

    What Is The Use Of A Pen-Shaped Polishing Brush? Aoqun

    August 12,2021.

    Pen-shaped polishing brush wire is one of the common polishing brushes. It is mainly used in high-speed portable electric tools. It can polish and polish the surface and interior of small areas. It can improve the quality of metal and stone products. It is used in mechanical processing. An important part. The commonly used brush filaments for pen-type polishing brushes are copper wire, stainless steel wire, nylon wire, abrasive wire and some alloy materials. The material is selected according to different application scenarios (or the material properties of the object to be polished), so it can be widely used. Such as grinding and rust removal of various metals, inner hole corners, cleaning of weld burrs, wood carving grinding, polishing of various metal surfaces such as jewelry, watches, glasses, etc. High Quality Polishing Brushes Aoqun Brush Factory can supply pen-shaped polishing brushes of different materials, specifications and shapes according to customer's application requirements. The styles are diverse and novel, and they can also be customized with drawings and samples to cooperate with customers. The pen-shaped polishing brush supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory has a reasonable structure, carefully selected non-impurity raw materials, and the product has a long service life and good quality.

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  • Why Can Aoqun's Industrial Brush Strips be Distributed In Multiple Places?

    Why Can Aoqun's Industrial Brush Strips be Distributed In Multiple Places?

    August 9,2021.

    The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway was formed by the merger of the Kowloon-Canton Railway and the Hong Kong Subway. According to the official website of February 2019, the MTR has 47 operating lines and 161 stations. Which company is the yellow nylon flame-retardant brush with LED light escalator industrial brush strip that protects the Chinese people in the Hong Kong MTR station? produced? Escalator Industrial Brush Strip This industrial brush strip that attracts us is the first of its kind in the world by Aoqun brush manufacturer; in 2015, it passed the Hong Kong subway review and applied it to Hong Kong municipal engineering projects. It was built by KONE, Otis, and Schindler and used for 400 MTR electric escalator with 10,000 passengers per day. In 2018, I was invited and Hong Kong Otis to jointly design a new aluminum base with LED light strips and nylon flame-retardant yellow brush strips. It also made its debut at the Otis booth at the Shanghai International Elevator Exhibition. Elevator manufacturers such as Hitachi, KONE, Schindler and others praised it and discussed new products and technologies enthusiastically. Aoqun Brush has 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of brush strips. It selects high-quality raw materials, has its own product inspection standards, and strictly controls the production procedures and machine maintenance, strictly controls the tolerance requirements, and strives to make every customer receive. The brush strips are of high quality. Aoqun industrial brush strips protect the safety of MTR escalators. Aoqun Brush has also participated in the construction of global metro projects such as Guangzhou Metro, Beijing Metro, Dubai Metro, and so on. Create user-satisfied products and contribute more to China's manufacturing!

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  • Can I Customize Industrial Strip Brushes Without Drawings?

    Can I Customize Industrial Strip Brushes Without Drawings?

    July 19,2021.

    Product customization is to refine the needs of each customer to produce products to meet the specific needs of each customer's diversified and individual needs. The customization of industrial strip brushes can also be diversified and individualized. Can be customized according to different specifications, functions, materials and other different needs. When customizing products, the communication of parameters with product drawings will be much smoother. If there is no product drawing, can it be customized? Industrial strip brushes   The answer is yes. Aoqun Brush Factory has nearly 20 years of production experience in customizing various brush products. The product types are rich. The project research and development team will tailor industrial brushes of various materials and functions for you, which can be used in different industries and conform to Industry requirements. The service team of Aoqun Brush Factory will guide customers to measure required parameters, such as bottom width, side height, total height and other parameters to make industry judgments, and then issue project feasibility plan drawings to customize suitable products.   The strip brush products customized by Aoqun Brush Factory are applied to more than 30 industries and have strong customization capabilities. Customers are welcome to consult with drawings and samples for various strip brush products such as customized industrial strip brushes, and can also cooperate with major companies to develop and produce For new brush products, Aoqun is looking forward to your consultation.

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  • Why Choose To Use A Polishing Brush For Polishing Work? -AOQUN

    Why Choose To Use A Polishing Brush For Polishing Work? -AOQUN

    July 15,2021.

    Inner hole polishing is also called deep hole polishing. It is usually a machining method that reduces the roughness of the inner hole by mechanical, electrochemical, electrical spark and plasma methods, so that the surface of the hole is smooth and flat. Starting from the basis of existing technology and cost, most companies use inner hole polishing twisted wire brushes for polishing work. Aoqun Polishing Brush Why choose to use a polishing rod for polishing work? We usually use electrochemical polishing in our lives, but this method is difficult to operate, quality inspection is relatively troublesome, and it takes more man-hours. If the polishing method of EDM is adopted, although the machining accuracy is high and the polished surface is relatively smooth and flat, it will also consume a relatively long working time. Therefore, most manufacturers adopt the method of mechanical polishing. Mechanical polishing usually customizes the internal hole polishing twisted wire brush of the appropriate size through the twisted wire brush manufacturer, and uses physical methods to perform the work of polishing and deburring, which is welcomed by enterprises. Aoqun twisted wire brush manufacturers have nearly 20 years of experience in brush making, and can tailor the inner hole polished twisted wire brush of the appropriate size for the manufacturer, and adjust the details according to the actual use situation to create a more suitable production twist for your wire brush.

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