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What Is The Role Of Glass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

What Is The Role Of Glass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

September 28,2021.

Glass has been widely used in various industries since its inception. As of today in the 5G era, glass has entered our scientific and intelligent life with a higher "posture", occupying an important position in the fields of home entertainment, smart wear, and scientific and technological communications. Take smartphones as an example, 3D glass is an important presence.

3D glass is mostly used as a cover in high-end smart phones, tablets, watches and other products. It has the advantages of anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, hardness, high cleanliness, good light transmission, and thinness, making electronic products have a stylish appearance. , Good touch and user experience is very good.

glass polishing brush

According to data analysis, the demand for 3D mobile phone glass cover in 2020 is close to 2 billion pieces, and 3D glass cover is the general trend of the product. Polishing 3D glass requires a polishing brush. Aoqun Brush Factory can customize polishing brushes of different styles, processes, and materials according to customer needs. Aoqun polishing brushes are used in the production lines of many high-end smart brands and automobile brands, and can be used for car windshields. , The back cover of the watch, the light-sensing hole of the glass cover of the mobile phone, and the camera hole are polished, polished and deburred, etc. A series of treatments, the product quality is good, and the service life is long.

After the glass is processed by the 3D curved surface, it is used in the fields of vehicle, decoration, smart watch, medical display, transportation and other services. For customers who need to use 3D glass polishing brushes, Aoqun brush manufacturers can customize suitable glass polishing brushes for you.

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