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  • AOQUN Let You Know More About The Cleaning Brush For Drills

    AOQUN Let You Know More About The Cleaning Brush For Drills


    Perform polishing, polishing and deburring operations on the camera, light sensing hole, button hole, and glass cover of the mobile phone panel, and customize the production according to the specification and size requirements. The suitable cleaning brush for drills can clean the inner hole burr residual problem with high energy and make the hole The position is smoother and more detailed. The traditional method of cleaning the inner hole burr mainly relies on the brush tube and the channel tube, but both of them are partially deterministic, and are usually only suitable for processing through holes, but not blind holes. There are no bristles on the bottom of the tube brush and the channel brush, which cannot handle the burrs at the bottom of the blind hole. Due to the brush making process, there is a metal protrusion in the middle of the bottom of the cleaning brush for drills, and the protruding metal part is in the polishing process. It is easy to cause damage to the bottom of the workpiece. The cleaning brush for drills produced by Aoqun Brush Industry uses pure nylon filaments with moderate hardness and resistance to friction. It uses advanced German equipment and is made with twisting technology to ensure that the cleaning brush for drills does not fall easily when used. It can be adapted to the production of large-scale industries. Aoqun Brush has been making cleaning brush for drills down-to-earth, constantly improving the existing production technology. The cleaning brush for drills produced is also continuously improved based on customer feedback and opinions, just to let customers buy with confidence and use them comfortably.

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  • How Much Do You Know About Cleaning Brushes For Drill? AOQUN

    How Much Do You Know About Cleaning Brushes For Drill? AOQUN


    The cleaning brushes for drill are composed of many neatly arranged and extending thin brush filaments. The brush wire materials include nylon wire, fiber hair, pig bristles, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire and so on. Cleaning brushes for drill belong to the category of polishing, dust removal, rust removal, and cleaning functions.   The structure of the twisted wire cleaning brushes for drill: It is made of two different types of iron wires twisted, long and round, the front part is the hair section, and the rear section is the operating handle. Wool materials include nylon wire, steel wire, copper wire and so on. For special needs, screw and hollow rod are installed on the rear rod part.     Types of cleaning brushes for drill: According to the needs of the hole wall, choose between soft and hard wire.   Aoqun Brush Factory can customize cleaning brushes for drill of various materials, specifications and styles according to customers' requirements. The products comply with SVHC and ROHS environmental protection certification. For more information, please contact Aoqun Brush Factory.

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  • Polishing Wire Cleaning Brush, Supported By AOQUN

    Polishing Wire Cleaning Brush, Supported By AOQUN


    Many precision parts are beginning to use polishing wire cleaning brush, so what kind of wire cleaning brush is qualified?   First of all, do not choose inferior product materials. Inferior materials are shoddy, and each product is carefully done with quality and quantity, so that customers can exceed the value for money; strictly implement quality standards and technical requirements during the production process to ensure production The polishing wire cleaning brush does not have size deviation, lint and unusable problems. In addition, it provides wrong solutions according to the different use needs of customers, so that the products in the hands of customers can play its maximum and perfect effect.   In addition to polishing wire cleaning brush, Aoqun Brush Industry is actively developing in the direction of diversification of the brush industry, and has reached long-term cooperation with well-known companies in the cabinet, elevator, office furniture, electrical appliances and other industries. relationship.

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  • The Drill Cleaning Brush Attachments Produced By AOQUN Are The Reason For The Quality

    The Drill Cleaning Brush Attachments Produced By AOQUN Are The Reason For The Quality


    The drill cleaning brush attachments produced by Aoqun are all high-quality products. How to do it, let us understand together.   The drill cleaning brush attachment quality standard has been formulated, and the product's tension, appearance, configuration, etc. are strictly regulated and the quality is guaranteed. Aoqun drill cleaning brush attachment uses pure nylon wool, with a rebound rate of 99.9%, which is at least 5 times more durable than the products on the market.   Aoqun drill cleaning brush attachment has a reasonable process flow and standardized operations. There are 12 quality inspection links, 39 craftsmanship, and the pass rate of products is 99.5%.   Aoqun drill cleaning brush attachment exports to more than 50 countries and regions, and has experience in serving more than 20 leading companies in the industry. It is trustworthy.

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  • How to Use 22 Cleaning Brush?

    How to Use 22 Cleaning Brush?


    You must know that as far as your gun is concerned, skipping some cleaning procedures is harmful to your gun. If you have the habit of being lazy in cleaning, the inside of your gun will become a paradise for bacteria, and even bacteria will grow. So how to use 22 cleaning brush?   step 1 There is no need to put the gun in warm water first. 22 The cleaning brush is so efficient that there is no need to immerse the gun in water before cleaning. Unless it is an old gun with years of dry dirt in it, it should be immersed in water, preferably overnight. Step 2 Apply detergent on 22 cleaning brush. Step 3 Rinse the muzzle under the faucet, and then brush off the dirt.   To develop a habit, you should use the gun 22 cleaning brush offen and mold will not enter the gun. Aoqun gun brush is made of tough pure nylon wool (PA6/PA66) and 304 stainless steel twisted. The brush will not have sharp parts and will not scratch the gun during cleaning. The head specially designed for gun cleaning can penetrate deep into the gun and touch every sanitary corner.

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  • Buy Cleaning Brush On Drill To Find AOQUN-Brushes No Longer Need To Be Imported

    Buy Cleaning Brush On Drill To Find AOQUN-Brushes No Longer Need To Be Imported


    Mr. Li, the R&D director of a world-renowned brand manufacturer, calls to inquire whether Aoqun can produce cleaning brush on drill?   Customer service Xiao Liu was very happy to tell Mr. Li that Aoqun Brush is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales. With more than 20 years of senior industry experience, products are exported to more than 50 countries and involve more than 20 industries. This leaning brush on drill is professionally designed and developed for well-known foreign brands. After several years of testing and verification by customers, the customers are very satisfied. Another feature of Aoqun Brush is that it can be customized for customers, even if there is no drawing, as long as there is a sample. Mr. Li immediately sent samples of this cleaning brush on drill. Aoqun engineers immediately evaluated and determined that it can be produced according to the drawings. It takes about 7-10 days to open the mold. The brush recommends PA.   Mr. Li was very happy when he heard this. Originally, this cleaning brush on drill had to be imported, but now it can finally be purchased domestically, saving time and time. Buying professional cleaning brush on drill is for Aoqun.

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