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What Are The Characteristics Of Solid Brass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

What Are The Characteristics Of Solid Brass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

September 8,2021.

Do you know? The back cover of a precious watch needs to be polished by at least 128 crafts? At least 4 of the processes need to use polishing brushes to complete, of which the most commonly used is solid brass polishing brush.

brass polishing brush

Brass Polishing Brush

The solid brass polishing brush independently developed by Aoqun Brush Factory uses copper wire with good elasticity and wear resistance as the main body of the brush wire. The rod part is solid aluminum, which is strong and durable. The brush wire is flexible, wear-resistant and resistant to damage. Of copper wire. The brushes are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and can be used with polishing powder and polishing liquid, with strong matching. According to customer feedback from the cooperation, “Aoqun polishing brush is enough to solve the three cumbersome procedures in the past.”

Using the solid brass polishing brush provided by Aoqun Brush Factory not only saves labor costs for customers, reduces costs and man-hours, but also improves production efficiency and work efficiency. The copper wire brush can be customized in various styles according to the needs of customers, such as flat, bowl, Y, hollow, etc.

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