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What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

September 24,2021.

Through polishing technology, the roughness of the glass surface can be reduced, and the surface becomes bright and smooth. Commonly used tools for glass polishing include polishing powder, polishing fluid, polishing wheel, polishing bristle brush, etc. I believe everyone knows the first three. Today we will talk about glass polishing brush and some of its commonly used materials.

Glass Polishing Brushes

There are many types, shapes, and materials of glass polishing bristle brushes, and different polishing bristle brushes are applied to different production processes on the production line. Take the mobile phone screen as an example. There are many processes to produce a screen. In the initial corner polishing and deburring process, the larger and relatively hard sisal material polishing bristle brush may be used, and the screen light hole in the later period. For polishing bristle brushes in other processes, soft nylon materials are used. Therefore, the material of the brush is also determined according to the use environment and product.

The commonly used brush filament materials for glass polishing bristle brush include horsehair, chemical fiber, nylon, sisal, copper wire, etc. In different processes of the production process, brushes of different materials are used to polish the glass to achieve the corresponding use effect. Custom glass polishing bristle brush, coming to Aoqun Brush! The polishing bristle brush produced by Aoqun Brush is used in the production lines of multiple smart product companies. The company has strong R&D customization capabilities and good product quality. For more details, please consult Aoqun Brush!

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