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  • What Industrial Brush Filaments Can Brush Manufacturers Provide?

    What Industrial Brush Filaments Can Brush Manufacturers Provide?

    April 28,2022.

    Industrial brushes are made of bristles that are mounted on a holding piece. These brushes are specially designed to help with industrial and commercial debris removal and cleaning.The brush function depends on the composition and shape of the brush and the holder. The industrial brushes have many applications such as glass polishing, conveyor and blanket cleaning and many more. They are usually used in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, textile processing and metal finish circuit board production. With so many options available in the market, choosing the right brush filament can seem a little daunting. Well, no worries.  Ahead is a list of different brush filament options to help you find the best one that fits your needs. Abrasive Filament Industrial Brush Filaments of abrasive nylon brushes are composed of commonly used aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and silicate.  Such brushes produce highly repeatable results and require minimal effort for the preparation of the edge of cutting tools. Manufacturers that need to apply edge prep technology to their products will enjoy labor savings. Natural Filament Industrial Brush Industrial brushes consist of filaments that are made using natural fibers such as animal hair and plant-based materials.  Natural fibers are known for their durability, high heat resistance and acid resistance.  Therefore, brush filaments made with natural fiber are a more appealing option for a wide range of uses. Synthetic Filament Industrial Brush Synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene and aluminum oxide offer a wide range of benefits. They are highly durable, soft and resistant to chemicals.  Industrial brushes made with synthetic materials are more readily available and cost-effective. Metal Filament Industrial Brush Metal filament industrial brushes are made from materials such as brass, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel. These brushes also offer advantages such as durability, resistance, corrosionand electrical conductivity. Metal filaments are usually found in brushes that are used in cleaning and deburring applications. To know more information on the different types of industrial brush filaments, you can head over to AOQUN BRUSH, a leading industry provider of brushes. AOQUN BRUSH is committed to offering high quality brushes for a wide range of industrial applications.  Known for crafting industrial quality and long-lasting filaments, this brush expert company uses state-of-the-art technology and expertise to satisfy all your brush requirements.

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Industrial Brushes?

    What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Industrial Brushes?

    January 25,2022.

    Nylon filament is a commonly used material in industrial brushes. Because of its high stability and plasticity, it is widely used in both industry and daily life. Let's talk about nylon industrial brushes. What features? Why it is commonly used:   First of all, the filament of the PA industrial brush has high softness, which is not easy to scratch the surface of the item, and can also effectively eliminate static electricity in time.   Secondly, the industrial brush is made of nylon, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It will not change its characteristics after being immersed in toluene, butanone and other solvents for a long time. It has stable performance and is especially suitable for long-term use in the plastics and paper industries, especially for the installation of film production and printing production lines. PA Flexible Nylon Strip Brush   Furthermore, nylon industrial brushes have the properties of fire resistance and high temperature resistance when appropriate flame retardants are added to them. The above are some of the characteristics of nylon industrial brushes. Aoqun Brush Industry is a company that focuses on A large-scale enterprise producing nylon industrial brushes can customize nylon brushes with various specifications and functions according to your needs.

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  • Several Common Processes Of Industrial Brushes

    Several Common Processes Of Industrial Brushes

    January 20,2022.

    Industry is an important part of the secondary industry and is closely related to our lives. Many industrial instruments are inseparable from industrial brushes, which have many functions, such as grinding, polishing, cleaning, sealing, etc. The filament material of the brush determines its function. Let's talk about several brush-making processes commonly used in industrial brushes. In the process of industrial brushes, the horse nail machine hair planting process is relatively widely used. It is a traditional brush-making process that has been popular for a long time. After the surface of the brush roller or brush plate is punched, the hair planting machine is used to press the hair. The set amount is implanted in the brush roll or brush plate. Industrial brushes with a winding process, their main uses can be summarized as grinding, polishing and cleaning. Due to the application requirements of the industry, some filaments with strong hardness and flexibility are generally selected. The industrial brush of the clipping process is produced by rolling and clamping the base, the fastening wire and the brush wire. Strip brush, brush strip are its other names. Due to the good tensile strength of the brushes of this process, the filaments are not easy to fall off, so people who need industrial brushes with good sealing properties generally choose products of this process, such as window and door bottom sealing, escalator protection The door body of the clip and rail transit will use the process brush of the clip technology for energy saving and heat insulation. Spring industrial brush with high density and strong fastness. During manufacture, the brush bristles are pressed into an aluminum strip or stainless steel strip by a strip brush device to make strip brushes, which are then wrapped around the rollers, and the two ends are welded by sub-pot welding. In some special industrial production, It is also necessary to make a spring brush with a certain gap, because special effects such as dust removal must be considered. Spring Industrial Brushes Twisted wire industrial brush: The brush wire is evenly arranged in the middle of two 0.5-2mm iron wires, one end is clamped, and the other end is twisted and formed by the output force of the motor, and trimmed to the standard size by the shearing machine. The hydraulic pipe is made by brushing this process. Twisted Wire Industrial Brushes The craftsmanship of industrial brushes is far more than the ones listed above. You can learn more knowledge by browsing our official website news page. Aoqun Brush Company is the only brush manufacturer in the Chinese industry that has developed strip brushes, twisted wire brushes and flocking brushes. Standards and inspection standards, and all our industrial brush products are strictly produced according to these standards.

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  • Specializing In The Production Of Industrial Brushes

    Specializing In The Production Of Industrial Brushes

    January 3,2022.

    Mr. Zhong from Cangzhou, Hebei has been purchasing an industrial brush with inner winding, which is used on a power tool. Due to the high assembly requirements, the size requirements of the brush are very strict. Recently, he encountered a problem that he found that the outer diameters of the industrial brush products received were of different sizes, which caused their assembly efficiency to be low, which affected their delivery time, and the customers were very dissatisfied. Inner Ring Industrial Brush Under the introduction of a friend, Mr. Zhong found Aoqun. After listening to Mr. Zhong’s request, Ms. Zhou convened colleagues in the technical research and development department to discuss, and issued a solution within one hour: 2 molds were made in accordance with Mr. Zhong’s outer diameter and tolerance requirements to conduct a full inspection of the inner-wound industrial brush . The large size is based on the positive tolerance of the outer diameter, and the small size is based on the negative tolerance of the outer diameter. In this way, you only need to equip two people for trial installation when you do the full inspection and shipment, and install the small mold first. If it can be installed, it will prove to be too small. Then install a larger mold, if it can't fit in, it proves to be too large. After listening to the plan, Mr. Zhong was very satisfied with our quick processing plan and immediately placed an order of 5000pcs. After 15 days, Mr. Zhong received the inner winding industrial brushes we delivered and gave feedback that they randomly selected 100 full inspections of our products, and the pass rate was 100%. Finally, there is no need to worry about incoming materials affecting production. So the boss asked us to be listed as their qualified supplier immediately.

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  • Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

    Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

    November 29,2021.

    Do you know sapphire glass? I believe many people will think of jewelry and natural sapphire. In fact, they are quite different. Sapphire glass is mostly used to make display screens for high-end brand electronic products. The surface becomes smooth and non-marking. The reason is that copper wire polishing brushes are used to polish the surface.  The display screen can have a good visual effect. Sapphire glass has relatively high processing cost and production process difficulty. It is a material with good wear resistance, and its physical properties and chemical composition are the same as natural sapphire. Sapphire glass has excellent thermal characteristics, electrical characteristics, and dielectric thermal properties. At the same time, it has high hardness, high temperature resistance, infrared penetration, good chemical stability, and is not easy to break. Therefore, it is used in night market infrared and far-infrared sights, night cameras and other instruments and It is fully used in satellite, space technology instrumentation, and high-precision navigation and aviation instruments. In some of the above sapphire glass applications, we have less contact in daily life, so let's talk about the sapphire glass used in watches. The hardness of sapphire glass is second only to diamond, and it is 3 times that of mineral glass. It is ideal material choice for shock resistance and airtightness. Coupled with excellent properties such as wear resistance and aging resistance, it has a good texture and a higher grade, which is naturally obtained. Many high-end brands of watches and mobile phone brands are favored by manufacturers, such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Tissot and other well-known brands of watches that use sapphire glass to produce their products. Sapphire glass can be polished and polished into mirrors of different shapes, which requires a customized polishing brush to achieve the desired polishing effect. The main material of this polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory is brass wire and aluminum alloy base. Fix the brass brush wire in the aluminum alloy base with glue. The selection of brush filament material, the amount of glue, the pressure on the brush head, the service life, etc. all have strict parameters. The seemingly simple production process requires technical blessing at every step. This copper wire polishing brush can polish the R corners and arc surfaces of the treated sapphires very meticulously, so that their surface becomes smooth and traceless, with good finish; high yield rate; not easy to shed hair, brushing silk and large amount of glue Matching is the standard used by leading companies in the industry. The product has a long service life. The solid design can save customers 15 times the production materials and 3 times the labor cost, improve production efficiency, and one polishing brush is enough to solve 4 cumbersome processes! The sapphire polishing brush supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is used in the pro...

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  • What Are The Advantages Of The Glass Cover Polishing Brush Roller? AOQUN

    What Are The Advantages Of The Glass Cover Polishing Brush Roller? AOQUN

    September 29,2021.

    The glass front cover is gradually shifting from 2.5D to 3D and 3.5D glass. Especially in the past two years, 3D glass covers have gradually emerged in the market. The material of the back cover of mobile phones has undergone a "plastic-metal-glass" change, and glass has become a mobile phone. Mainstream material. The glass cover polishing brush roller produced by Aoqun has strong adaptability, and it is suitable for the polishing process of 2D, 2.5D, 3D or 3.5D glass cover. The production of glass needs to go through industrial processes such as original sheet cutting, pretreatment (cutting, edge breaking, edging, drilling, washing and drying), silk screen, tempering, etc. The edging (polishing) link plays an important role, and the finished glass Its brightness is closely related to it. When edging, it is often necessary to use glass polishing brush roller. When polishing glass, chemical polishing or chemical polishing can be used to remove defects on the glass surface and improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass product. During the polishing process, it is necessary to introduce the polishing liquid or polishing powder into the glass polishing brush roller and the glass surface, and at the same time give a certain pressure to make the glass peeling and polishing brush roller move relative to each other to form fine polishing of the glass surface. The quality of the glass polishing brush roller and polishing powder can often affect the quality of the finished glass. Choosing a low-quality brush roller with uneven brush roller filaments will not only fail to polish, but may also cause optical distortion of the glass. Glass Polishing Brushes As far as the 3D curved glass cover is concerned, the polishing brush roller occupies a large part of the previous process, and it is a consumable, with a short service life, often only two days. The glass polishing brush roller produced by Aoqun Mao Brush Factory is made of pure materials, and the special-shaped polishing brush roller can be customized according to the actual polishing needs of the cover plate. The glass polishing brush roller brush roller produced by Aoqun brush roller factory has uniform filaments and is not easy to fall off, has good abrasion resistance, has a straight shape and does not shrink in size. If you need to customize various polishing brush rollers, please contact Aoqun customer service with drawings and samples. Aoqun Brush Factory provides one-stop brush roller customization service, quick proofing, and provides customers with fast, convenient and caring service. If you need to customize the glass cover polishing brush roller, please contact Aoqun customer service with drawings and samples.

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