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Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

September 23,2021.

Manual polishing of pipes is not only inefficient, but also the surface roughness of processed products is not uniform. Compared with hand-held polishing, pipe robot polishing machine can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. If you want to better improve the polishing effect, you can use the pipe polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory.

pipe polishing brush

With the development of force control technology, pipeline robot polishing machine can flexibly remove burrs, effectively avoiding various errors such as workpiece damage and positioning. During casting grinding and pipe polishing, the pipe polishing brush fixed on the instrument and the object to be polished can maintain a constant pressure, so that the surface of the object to be polished can be restored smoothly. The tube polishing brush of Aoqun brush manufacturer is made of advanced brush-making equipment, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed. It is especially suitable for polishing the internal welding parts of large pipes to keep the inner wall flat.

The use of Pipe polishing brush for polishing processing can improve processing results, improve product quality, increase production efficiency, speed up programming progress, shorten production cycles, and reduce production costs. If you need to customize your exclusive pipe polishing brush, you can consult Aoqun customer service for customization with drawings and samples.

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