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Why Do We Use Electro Polishing Brush For Polishing Glass?

Why Do We Use Electro Polishing Brush For Polishing Glass?

September 7,2021.

The production of glass needs to go through industrial processes such as original sheet cutting, pretreatment (cutting, edge breaking, edging, drilling, washing and drying), silk screen, tempering, etc. The edging (polishing) link plays an important role, and the finished glass Its brightness is closely related to it. When edging, glass electro polishing brush is often used.

glass polishing brush

Glass Polishing Brush


When polishing glass, chemical polishing or chemical polishing can be used to remove defects on the glass surface and improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass product. During the polishing process, it is necessary to introduce the polishing liquid or polishing powder into the glass electro polishing brush and the glass surface, and at the same time give a certain pressure to make the glass peeling and the polishing brush move relative to each other to form fine polishing of the glass surface. The quality of the glass polishing brush and polishing powder can often affect the quality of the finished glass. Choosing a low-quality polishing brush with uneven filaments will not only fail to polish, but may also cause optical distortion of the glass.


The glass electro polishing brush produced by Aoqun Brush Factory is uniform and not easy to fall off, has good abrasion resistance, has a straight shape and does not shrink in size. If you need to customize various types of polishing brushes, please contact Aoqun customer service with drawings and samples.

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