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  • What Is The Role Of Glass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    What Is The Role Of Glass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    September 28,2021.

    Glass has been widely used in various industries since its inception. As of today in the 5G era, glass has entered our scientific and intelligent life with a higher "posture", occupying an important position in the fields of home entertainment, smart wear, and scientific and technological communications. Take smartphones as an example, 3D glass is an important presence. 3D glass is mostly used as a cover in high-end smart phones, tablets, watches and other products. It has the advantages of anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, hardness, high cleanliness, good light transmission, and thinness, making electronic products have a stylish appearance. , Good touch and user experience is very good. According to data analysis, the demand for 3D mobile phone glass cover in 2020 is close to 2 billion pieces, and 3D glass cover is the general trend of the product. Polishing 3D glass requires a polishing brush. Aoqun Brush Factory can customize polishing brushes of different styles, processes, and materials according to customer needs. Aoqun polishing brushes are used in the production lines of many high-end smart brands and automobile brands, and can be used for car windshields. , The back cover of the watch, the light-sensing hole of the glass cover of the mobile phone, and the camera hole are polished, polished and deburred, etc. A series of treatments, the product quality is good, and the service life is long. After the glass is processed by the 3D curved surface, it is used in the fields of vehicle, decoration, smart watch, medical display, transportation and other services. For customers who need to use 3D glass polishing brushes, Aoqun brush manufacturers can customize suitable glass polishing brushes for you.

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  • What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

    What Are The Materials Of The Glass Polishing Bristle Brush? AOQUN

    September 24,2021.

    Through polishing technology, the roughness of the glass surface can be reduced, and the surface becomes bright and smooth. Commonly used tools for glass polishing include polishing powder, polishing fluid, polishing wheel, polishing bristle brush, etc. I believe everyone knows the first three. Today we will talk about glass polishing brush and some of its commonly used materials. Glass Polishing Brushes There are many types, shapes, and materials of glass polishing bristle brushes, and different polishing bristle brushes are applied to different production processes on the production line. Take the mobile phone screen as an example. There are many processes to produce a screen. In the initial corner polishing and deburring process, the larger and relatively hard sisal material polishing bristle brush may be used, and the screen light hole in the later period. For polishing bristle brushes in other processes, soft nylon materials are used. Therefore, the material of the brush is also determined according to the use environment and product. The commonly used brush filament materials for glass polishing bristle brush include horsehair, chemical fiber, nylon, sisal, copper wire, etc. In different processes of the production process, brushes of different materials are used to polish the glass to achieve the corresponding use effect. Custom glass polishing bristle brush, coming to Aoqun Brush! The polishing bristle brush produced by Aoqun Brush is used in the production lines of multiple smart product companies. The company has strong R&D customization capabilities and good product quality. For more details, please consult Aoqun Brush!

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  • Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

    Flexible Robot Polishing Brush | AOQUN

    September 23,2021.

    Manual polishing of pipes is not only inefficient, but also the surface roughness of processed products is not uniform. Compared with hand-held polishing, pipe robot polishing machine can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. If you want to better improve the polishing effect, you can use the pipe polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory. With the development of force control technology, pipeline robot polishing machine can flexibly remove burrs, effectively avoiding various errors such as workpiece damage and positioning. During casting grinding and pipe polishing, the pipe polishing brush fixed on the instrument and the object to be polished can maintain a constant pressure, so that the surface of the object to be polished can be restored smoothly. The tube polishing brush of Aoqun brush manufacturer is made of advanced brush-making equipment, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed. It is especially suitable for polishing the internal welding parts of large pipes to keep the inner wall flat. The use of Pipe polishing brush for polishing processing can improve processing results, improve product quality, increase production efficiency, speed up programming progress, shorten production cycles, and reduce production costs. If you need to customize your exclusive pipe polishing brush, you can consult Aoqun customer service for customization with drawings and samples.

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  • What Are The Filaments Of The Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    What Are The Filaments Of The Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    September 17,2021.

    Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright and smooth surface. It is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece. Polishing brush is one of the common tools in the processing industry. The material of the polishing brush is determined by the object to be polished. There are too many industries that can use the polishing brush, such as automobile production industry, machine tool CNC mold industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, wood industry, etc., which can polish the surface of the object. , Sanding and deburring. Do you know what are the commonly used brush filament materials for polishing brushes? There are 6 commonly used materials for polishing brushes: nylon wire, abrasive wire, steel wire, copper wire, fiber wire, sisal wire, and pig (bristle) hair. Which material do you use? You can consult Aoqun to recommend suitable filaments and custom polishing brushes according to your application scenarios.

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Solid Brass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    What Are The Characteristics Of Solid Brass Polishing Brush? AOQUN

    September 8,2021.

    Do you know? The back cover of a precious watch needs to be polished by at least 128 crafts? At least 4 of the processes need to use polishing brushes to complete, of which the most commonly used is solid brass polishing brush. Brass Polishing Brush The solid brass polishing brush independently developed by Aoqun Brush Factory uses copper wire with good elasticity and wear resistance as the main body of the brush wire. The rod part is solid aluminum, which is strong and durable. The brush wire is flexible, wear-resistant and resistant to damage. Of copper wire. The brushes are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and can be used with polishing powder and polishing liquid, with strong matching. According to customer feedback from the cooperation, “Aoqun polishing brush is enough to solve the three cumbersome procedures in the past.” Using the solid brass polishing brush provided by Aoqun Brush Factory not only saves labor costs for customers, reduces costs and man-hours, but also improves production efficiency and work efficiency. The copper wire brush can be customized in various styles according to the needs of customers, such as flat, bowl, Y, hollow, etc.

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  • Why Do We Use Electro Polishing Brush For Polishing Glass?

    Why Do We Use Electro Polishing Brush For Polishing Glass?

    September 7,2021.

    The production of glass needs to go through industrial processes such as original sheet cutting, pretreatment (cutting, edge breaking, edging, drilling, washing and drying), silk screen, tempering, etc. The edging (polishing) link plays an important role, and the finished glass Its brightness is closely related to it. When edging, glass electro polishing brush is often used. Glass Polishing Brush   When polishing glass, chemical polishing or chemical polishing can be used to remove defects on the glass surface and improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass product. During the polishing process, it is necessary to introduce the polishing liquid or polishing powder into the glass electro polishing brush and the glass surface, and at the same time give a certain pressure to make the glass peeling and the polishing brush move relative to each other to form fine polishing of the glass surface. The quality of the glass polishing brush and polishing powder can often affect the quality of the finished glass. Choosing a low-quality polishing brush with uneven filaments will not only fail to polish, but may also cause optical distortion of the glass.   The glass electro polishing brush produced by Aoqun Brush Factory is uniform and not easy to fall off, has good abrasion resistance, has a straight shape and does not shrink in size. If you need to customize various types of polishing brushes, please contact Aoqun customer service with drawings and samples.

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