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  • Beer Bottle Cleaning Brush, A Good Way To Save Energy – AOQUN

    Beer Bottle Cleaning Brush, A Good Way To Save Energy – AOQUN


    Do you know how many years it takes for a beer bottle to complete natural degradation? Depending on the thickness of the product and the environment in which it is located, it will take at least four thousand to several million years. In order to save energy, our country began to recycle beer bottles. When cleaning and processing, you need to use Aoqun's beer bottle cleaning brush. The basic components of glass are SiO₂, CaO, Na₂CO₃, silicate and other ingredients. It is a very stable material. Under natural conditions, it can only be decomposed by two methods: biodegradation and photodegradation. In order to protect the earth on which mankind depends and reduce environmental pollution, my country has carried out beer bottle recycling. Among all beer bottles, the recycling rate of beer bottles is relatively large. After beer bottles are recycled, they will rely on mechanical or manual selection of more complete beer bottles. The more intact beer bottles are cleaned by beer bottle cleaning brush before being used. Pasteurization can be used for disinfection before it can be used again. The beer bottle with damaged appearance can only be remade into glass material and then made into a new beer bottle container. The beer bottle cleaning brush customized by Aoqun Brush is suitable for all kinds of beer bottle cleaning. If you need to customize, please contact Aoqun customer service for consultation.

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  • Durable Cleaning Brush For Pellet Stove -AOQUN

    Durable Cleaning Brush For Pellet Stove -AOQUN


    The cleaning brush for pellet stove is a metal and nylon-based brush. Even the bristles of this brush are made of metal wire or nylon wire to adapt to the durability of the pellet stove.   The durable cleaning brush for pellet stove can be used for manual cleaning or used with power tools. The style, shape and filling material of the brush head can be customized to ensure the best brush head surface contact and cleaning effect.   The development of cleaning brush for pellet stove provides a lot of convenience. If you also need such a brush, Guangzhou Aoqun Brush can help you.

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  • Why Will The Best Bottle Cleaning Brush Made Of Sponge Be Eliminated? AOQUN

    Why Will The Best Bottle Cleaning Brush Made Of Sponge Be Eliminated? AOQUN


    Most of the early best bottle cleaning brushes were made of sponges, which were inexpensive and had strong cleaning power. They were once loved by consumers. But in recent years, it has been gradually eliminated from the market. Do you know why? Sponge best bottle cleaning brush is made of petroleum waste, which has strong adsorption and is easy to absorb detergent. Long-term improper cleaning may breed mold. Unique honeycomb structure, tight organization, easy to hide dirt, easy to emit peculiar smell and mildew. In addition, the molecular structure is unstable, easy to turn yellow, the use cycle is not long, and the cost performance is not high. Some unscrupulous manufacturers even use urea-formaldehyde resin and lime powder to process and produce best bottle cleaning brushes in order to make huge profits. Under high temperature conditions, harmful substances that are harmful to human health may be produced. Most of the best bottle cleaning brushes on the market are made of nylon filament or silica gel. These two materials have stable chemical properties, good high temperature resistance, and low requirements for the use environment. Coupled with the characteristics of easy drying and easy cleaning, it is not easy to breed fungi, and the service life is longer than that of sponge best bottle cleaning brush. Aoqun focuses on the development of all kinds of special-shaped nylon filament best bottle cleaning brush. The nylon brushes produced are made of brand-new filaments. There are also food-grade and medical-grade brush filaments for customers to choose, so that customers can use them more assured. If you need to customize the best bottle cleaning brush, please contact Aoqun customer service.

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  • Hot Selling Cleaning Brush For Narrow Spaces - AOQUN

    Hot Selling Cleaning Brush For Narrow Spaces - AOQUN


    Affected by the current COVID-19, a large number of flights in Rwanda have been grounded, and the price of international freight has doubled. Many Rwandan coffee farmers face the dilemma of nowhere to sell during the harvest season and have to ask for help from Chinese e-commerce platforms. With the sound of the countdown, 3000 kilograms of Rwandan coffee beans were instantly robbed. "It's amazing!" Looking back on what had just happened, the coffee farmers who watched the live broadcast still felt incredible. In addition, do you want to know why the cleaning brush for narrow spaces of Aoqun coffee machines are selling well abroad? Aoqun tells you.   The cleaning brush for narrow spaces of Aoqun coffee machine is made of pure materials, which is soft and prevents scratching of the pipe; more choices of coffee machine cleaning brush for narrow spaces. The size meets your needs for cleaning of different machine models. The hot-selling size is 1mm in diameter. -35mm, the total length is 150mm-350mm; the tail end adopts a ring or a handle to meet the requirements of different customers. Moreover, Aoqun's customized double-head coffee machine cleaning brush for narrow spaces is popular among European and American customers.   The prosperous purchasing power of Chinese consumers has given the local coffee farmers a glimpse of the dawn, and "live broadcast of goods" has brought new opportunities for African trade. Aoqun Coffee Machine cleaning brush for narrow spaces is a support for African trade.

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  • Wine Decanter Bottle Brush Manufacturers Love More Than Products And Production -AOQUN

    Wine Decanter Bottle Brush Manufacturers Love More Than Products And Production -AOQUN


    Aoqun's love is not limited to products and production. The wine decanter bottle brush of the Aoqun brush manufacturer is a product that responds to environmental protection. The rise of wine decanter bottle brush has allowed people to choose more recyclable water bottles, decanters, etc., because they know that a wine decanter bottle brush can reduce the use of disposable plastic products. The wine decanter bottle brush of Aoqun wine brush manufacturer uses pig hair. Compared with the plastic nature of nylon, pig hair is a natural bristle, which is easy to degrade and is more environmentally friendly. The pig hair wine decanter bottle brush is not only environmentally friendly, it cleans the test tube thoroughly and can also absorb peculiar smell. Pig hair is a natural material and does not contain any plastic components. It is the first choice for environmentally friendly materials; moreover, pig hair is softer than other plant hairs and will not scratch the inner wall of the test tube. Plastic reduction is an important measure to protect the ecological environment and an urgent need for sustainable development. Aoqun wine decanter bottle brush manufacturers take the initiative to reduce plastics, spur consumers to adjust their consumption habits, play a positive role in reducing plastics, and make positive contributions to protecting the ecological environment.

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  • Cleaning Brush For Laptop Keyboard, Customized By AOQUN Brush Factory

    Cleaning Brush For Laptop Keyboard, Customized By AOQUN Brush Factory


    People who love laptops not only pay attention to the use of the laptop keyboard, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the laptop keyboard.     Some laptop keyboards are prone to dirt after being used, so we should rinse and wipe them with clean water regularly. During the cleaning process, we should choose a cleaning brush with a suitable length and soft wool before cleaning it before storing to protect the laptop. The longevity and normal use of the keyboard.   Aoqun Brush Factory has 20 years of experience in customization and production of cleaning brush for laptop keyboard. It can customize cleaning brush for laptop keyboard with different specifications, styles and functions according to the characteristics of various laptop keyboards. Aoqun cleaning brush for laptop keyboard, your laptop keyboard is indispensable. For more style customization of cleaning brush, please contact Aoqun customer service.

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