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  • AOQUN Let You Know More About The Cleaning Brush For Drills

    AOQUN Let You Know More About The Cleaning Brush For Drills


    Perform polishing, polishing and deburring operations on the camera, light sensing hole, button hole, and glass cover of the mobile phone panel, and customize the production according to the specification and size requirements. The suitable cleaning brush for drills can clean the inner hole burr residual problem with high energy and make the hole The position is smoother and more detailed. The traditional method of cleaning the inner hole burr mainly relies on the brush tube and the channel tube, but both of them are partially deterministic, and are usually only suitable for processing through holes, but not blind holes. There are no bristles on the bottom of the tube brush and the channel brush, which cannot handle the burrs at the bottom of the blind hole. Due to the brush making process, there is a metal protrusion in the middle of the bottom of the cleaning brush for drills, and the protruding metal part is in the polishing process. It is easy to cause damage to the bottom of the workpiece. The cleaning brush for drills produced by Aoqun Brush Industry uses pure nylon filaments with moderate hardness and resistance to friction. It uses advanced German equipment and is made with twisting technology to ensure that the cleaning brush for drills does not fall easily when used. It can be adapted to the production of large-scale industries. Aoqun Brush has been making cleaning brush for drills down-to-earth, constantly improving the existing production technology. The cleaning brush for drills produced is also continuously improved based on customer feedback and opinions, just to let customers buy with confidence and use them comfortably.

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  • AOQUN Teaches You To Clean Wine Bottle With Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush

    AOQUN Teaches You To Clean Wine Bottle With Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush


    No matter what season, we always use wine bottle. The wine bottle will become dirty after a long time, and it will be difficult to clean the inside. Aoqun will teach you how to clean with wine bottle cleaning brush. "Wine bottle cleaning brush" cleaning method:   This cleaning method is really simple, convenient and labor-saving. Cleaning with wine bottle cleaning brush is meticulous, and every gap can be cleaned. The wine bottle cleaning brush can be rotated 360 degrees, and the handle of the bottle cleaning brush is long enough to easily clean the wall and bottom of the cup. Manual cleaning of the cup is very flexible, but it is very tiring. Aoqun's wine bottle cleaning brush has a long service life and is made of nylon and stainless steel. Nylon is soft, wear-resistant, has a long service life, and the chemical properties of stainless steel are relatively stable, and it is not easy to rust, which greatly assists the daily cleaning function. If you want to clean the wine bottle with less effort, you still have to choose Aoqun.

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  • Don't You Hurry Up And Start To Buy Cleaning Brushes For Straws? AOQUN

    Don't You Hurry Up And Start To Buy Cleaning Brushes For Straws? AOQUN


    In January this year, the National Development and Reform Commission stipulated that by the end of 2020, the catering industry across the country will ban the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws. On June 30, McDonald's China announced that from now on, nearly a thousand restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will be the first to stop using plastic straws. Why don't you use cleaning brushes for straws? The plastic straws used daily are small and difficult to be grabbed by the garbage disposer and cannot be recycled and reused. Therefore, most of the plastic straws are thrown into landfills or float on the ocean. At the same time, these toxic and harmful microplastic particles will also accumulate through the food chain, and eventually may enter the human body, threatening human health. Using glass straws, stainless steel straws, titanium straws and other recyclable straws can be reused by simply cleaning them with professional cleaning brushes for straws. The cleaning brushes for straws produced by Aoqun Brushes are made of high-quality food-grade wool, which is safe and non-toxic to use with ease; 304 stainless steel handles are used, which is not rusty and durable; imported advanced German production machines to extend the service life of cleaning brushes for straws. A small step for us, a big step for the world, it is very meaningful to promote recyclable straws instead of non-degradable disposable plastic straws. Come to Aoqun to customize a green and environmentally friendly cleaning brushes for straws!

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  • Is Starbucks' Cat'S Claw Cup Difficult To Clean? Use AOQUN'S Customized Bottle Brush Cleaning Tool

    Is Starbucks' Cat'S Claw Cup Difficult To Clean? Use AOQUN'S Customized Bottle Brush Cleaning Tool


    On February 26, 2019, an Internet celebrity glass called "Cat Claw Cup" by netizens was released, attracting buyers to fight, and once topped the list of hot search entries on Weibo. It has been nearly two years, but some buyers are difficult to clean because of the unique shape of the cat's claw cup. Why not use Aoqun's bottle brush cleaning tool?   The cat's claw cup, which I took so hard to get, can only be full now, which is really regrettable. In fact, not only net celebrity cups are difficult to clean, but also some creative craft cups with unique designs are difficult to clean. If you also want to clean this kind of baby cup, it is better to go to Aoqun to customize a bottle brush cleaning tool.   The bottle brush cleaning tool produced by Aoqun Brush can be customized one-to-one according to the actual situation of the customer. It is made of soft and friction-resistant nylon brush wire and a stainless steel brush body that is not easy to rust. The bottle brush cleaning tool guarantees the cleaning The cup will not be scratched during the process.   If you want to know more about bottle brush cleaning tool customized service, you can contact Aoqun customer service for consultation.

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  • It’S Really Not Easy To Clean The Milk Bottle With Milk Bottle Cleaning Brush – AOQUN

    It’S Really Not Easy To Clean The Milk Bottle With Milk Bottle Cleaning Brush – AOQUN


    Because of the illness, the baby bottle is the "nanny" of the child. Cleaning and disinfecting the baby's bottle is very important. Everyone thinks that it is easy to clean the baby bottle. The fact is that most people do not use the milk bottle cleaning brush to clean the baby bottle. There is no difference between washing and unwashing.   The following are the steps to clean the baby bottle. For the sake of the baby's body, parents are requested to study carefully: 1. Clean the baby bottle promptly After the baby has finished drinking the milk, he should use the milk bottle cleaning brush to clean the milk bottle immediately. First use warm water to clean the remaining milk stains:   2. Use cleaning tools The nipple brush can better clean the nipple and effectively prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Milk bottle cleaning brush can help us clean the bottom and sides of the bottle better and thoroughly. A mild and non-irritating bottle cleaner can better clean residual milk stains on the bottle. 3. Separate the parts of the baby bottle that can be separated before cleaning When cleaning the baby bottle, it is necessary to separate the various parts of the baby bottle for cleaning, including the baby bottle, nipple ring, nipple, gravity ball straw, etc. Because the connection of each part, like the nipple ring and the nipple, the most likely to leave milk stains, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow. 4. After cleaning, let the baby bottle dry thoroughly. After cleaning, rinse each part thoroughly under running water to ensure that the foam residue is rinsed out.   Carefully clean the baby bottle to ensure that the baby is not allowed to "sick through the mouth." The milk bottle cleaning brush made by Aoqun is made of pure nylon wool and 304 stainless steel. The pure nylon wool is soft and wear-resistant and has a long service life. The milk bottle cleaning brush has an excellent cleaning effect.

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  • How Much Do You Know About Cleaning Brushes For Drill? AOQUN

    How Much Do You Know About Cleaning Brushes For Drill? AOQUN


    The cleaning brushes for drill are composed of many neatly arranged and extending thin brush filaments. The brush wire materials include nylon wire, fiber hair, pig bristles, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire and so on. Cleaning brushes for drill belong to the category of polishing, dust removal, rust removal, and cleaning functions.   The structure of the twisted wire cleaning brushes for drill: It is made of two different types of iron wires twisted, long and round, the front part is the hair section, and the rear section is the operating handle. Wool materials include nylon wire, steel wire, copper wire and so on. For special needs, screw and hollow rod are installed on the rear rod part.     Types of cleaning brushes for drill: According to the needs of the hole wall, choose between soft and hard wire.   Aoqun Brush Factory can customize cleaning brushes for drill of various materials, specifications and styles according to customers' requirements. The products comply with SVHC and ROHS environmental protection certification. For more information, please contact Aoqun Brush Factory.

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