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  • Why is the cleaning of solar panels so important?

    Why is the cleaning of solar panels so important?

    July 16,2021.

    With the widespread use of solar panel cleaning brushes and photovoltaic cleaning robots, many people know that photovoltaic equipment needs to be cleaned regularly. Do you know why the cleaning of photovoltaic equipment is so important?   For long-running photovoltaic power generation systems, the impact of panel dust on it should not be underestimated. The dust on the surface of the panel has the function of reflecting, scattering and absorbing solar radiation, which will reduce the transmittance of the sun, resulting in a decrease in the solar radiation received by the panel, and the output power will also decrease. Its effect is proportional to the cumulative thickness of the dust. Rotary Brush Solar Cleaning Brushes   In addition to affecting the solar radiation absorption of the panel, dust also affects the photovoltaic module, which becomes the thermal insulation layer of the module, the service life of the junction box and the solar panel. When the junction box and the battery panel are in a high temperature state for a long time, it is easy to produce a high temperature of more than 100 degrees, and it will cause a short circuit in the serious.   In addition to the impact of dust on photovoltaic equipment, glass panels are also susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion products. In some areas with acidic rainfall, photovoltaic glass panels are easily corroded by rain and form corrosion marks on the surface. The glass panel corroded by rainwater is prone to diffuse reflection, which affects the spread uniformity of solar radiation. Therefore, it is very important to clean the solar panels regularly to reduce losses.

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  • Why Choose To Use A Polishing Brush For Polishing Work? -AOQUN

    Why Choose To Use A Polishing Brush For Polishing Work? -AOQUN

    July 15,2021.

    Inner hole polishing is also called deep hole polishing. It is usually a machining method that reduces the roughness of the inner hole by mechanical, electrochemical, electrical spark and plasma methods, so that the surface of the hole is smooth and flat. Starting from the basis of existing technology and cost, most companies use inner hole polishing twisted wire brushes for polishing work. Aoqun Polishing Brush Why choose to use a polishing rod for polishing work? We usually use electrochemical polishing in our lives, but this method is difficult to operate, quality inspection is relatively troublesome, and it takes more man-hours. If the polishing method of EDM is adopted, although the machining accuracy is high and the polished surface is relatively smooth and flat, it will also consume a relatively long working time. Therefore, most manufacturers adopt the method of mechanical polishing. Mechanical polishing usually customizes the internal hole polishing twisted wire brush of the appropriate size through the twisted wire brush manufacturer, and uses physical methods to perform the work of polishing and deburring, which is welcomed by enterprises. Aoqun twisted wire brush manufacturers have nearly 20 years of experience in brush making, and can tailor the inner hole polished twisted wire brush of the appropriate size for the manufacturer, and adjust the details according to the actual use situation to create a more suitable production twist for your wire brush.

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  • Cleaning Brush With Extension Handle How To Clean – AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush With Extension Handle How To Clean – AOQUN


    Cleaning brush with extension handle generally has two kinds of straight wire and curved wire. Straight wire is suitable for drilling and tufting. There are many brushes, such as plank wire brush, wooden handle wire brush, disc wire brush, etc.; while the application range of curved wire is basically every type of wire brush can be used, especially spring wire brush. The roller has to be curved. How to clean brush with extension handle: 1. Rinse with water. 2.Cleaning brush with handle After cleaning, the brush can be hung up and let the bristles face down to dry. 3.Cleaning brush with handle After cleaning, remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles of the brush strip and loosen the structure of the bristles, leading to hair loss. 4. Air dry naturally, do not dry in the sun, otherwise it may cause the aging of the cleaning brush with handle material. Aoqun can customize cleaning brushes of various specifications according to the needs of customers, and 100% meet the requirements of customers! Aoqun is a cleaning brush expert, who can give you accurate delivery and one-to-one professional after-sales guidance.

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  • Various Glass Bottle Brush Cleaners Produced By AOQUN

    Various Glass Bottle Brush Cleaners Produced By AOQUN


    Produce a wide variety of bottle brush configurations because they are designed to best suit different bottle shapes, especially to ensure the correct size enters the neck of the bottle. Usually linear, some bottle brushes are curved to better adapt to the shape of the bottle. The different types and shapes of bottles used for cleaning by glass bottle brush cleaner include water bottles, baby bottles, thermos bottles, vinegar bottles, narrow neck bottles, coffee cups, bottles, flasks or beakers. The glass bottle brush cleaner is suitable for various industries, including laboratories, pharmaceuticals, housing, food processing, industry, medical, electronics and petrochemicals.   There are two commonly used bristle materials for glass bottle brush cleaners: metal brushes and nylon brushes. Metal bristles are very hard and are used for heavy-duty scrubbing applications, while nylon is more flexible and used for lighter scrubbing applications. Metallic materials used for bristles include stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel, but nylon bristles are more commonly used. Aoqun is the first company in the domestic brush industry to formulate inspection standards for glass bottle brush cleaner products. This standard has been updated to the fourth edition and has become the inspection standard for incoming brush products of leading companies in various industries.

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  • A Good Helper For Cleaning Brush For Hearing Aids – AOQUN

    A Good Helper For Cleaning Brush For Hearing Aids – AOQUN


    We all know that hearing aids in life are easy to block, so they need to be cleaned and dredged regularly. Today, I will introduce you a good helper cleaning brush for hearing aids. The cleaning brush for hearing aids introduced today is made of stainless-steel frame and nylon wool, which is abrasion-resistant and elastic. It is easy to remove some of the cleaning brushes that adhere to the pipes of hearing aids that are difficult to wipe off by stretching repeatedly. The spring frame of the cleaning brush can not only go deep into the pipeline of the hearing aids for cleaning and scrubbing, but also can be easily stored without affecting the future. Aoqun brush factory can customize cleaning brush for hearing aids of various materials, specifications and styles according to customer requirements. The products comply with SVHC and ROHS environmental protection certification. For more product details, please contact Aoqun customer service.

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  • which Bottle Brush Is Best? AOQUN

    which Bottle Brush Is Best? AOQUN


    The bottles are produced in many styles according to the usage and purpose, but there is only one corresponding bottle brush, which bottle brush is best? Only by finding a suitable brush can the cleaning work be better. which bottle brush is best? Aoqun Brush can customize different styles of bottle brushes according to your requirements. The size, length, filament material, diameter, etc. of the brush can be customized.   Only for the treatment of the brush head, Aoqun Brush has developed such treatments as cotton head, flower winding, head dispensing, tip, single winding and fan shape. The exquisite setting of the brush head can take care of every corner of the bottle to ensure clean and no residue. The brush filament can be made of PA material that has passed the US FDA food safety inspection. The produced brushes are flexible, wear-resistant and non-toxic. The handle is made of stainless steel such as 304/316, with a mechanical twist design. The workmanship is meticulous, the brush is neat and tight, and it is not easy to fall off. The stainless steel brush body can also prevent rust, which greatly extends the service life of the cleaning brush.   Which bottle brush is best? Choosing high-quality and suitable bottle brushes can improve cleaning efficiency and save us more precious time. Aoqun can provide you with high-quality and large-volume supply, welcome customers to customize with drawings and samples.

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