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Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

November 29,2021.

Do you know sapphire glass? I believe many people will think of jewelry and natural sapphire. In fact, they are quite different. Sapphire glass is mostly used to make display screens for high-end brand electronic products. The surface becomes smooth and non-marking. The reason is that copper wire polishing brushes are used to polish the surface.  The display screen can have a good visual effect.

Sapphire glass has relatively high processing cost and production process difficulty. It is a material with good wear resistance, and its physical properties and chemical composition are the same as natural sapphire. Sapphire glass has excellent thermal characteristics, electrical characteristics, and dielectric thermal properties. At the same time, it has high hardness, high temperature resistance, infrared penetration, good chemical stability, and is not easy to break. Therefore, it is used in night market infrared and far-infrared sights, night cameras and other instruments and It is fully used in satellite, space technology instrumentation, and high-precision navigation and aviation instruments.

In some of the above sapphire glass applications, we have less contact in daily life, so let's talk about the sapphire glass used in watches. The hardness of sapphire glass is second only to diamond, and it is 3 times that of mineral glass. It is ideal material choice for shock resistance and airtightness.

Coupled with excellent properties such as wear resistance and aging resistance, it has a good texture and a higher grade, which is naturally obtained. Many high-end brands of watches and mobile phone brands are favored by manufacturers, such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Tissot and other well-known brands of watches that use sapphire glass to produce their products.

Sapphire glass can be polished and polished into mirrors of different shapes, which requires a customized polishing brush to achieve the desired polishing effect. The main material of this polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory is brass wire and aluminum alloy base. Fix the brass brush wire in the aluminum alloy base with glue. The selection of brush filament material, the amount of glue, the pressure on the brush head, the service life, etc. all have strict parameters. The seemingly simple production process requires technical blessing at every step.

This copper wire polishing brush can polish the R corners and arc surfaces of the treated sapphires very meticulously, so that their surface becomes smooth and traceless, with good finish; high yield rate; not easy to shed hair, brushing silk and large amount of glue Matching is the standard used by leading companies in the industry. The product has a long service life. The solid design can save customers 15 times the production materials and 3 times the labor cost, improve production efficiency, and one polishing brush is enough to solve 4 cumbersome processes!

The sapphire polishing brush supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is used in the production lines of many well-known high-end watch and electronic screen brands. It has proficient technology, strong productivity and punctual delivery. Aoqun can provide technical solutions and develop customized products according to your company's product usage.

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