• Happy Yuanxiao Festival!

    Happy Yuanxiao Festival!

    February 15,2022.

    Wish You a Happy Yuanxiao Festival!

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  • Aoqun Strip Brush Wholesaler Kick Off The Work!

    Aoqun Strip Brush Wholesaler Kick Off The Work!

    February 10,2022.

    Aoqun Strip Brush Wholesaler Kick Off The Work!

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  • Aoqun Brush Company Wishes 2022 HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL

    Aoqun Brush Company Wishes 2022 HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL

    January 26,2022.

    Aoqun Brush Company Wishes 2022 HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Industrial Brushes?

    What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Industrial Brushes?

    January 25,2022.

    Nylon filament is a commonly used material in industrial brushes. Because of its high stability and plasticity, it is widely used in both industry and daily life. Let's talk about nylon industrial brushes. What features? Why it is commonly used:   First of all, the filament of the PA industrial brush has high softness, which is not easy to scratch the surface of the item, and can also effectively eliminate static electricity in time.   Secondly, the industrial brush is made of nylon, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It will not change its characteristics after being immersed in toluene, butanone and other solvents for a long time. It has stable performance and is especially suitable for long-term use in the plastics and paper industries, especially for the installation of film production and printing production lines. PA Flexible Nylon Strip Brush   Furthermore, nylon industrial brushes have the properties of fire resistance and high temperature resistance when appropriate flame retardants are added to them. The above are some of the characteristics of nylon industrial brushes. Aoqun Brush Industry is a company that focuses on A large-scale enterprise producing nylon industrial brushes can customize nylon brushes with various specifications and functions according to your needs.

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  • Several Common Processes Of Industrial Brushes

    Several Common Processes Of Industrial Brushes

    January 20,2022.

    Industry is an important part of the secondary industry and is closely related to our lives. Many industrial instruments are inseparable from industrial brushes, which have many functions, such as grinding, polishing, cleaning, sealing, etc. The filament material of the brush determines its function. Let's talk about several brush-making processes commonly used in industrial brushes. In the process of industrial brushes, the horse nail machine hair planting process is relatively widely used. It is a traditional brush-making process that has been popular for a long time. After the surface of the brush roller or brush plate is punched, the hair planting machine is used to press the hair. The set amount is implanted in the brush roll or brush plate. Industrial brushes with a winding process, their main uses can be summarized as grinding, polishing and cleaning. Due to the application requirements of the industry, some filaments with strong hardness and flexibility are generally selected. The industrial brush of the clipping process is produced by rolling and clamping the base, the fastening wire and the brush wire. Strip brush, brush strip are its other names. Due to the good tensile strength of the brushes of this process, the filaments are not easy to fall off, so people who need industrial brushes with good sealing properties generally choose products of this process, such as window and door bottom sealing, escalator protection The door body of the clip and rail transit will use the process brush of the clip technology for energy saving and heat insulation. Spring industrial brush with high density and strong fastness. During manufacture, the brush bristles are pressed into an aluminum strip or stainless steel strip by a strip brush device to make strip brushes, which are then wrapped around the rollers, and the two ends are welded by sub-pot welding. In some special industrial production, It is also necessary to make a spring brush with a certain gap, because special effects such as dust removal must be considered. Spring Industrial Brushes Twisted wire industrial brush: The brush wire is evenly arranged in the middle of two 0.5-2mm iron wires, one end is clamped, and the other end is twisted and formed by the output force of the motor, and trimmed to the standard size by the shearing machine. The hydraulic pipe is made by brushing this process. Twisted Wire Industrial Brushes The craftsmanship of industrial brushes is far more than the ones listed above. You can learn more knowledge by browsing our official website news page. Aoqun Brush Company is the only brush manufacturer in the Chinese industry that has developed strip brushes, twisted wire brushes and flocking brushes. Standards and inspection standards, and all our industrial brush products are strictly produced according to these standards.

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  • How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    How To Inspect The Large Batch Of Strip Brushes?

    January 18,2022.

    Do you have big questions about how to choose a brush strip? The experienced Aoqun brush master will tell you, pay attention to the following points: 1. Of course, the first thing to look at is the tension. If the brush strip is not fastened, can it still achieve the effect you want? Usually, the standard we use is that when the bottom width of the brush strip is greater than 4mm, if its length is in the interval of 10mm, its cluster tension is greater than 10kg; 2. Check the brush bar for light leakage. Here, you can basically see whether light leaks by observing whether its density is consistent. Especially the brush strips with inconsistent density, the thickness is uneven, and the thin position is easy to leak light. This directly affects seal cleanliness or the effect you want. 3. Check whether the base of the brush strip is rusted. Check whether there are rust spots on the surface of the metal base, and whether the rubber base has obvious aging, cracking, or loss of elasticity, otherwise it is prone to bursting. 4. Check whether the protective surface is in good condition. The base of the brush strip is usually galvanized or electroplated, which can protect the base from rusting. At this time, we need to check the base of the brush strip to see if the overall color is consistent, smooth, without color blocks, and without peeling layers. 5. Check whether the connection position is loose or cannot be installed. Generally, the looseness after installation is because the tolerance of the brush strip is too large, resulting in large differences in the parameters such as length and height of the batch, resulting in looseness or direct failure to install. The above 5 points can help you quickly choose high-quality brush strips. Aoqun Brush Industry has 11 years of experience in customizing high-quality and large-scale brush strips; it has won 15 nationally recognized brush patents, and has passed more than 30 EU certifications ; The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 quality system management requirements of the safety production standardization double certification enterprise.

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