• What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Vacuum Cleaner Soft Velvet Roller Brush?

    What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Vacuum Cleaner Soft Velvet Roller Brush?

    December 15,2021.

    Since 2012, the retail scale of my country's vacuum cleaner market has generally been increasing, and the popularity of vacuum cleaners has gradually increased, entering thousands of households. According to the different requirements of the cleaning scene, the more commonly used vacuum cleaner brush heads include soft velvet roller brush and tufted roller brush. Soft Velvet Rolling Brush When the vacuum cleaner is working, under the action of the pressure difference, it can achieve the purpose of sweeping dust and cleaning, which saves time and effort. Because vacuum cleaners are used more frequently and have a wider range of cleaning, the requirements for the brush head of the vacuum cleaner are also higher. Most of the soft velvet roller brushes produced by Aoqun Brush are made of PET and PA pure filaments. These two brush filaments have strong wear resistance and recovery. They can quickly restore the original mechanical properties after repeated use. The service life is extended to a large extent. While ensuring the purity of the brush filaments, each batch of soft velvet roller brushes produced by the Aoqun Brush Factory has a special person to conduct a tensile test on it to ensure that the subsequent use will not easily shed hair. The brush base also needs to go through a special quality inspection to meet the requirements of the base vacuum cleaner's slot, and the installation is natural and smooth, so as to ensure that it will not fall off and move out during use. Aoqun Brush Factory concentrates on the research and development of soft velvet roller brushes, and continuously develops more matching brush products according to the customer's use environment. Welcome to contact the Aoqun Brush Company client manager for more details on brush products.

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  • Do You Know The Working Principle Of A Vacuum Cleaner?

    Do You Know The Working Principle Of A Vacuum Cleaner?

    December 13,2021.

    Common vacuum cleaners are mainly portable, horizontal and vertical. It has been integrated into various fields such as shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and families, and is widely used. Do you know how the vacuum cleaner works? Do you know the accessories vacuum cleaner brushes inside? The vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of three parts: dust collection, dust collection, and dust filtration. And his working principle can be briefly summarized as follows: The motor drives the rotation at high speed, so that the internal instantaneous vacuum and the outside atmospheric pressure form a negative pressure difference. Under such action, dust-containing air is sucked in, and the dust is left in the filter through the dust filter. In the device, the air becomes clean after being purified by the filter. The greater the negative pressure difference in the vacuum cleaner, the greater the air volume and the greater the dust collection capacity. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner brush is also very particular. In order to remove different items, the material, shape and even material of the vacuum cleaner brush are specially designed. Vacuum cleaner brushes with unsuitable specifications are difficult to travel with a negative pressure difference, and the vacuuming effect is not ideal; and unsuitable materials can cause damage to the carpet and floor, so it is necessary to customize the vacuum cleaner brush. Common vacuum cleaner suction heads are round, flat and square; the craftsmanship includes clip hair, clip hair punching and planting, weaving bottom gluing, etc.; commonly used materials are nylon, PBT, horse hair, polypropylene, etc., which are used in different environments The requirements will also vary.

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  • What Should I Pay Attention To When Using A Smart Vacuum Cleaner?

    What Should I Pay Attention To When Using A Smart Vacuum Cleaner?

    December 9,2021.

    Smart sweepers and vacuum cleaners may not be loved by everyone, but they are at least a "good helper" for most office workers who are busy with work and do not have time to take care of housework. The vacuum cleaner brush is a consumable product, and the quality of its brush filament can prolong the service life of the product. What kind of vacuum cleaner brush You would definitely say it's nylon. That's right, nylon material is indeed wear-resistant, resistant to damage and not easy to deform. It can rebound instantly after bending and has good flexibility. Therefore, the price of nylon brushes is relatively high. I recommend a good alternative material for you today, it is PBT. Vacuum Brush Roller The performance of the PBT vacuum cleaner brush is similar to that of nylon, with little difference, good stability, and relatively low price. Its product quality and service life are also guaranteed. Therefore, the cost-effective PBT material is also favored by many manufacturers. Favor. If you need to customize the vacuum cleaner brush products made of PBT or other materials, please contact Aoqun Brush Factory. Aoqun Brush Factory can customize products that meet the requirements of use according to your drawings and physical samples. We look forward to your inquiry.

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  • What Is The Function Of The Soft Velvet Roller Brush Head?

    What Is The Function Of The Soft Velvet Roller Brush Head?

    December 7,2021.

    Urban people rush to work and study almost every day, and the pace keeps accelerating. The emergence of smart products such as vacuum cleaners and sweepers can be said to have helped many office workers solve their home cleaning problems. Today we talk about the soft velvet roller brush head of the vacuum cleaner.   Soft Rolling Brush The soft velvet roller brush head is very popular in the Chinese market. It fits the elements of Chinese household wood floors and ceramic tiles. It can absorb larger dust and fine dust. The soft velvet material covered by the suction head can also buffer the drag on the hard wood floor. Wear. The dust, dander and various allergens on the carpet are all hidden under the strong suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The soft velvet roller brush head can efficiently clean the hard floor. It is cleaner while sucking and wiping, and it is not easy to entangle the hair.   The soft velvet roller brush head customized and supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is produced using the new 3.0 flocking technology. The bristles are distributed with high density and uniformity. The bristles are fastened, durable and wear-resistant, and have good resilience and adaptability. Well, it can basically meet the cleaning needs of many families. For more product information, please consult Aoqun Brush Factory. Aoqun can customize and produce soft velvet roller brush heads of various materials and specifications according to the style of your vacuum cleaner.

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  • What Are The Brush Heads Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

    What Are The Brush Heads Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

    December 6,2021.

    Today's vacuum cleaners are very powerful. They are not limited to cleaning the ground. They can also clean walls, sheets, curtains, small household appliances, etc., which are very practical. But the vacuum cleaner wants to clean so many places, usually it needs to replace the special brush head. So what types of vacuum cleaner strip brush heads are there? Vaccum Brush Head 1. Sweeping brush head The dust-sweeping brush head is made of some long and soft bristles, which is suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, etc., and the effect is very good. 2. Pet brush head Pet brush head is a kind of comb hair specially used to clean pet hair. This kind of brush head can easily and quickly clean up all the methods of buying on the ground bed without leaving a trace, and it is also very easy to clean. 3. Round brush head The round brush head is also called the small suction nozzle. It can do 360* rotation, which is convenient for cleaning furniture, fine mesh fabrics, etc., and is very flexible. 4. Mite removal brush head The mite removing brush head is a brush head that can effectively remove the mites covered by the bed sheets. When our bedding is used for a long time, some mites will definitely appear, so the mite removing brush head is still very useful. 5. Flat nozzle brush head The flat nozzle brush head, also known as the gap nozzle, is a slender, flat hard nozzle. Especially suitable for cleaning walls, radiant heaters, corners and shallow and narrow places. The above are the types of vacuum cleaner brush heads that I have shared for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. Aoqun is a high-tech enterprise specializing in making brushes. Since its establishment, the company has been guided by customer needs and customized various types of vacuum cleaner brush heads according to customer requirements.

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  • The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    December 2,2021.

    As we all know, there is no tight seal between the safety door and the door frame, which will cause air leakage and poor sound insulation. In winter, when the cold wind blows into the house through the door gap, the indoor temperature will drop; in the house, we will hear noisy noises from outside the corridor, or the sound of talking inside the house will spread to the outside of the house, which will make our lives. affected. What method can be adopted to manually solve the problem of poor sealing of the safety door gap? The following editor will introduce you a simple and cost-saving method. Strip Brush Seal Steps: 1. Find the door gap and measure the gap size: find the gap between the door frame and the security door, measure the size of the door gap, and select the appropriate brush strip to provide accurate size data. 2. Choose and buy a suitable brush strip: The appropriate brush should be selected according to the size of the gap. 3. Wipe clean the place where the brush is to be pasted: If there is dust or moisture in the pasting part, it will greatly affect the pasting effect. Use a clean towel to wipe clean the area where the brush strip will be attached. 4. Paste the brush strips: stick the wool strips to the corresponding position that has been wiped clean. At this moment, you can't use too much force and air pressure to avoid correcting it when it is not properly pasted. 5. Close the door to check: After pasting, close the safety door to check the effect after pasting. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re-adjusted. If there is no problem after the test, the brush strip can be pressed firmly. 6. Finish the adjustment: You can close the entire safety door and have a look, at this time all the gaps have been tightly sealed, which can play an excellent sound insulation and wind shielding effect. Matters needing attention: When buying top size specifications, you need to consult the seller first to prevent the top from being too short or too long, which will affect the sealing effect. When sticking the wool top for the first time, stick the test effect in a local position first to prevent it from not conforming after sticking a large area. There are always harmful insects coming in at home. I bought insecticides and it is hard to guard against. There is still a lot of dust in the house every day. The continuous noise from the outside seriously affects our sleep. In winter, the cold wind roars in. What should I do? Woolen cloth? Recommend the use of multifunctional door bottom sealing brush strips! The role of the door bottom sealing strip is dustproof, cold, soundproof, anti-collision, insect-proof and waterproof. It has a wide range of functions and is used in various door bottom gaps. The sealed brush strip independently developed by the high-quality merchant Aoqun Brush Industry has no leakage at the top of the peak, no unevenness, no difference in length, so as to be more effective in preventing dust, insects, sound, ...

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