• Characteristics Of Sectional Garage Door Sealing Brush

    Characteristics Of Sectional Garage Door Sealing Brush

    March 21,2023.

    Sectional garage doors are a preferred option for many families. The reason is that the sectional garage door has a strong variability, and the length and width of the garage door and the number of plates can be changed according to the needs of customers. There are inevitably gaps in the installation of sectional garage doors, so you can use a sectional door top sealing brush to solve this ubiquitous problem. When installing sealing brushes on the top, sides, and bottom of the door, it perfectly solves the problem of dust, insects, smoke, and heavy rain entering the garage. Features of AOQUN sealing brush: 1. Protect against wind and dust, and maintain room temperature. 2. The brush wire has good elasticity, strong flexibility, and is not easy to deform, with a flame retardant effect. 3. Equipped with metal aluminum accessories, it is tightly sealed to prevent rodents from damaging the garage. 4. Reliable quality, available for 4-5 years

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  • Uses Of Industrial Strip Brushes

    Uses Of Industrial Strip Brushes

    March 20,2023.

    Sealed steel wire brush strip is a new type of cleaning tool. This new type of brush is mainly used in industrial production and can be used for machine cleaning. It is mainly used to clean the dust inside the machine, polish the surface, etc. It can be used according to its own The materials are divided into different types.   Silicon carbide grinding brush stick, this material is mainly used in steel mills or hardware factories, you can use several sealed steel wires to completely remove the rust spots on the surface, and you can also use it for casting processing, one-time casting Surface deburring is used for polishing casting, and it can also polish steel strips, aluminum strips and copper strips, so that the surface of the product has a mirror effect.   Wire brushes are mainly used in stone factories to polish marble, granite, etc., to smooth the rough stone surface. Nylon brush is a relatively widely used industrial brush series. It is mainly used for industrial washing of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packaged after cleaning. Because the toughness of nylon brushes is not very good, people usually need to pay attention to the maintenance of nylon brushes. But don't wash too hard with nylon brushes.

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  • Where Is The Door Seal Brush Strip Suitable?

    Where Is The Door Seal Brush Strip Suitable?

    March 17,2023.

    The door seal brush is meant to separate the inside of the door from the outside of the door, keeping insects and dust out. Of course, there is also the function of cleaning the dust on the ground and maintaining the room temperature. Usually can be installed on residential doors, commercial garage doors, sliding doors, hotel revolving doors. Generally installed in these locations: 1. Door top 2. Bottom of the door 3. Both sides of the door

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  • The Installation Position Of Sealing Brushes For Various Garage Doors

    The Installation Position Of Sealing Brushes For Various Garage Doors

    March 16,2023.

    Many people feel overwhelmed by the installation of garage door sealers. In fact, there are 6 common types of garage doors, which are sectional, roll-up, side-sliding, side-hinged, and upward-sloping canopy. and retractable garage doors that tilt upward. We must understand these garage door workflows or how they work in order to have a good understanding of where the garage door seal brushes are installed. The sectional garage door is the most popular type of sectional garage door in the United States, and it is made up of multi-fast panels. The panels are in close contact, so there will be no gaps between the panels. It is generally recommended to install a sectional top of the garage door, door side seals, and door bottom. Determine the length of the sealing brush according to the length and width of your own garage. Generally, you need 5 to 6 garage door sealing brush strips, which can not only ensure the beautiful appearance of the garage but also protect the car from being covered by ash. Rolling shutter doors are mostly used in commercial garage doors and are generally seen in repair garages. This kind of door saves the position of the ceiling. Like its name, the working mode of the rolling shutter door is to roll up the iron sheet and hang it on the top of the door. Therefore, the rolling door is also installed with a sealing brush on the top, and on both sides and bottom of the door. The sealing brush not only plays the role of sealing and blocking dust but also can clean the dust. Slide to the Side Garage Doors is a simple and flexible way to slide to the side of the garage and parallel to the wall. The bottom of the door is in close contact with the bottom surface, so it is recommended to install the garage door sealing brush strip on the top and both sides of the door. Side-Hinged Garage Doors is an old-fashioned garage door, which is similar to the doors we usually have at home. There are two symmetrical wooden doors. The working mode is push-pull. Generally, the garage door sealing brush strip can be installed on the upper and lower parts of the door. Yes, two gaps closed in the middle of the door can be installed if necessary. The working modes of Tilt-Up/Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors and Tilt-Up/Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors are not much different, but the installation positions are opposite. The former is installed facing outwards, while the latter is installed facing inwards. A garage door sealing brush strip is to be installed on the top, sides, and bottom of the door.

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  • How Do Garage Door Seal Brushes Work?

    How Do Garage Door Seal Brushes Work?

    March 15,2023.

    If you want to know how the garage door seal brush strip works, you need to start with the structure of the garage door brush. The garage door seal brush strip is a kind of strip brush, which is composed of nylon wire, metal base, and fastening wire. Generally, it should be installed and used with aluminum strips of different angles.   Tens of thousands of nylon filaments are regularly arranged on a plane. The tightly interlaced nylon filaments are connected together to block fine dust. There will be very small gaps between the filaments to allow air to circulate, ensuring air exchange. The garage door sealing brush has a good dust-proof effect and can ensure the circulation of air. This is the biggest advantage of the garage door sealing brush, and it has been used for many years.   Each of AOQUN's garage door sealing brushes has passed the tensile test, and will not shed hair during use, and keep them neatly arranged and not easily deformed.

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  • Four Common Industrial Brushes

    Four Common Industrial Brushes

    March 14,2023.

    From the perspective of making industrial brushes, there are several types of brush rollers:   1. Spring brushes. In terms of the manufacturing process, the industrial brushes and brush rollers adopt a new brush roller manufacturing method imported from abroad, which solves the difficulties of strong firmness and high precision.   2. The brush roller can be manufactured on a flat plate. The brushes produced by this method have high precision, but the cost is relatively high; the main thing is to arrange the brush wires first, and then put them into a special mold. The steel plate is punched into pieces of brush wheels, and then the brush wheels are strung together and fixed on the roller shaft to form an industrial brush wheel.   3. Horse nailing machine brush roller, which is also the most traditional production method, is to punch holes on the surface of the brush roller or brush plate, and then use a machine to implant the bristles into the holes that were previously punched; and this method produces Advanced industrial brushes and brush rollers are also widely used.   4. The injection-molded brush is used. The biggest advantage of this production process is that the bristles have a high binding force because its brush filaments are integrated with the brush plate; this production method is to put the brush filaments into a special In the mold, and then injection molding to integrates the brush wire and the brush plate; now the industry that uses this kind of brush more is the sanitation brush of the sanitation industry.

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