• Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panel?

    Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panel?

    May 7,2022.

    Many owners who have installed solar panels on their building do not give much attention to cleaning the panels. Panels that are not cleaned often will see a reduction on its performance.  it will reduce the performance of the system. As such, it is very important to schedule periodical cleaning if you want maximum results. Why Clean Solar Panels? Do read on if you want to know why the solar panels need to be cleaned regularly: 1. Improving Efficiency When sunlight hits the solar panels, the solar technologies will then convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels.  The generated electricity flows to the edge of the panel and into a conductive wire that brings it into the inverter and transformed to AC that is used to power buildings.  The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate and this increases their overall efficiency. The best way to ensure that the solar panels perform its best is to have regular cleaning using solar photovoltaic panel cleaning brushes. 2. Increases durability The environment is filled with sand, dust particles and debris that will eventually build up on the solar panels. Without regular cleaning, these particle pollutions may contribute to wear and tear. After some time, the panel’s efficiency will decrease and this may result in the equipment failing a lot sooner than you think. 3. Warranty Some solar panel manufacturers and installation companies cite regular cleaning as one of the warranty conditions in their agreement. So, if there is no proof of regular cleaning, the solar panels may not be covered by warranty should malfunction occurs. Therefore, it is recommended that regular cleaning be carried out if you want to be safe. 4. Visually appealing Would you want a dirt-covered, old looking panel on the rooftop of your building? Taking good care of the solar panels with regular cleaning and proper maintenance will make your building look more appealing to everyone. 5. Return on investment Many people invest a great deal of money to install solar panels on their buildings.  Therefore, they would want to ensure that they get the best value for their money or return on investment as soon as possible. Cleaning the panels improves their efficiency to produce the maximum electricity and most importantly, cuts your energy bill and saves you more money in the long run. How To Clean Solar Panels? The ideal time to clean the solar panels is in the early morning or evening. It is essential to use the right cleaning equipment and it is recommended panel cleaning brushes are used to make the cleaning process easier and more convenient.  Before you start to spray water on your solar panels, the first step is to brush off any loose debris or dirt from the solar panels.  Then spray the panels to wet them and followed by scrubbing the panels with the brush. A good solar panel cleaning brush such as the non-scratch reusable solar panel cleaning...

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  • What Industrial Brush Filaments Can Brush Manufacturers Provide?

    What Industrial Brush Filaments Can Brush Manufacturers Provide?

    April 28,2022.

    Industrial brushes are made of bristles that are mounted on a holding piece. These brushes are specially designed to help with industrial and commercial debris removal and cleaning.The brush function depends on the composition and shape of the brush and the holder. The industrial brushes have many applications such as glass polishing, conveyor and blanket cleaning and many more. They are usually used in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, textile processing and metal finish circuit board production. With so many options available in the market, choosing the right brush filament can seem a little daunting. Well, no worries.  Ahead is a list of different brush filament options to help you find the best one that fits your needs. Abrasive Filament Industrial Brush Filaments of abrasive nylon brushes are composed of commonly used aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and silicate.  Such brushes produce highly repeatable results and require minimal effort for the preparation of the edge of cutting tools. Manufacturers that need to apply edge prep technology to their products will enjoy labor savings. Natural Filament Industrial Brush Industrial brushes consist of filaments that are made using natural fibers such as animal hair and plant-based materials.  Natural fibers are known for their durability, high heat resistance and acid resistance.  Therefore, brush filaments made with natural fiber are a more appealing option for a wide range of uses. Synthetic Filament Industrial Brush Synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene and aluminum oxide offer a wide range of benefits. They are highly durable, soft and resistant to chemicals.  Industrial brushes made with synthetic materials are more readily available and cost-effective. Metal Filament Industrial Brush Metal filament industrial brushes are made from materials such as brass, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel. These brushes also offer advantages such as durability, resistance, corrosionand electrical conductivity. Metal filaments are usually found in brushes that are used in cleaning and deburring applications. To know more information on the different types of industrial brush filaments, you can head over to AOQUN BRUSH, a leading industry provider of brushes. AOQUN BRUSH is committed to offering high quality brushes for a wide range of industrial applications.  Known for crafting industrial quality and long-lasting filaments, this brush expert company uses state-of-the-art technology and expertise to satisfy all your brush requirements.

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  • How To Easily Clean Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

    How To Easily Clean Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

    April 20,2022.

    As there is a mounting concern across the globe to protect the environment, many countries have been or are open to the idea of installing solar panels in their areas to generate their own electricity. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV) harness the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells and then convert it into electricity. They are a great way to reduce energy costs and also the dependence on fossil fuel which in turn, reduces the environmental impact of the house. Solar Photovoltaic Panel Do you know that the solar panel can still draw energy even on a cloudy day? Of course, more solar energy can be produced on a sunny day but even on a cloudy day, it can produce around 10 to 20 percent of the power generated on a usual sunny day. Solar panels are installed on rooftops between layers of semiconducting material such as silicon. When the sunlight shines on them, the electrons will create a flow of electricity. If you have installed solar panels in your home, you would need to keep them clean. In order to generate more power, more light has to hit a panel. The angle of the solar panels on the roof makes them more prone to dust, dirt, leaves, and not to mention birds droppings. All these build-ups cannot be washed off by rainwater and may reduce the amount of light hitting on the panel. This will have an adverse impact on the performance of the solar panels. It is important to clean the solar panels so that they can improve their efficiency and produce maximum electricity. Solar Panel Photovoltaic Cleaning Brush What Is A Solar Panel Cleaning Rotating Brush? Made with soft nylon filament, this brush features a stainless steel base and fastening wire that are wound on the central axis. The rotating solar panel brush is attached to a pressure washer to power it. This can save a huge amount of time in the cleaning process and also clean the panels effectively compared to the traditional fixed brushes. The longer the brush diameter, the more areas it can clean in one go. Besides solar panels, this specially designed rotating brush can be mounted onto the cleaning machine to clean exterior walls, billboards and glass roofs, and more. The size of the brush can be customized according to your requirements. Solar Panel Cleaning Rotary Brushes How To Clean The Solar Panels? For the power plant, it is vital that you wash the panels with care. You do not want to scratch them with an abrasive sponge or strong chemicals. The best way to clean the panels is to approach them the same way you would clean your car. You can purchase good-quality solar photovoltaic panel cleaning brushes from AOQUN, a leading large-scale brush manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in brush production. One of the best brushes for cleaning solar panels is the Reusable Cleaning Rotating Brush. For the best solar panel cleaning brushes that will help you to improve quality and productivity, head over to Aoqun Brush Factory .

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  • Aoqun Brush Company Fight Against The COVID-19

    Aoqun Brush Company Fight Against The COVID-19

    April 13,2022.

    On April 10, "Guangzhou COVID-19 Epidemic" and "Guangzhou Bringing Stars" appeared on Weibo's hot search. In the face of this sudden COVID-19 epidemic, Guangzhou has been working hard to "race" against the epidemic: quickly organize nucleic acid for all employees , Guarantee living materials, and promote the construction of makeshift hospitals... In order to ensure normal production, Aoqun strictly implements the spirit of the document of the government's prevention and control headquarters, and has taken many prevention and control measures during the epidemic. All employees must wear masks, hold a green health code and travel code, and can only enter the factory after measuring their normal body temperature. Disinfection work is carried out on the internal workplace of the company every day. Protect the health of all employees and guard the line of defense against the epidemic. Please Our customers rest assured that our factory is working normally and has not been affected by the epidemic. The brushes can be produced in large quantities, and the quality is guaranteed. Customers are welcome to contact customer service for consultation.

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  • Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    April 7,2022.

    It has been half a year since the opening of Guangzhou Metro Line 18. The first train of Line 22 officially departed at 6 o'clock today. This is the second high-speed rail transit in Guangzhou with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, also known as the sister line of Line 18. It is also equipped with the "strongest brain" to realize fully automatic operation system functions. The train can automatically complete departure, operation, door opening, and closing operations, automatic alignment, automatic alignment and isolation of platform doors and vehicle doors, and automatic car washing without driver operation. , automatic line transfer and other functions. The appearance of Line 22 is different from other subways. The appearance uses a streamlined "flying wing" shape, a carbon fiber hood, an integrated outer windshield, the main color of "amber" gold, and a vibrant orange belt. The interior innovatively introduces a healthy lighting system. The color temperature of the light varies with the season in three units. In the design process, taking into account the characteristics of the city express line, the middle car is equipped with 4 pairs of double-opening sliding doors with large openings, so that passengers can get on and off quickly. Adopting a horizontal and vertical combination of seats that is different from ordinary subways, the passenger capacity is 20% more than that of high-speed trains. The subway adopts a fully sealed equipment cabin design, which can effectively isolate external noise. You can pay attention to the joints on the car or the screen doors of the platform are equipped with sealing brushes, and the sealing brushes can effectively block dust and foreign objects and can achieve noise reduction, wind shielding, energy-saving, sealing, and other effects. The filament of the brush is made of nylon filament with high flexibility, strong recovery, elasticity, and good wear resistance, which conforms to the technical standards of the European Union and has a flame retardant effect. The flame retardant effect is close to the UL94-V0 level, it can also be sealed and waterproof, and it also plays the role of beautiful decoration. Last time, we provided screen door sealing brushes, escalator brushes and sidewalk escalator brushes for the whole line of Line 18. Aoqun once again provided sealing brushes for Guangzhou Metro Line 22, and its wear resistance is very good. The industry is exquisite, the brush will not lose hair and deform after 1 million high-speed friction, the filaments are tight, and the performance is intact. The service life of the brush can be as long as 10 years. As an R&D and design team with 17 years of senior industry experience, AoqunBrush has 20 years of industry experience, more than 30 EU and industry certifications, and business in more than 50 countries and regions. Treating products to ensure ingenious manufacturing and worry-free quality. According to the needs of customers, we can provide suitable a...

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Horsehair Brushes?

    What Are The Characteristics Of Horsehair Brushes?

    March 22,2022.

    Brushes made of processed horsehair are called horsehair brushes. Since yak hair is similar in quality to horse hair, brushes made of yak hair are also collectively called horse hair brushes.   There are mainly the following types of horsehair brushes: horsehair can be used to make polishing wheels, horsehair cleaning brushes, horsehair makeup brushes, horsehair strip brush rollers, etc.   The application effect of the horsehair brush roller is better than that of the ordinary brush roller. It belongs to the secondary development of the brush roller. The horsehair brush roller is more prominent than the ordinary brush roller in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is usually used to treat Surface polishing, waxing and glaze sealing of leather, floor, furniture, etc.   The main features of the horsehair brush are that the bristles of the horsehair tail are soft, antistatic, highly absorbent, and have a good cleaning effect.   Main material made: The main material is the processed horsehair and yak hair. The horsehair is soft and will not become warm due to the weather cooling, and the horsehair is resistant to alkali corrosion.   Horsehair brushes and Horsehair brush roller main purpose: Horsehair brushes are mainly used for civil and industrial purposes. Wide range of civil uses. It is mostly used for painting, cleaning, and daily life brushes. Horsehair brushes are mostly used for surface treatment and polishing in industry. Because horsehair has the characteristics of softness, corrosion resistance and no damage to the working surface, horsehair brushes are also mostly used for dust removal and oil removal of cutting-edge instruments. Most of the raw materials for horsehair come from Outer Mongolia, Northeast China. Horse hair can be divided into: horse hair, horse body hair, horse tail, horse hoof hair, etc.

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