• Two Common Industrial Brushes

    Two Common Industrial Brushes

    April 13,2023.

    Polishing brush is applied in factory work to polish the surface of the product. Often because of polishing, when working in industrial areas, a lot of dust will be raised around, and industrial strip brushes are needed to prevent dust.   For industrial polishing brushes, its main function is to polish and remove thorns on the surface of the polished product. The brush filaments of this polishing brush should be determined according to the material of the polished product. If the material of the polished product is If the steel plate is very hard, then the brush wire selected by the polishing brush should be bronze wire with very strong hardness. Using A good steel wire is good.   For industrial dust-proof strip brushes, its main use is to install at the entrance and exit of some parts of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows, etc., to prevent dust from entering and affecting the production quality of industrial products, so The dust-proof brush has high requirements for the brush wire. The dust-proof brush needs to have very good toughness, and the surface of the dust-proof brush must be very smooth, and it must also have antistatic ability, so as to make it very clean. Dustproof effect.   AOQUN's industrial strip brushes are widely used. According to the usage scenarios, choose the appropriate material, and we will give you professional advice.

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  • The Use Of Industrial Polishing Brushes

    The Use Of Industrial Polishing Brushes

    April 12,2023.

    When talking about brushes, many people know that the probability of brushes appearing in life is very high, but general brushes are different from industrial brushes. On the basis of ordinary brushes, materials are mixed Then according to the different materials and the scope of use, the brush has different models and uses. The most widely used material is nylon, which is mainly used for cleaning before packaging of industrial and agricultural chemical products.   The industrial polishing brush made of steel wire is generally used in the ore industry because of its relatively high hardness, especially for polishing and grinding hard materials such as marble, ceramic tiles, and granite, so that the stone becomes smoother. Meticulous, removes surface bumps and textures. Compared with the brush made of steel wire, the one with a slightly lower hardness is the brush made of emery abrasive wire. This kind of abrasive wire polishing brush is generally used in the hardware industry or the steel smelting industry. The treatment of rust stains, grinding the rough edges just cut, and polishing and mirror-finishing the hardware materials are all commonly used in the industry.   The relatively soft industrial brushes may be nylon filaments. This kind of brushes are generally industries with relatively high process requirements, and certain requirements are also required on the material. The elasticity must be good, and the requirements for wear are also high It is relatively high, and it also has certain requirements for temperature. It is generally used in the brush plate of CNC punching machines, especially for some relatively hard and thick fabrics. When pressing the edges, industrial polishing brushes are used for processing.

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  • What Are The Other Uses Of The Brush Strip?

    What Are The Other Uses Of The Brush Strip?

    April 11,2023.

    Brush strip is generally used in industry to block dust and remove dust during factory production, but its functions are not limited to these. The strip brush can also achieve a better effect of eliminating static electricity, so that it will not be disturbed when some related equipment is operating . In fact, every thing has more than one or two uses. When we open our minds, we will find many unexpected functions.   However, when we use the brush strip, we should pay attention to a lot, that is, the installation of the material connection position, because there will be some gaps in the middle of the two strip brushes when splicing, if these gaps cannot be handled well, there will be many Problems, such as poor sealing performance of the equipment, etc., so we should pay attention to the connection of this part. Usually, we use some glue where the two brush strips are connected, its main function is to reduce the size of the gap, and it is not easy for people to see it.   You should know that the strip brush has many functions. It can not only clean the machine, but also seal the doors and windows. You should know that the strip brush used in industry can also choose brush strip made of different materials, according to the use environment to make a selection.

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  • The Advantage Of Panel Brush Strip

    The Advantage Of Panel Brush Strip

    April 7,2023.

    Panel brush strip is made of heavy cold-rolled steel frame with brush strip, people usually call this brush strip cable management panel. The brush strip above the panel brush strip is made of nylon wool with good resilience. When installing various cables, it highlights the following advantages:   1. Great for keeping cables neat and organized 2. The hard nylon filament can hold the cable and prevent the cable from falling out of reach 3. Save labor and facilitate inspection of cables 4. Panel brush strip can stop unwanted airflow and improve ventilation efficiency 5. Prevent dust from entering and improve the cooling effect in the cabinet   AOQUN's brush strip is made of thousands of high-quality nylon filaments. The nylon filaments are interlaced to form a flexible shield, and the strong cold-rolled steel frame protects the cable from being bitten by insects. I believe there is no better shielding accessories than panel brush strip, welcome to AOQUN for wholesale purchase.

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  • What Are The Commonly Used Brush Strip Aluminum Holder?

    What Are The Commonly Used Brush Strip Aluminum Holder?

    April 6,2023.

    The use of Brush strips cannot be alone, and auxiliary tools are required. The best choice is the metal aluminum strip, which has good oxidation resistance, can be reused, and has strong adaptability. The aluminum brush strip is installed at the bottom of the door, on the top of the door, and on both sides of the door, often in inconspicuous places, and these places are prone to oxidation. What types of aluminum holders are commonly used in the AOQUN brush strip factory? Let's count, the widely used ones are F type, H type, and T type. F Type is often installed on both sides of the garage door, and the brush strip fits closely with the garage door to prevent dust, wind, and insects. H type is installed on the top and bottom of the door. It is named H type because of its shape like "h". T-type is relatively seldom used and is generally installed in the gap in the middle of the door. The garage door is often a rolling door, rarely used. Of course, there are other brush strip aluminum strips with particular angles. AOQUN brush strip manufacturers also have other special-shaped aluminum strips, such as 45°, 60°, 30°, and many other shapes.

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  • Application Of Industrial Brushes

    Application Of Industrial Brushes

    April 3,2023.

    Industrial brushes are very commonly used in our lives. The most common are brushes for pots or paint brushes used in our homes. Let's see how he categorizes it. The application range of industrial brushes is very wide. According to the needs, it is practical in all walks of life. For example, in the textile industry, industrial brushes are used to do some work such as grinding and polishing; in the papermaking and printing industries, strip brushes are used to sweep paper. An essential thing; compared with the food processing industry, is used for cleaning and other work. Therefore, according to the needs of different industries, the materials and shapes, and sizes used are also different, and the classification is also very complicated. Let's talk about its role in life from its primary materials and uses. The first one is an industrial brush with gold-containing steel abrasive wire: it is mainly used in the hardware industry to clean rust and deburr metal materials. , or lighting treatment, etc.; the second is the nylon wire industrial brush, which is currently the most widely used, and it is mainly used for industrial cleaning; the third is the steel wire industrial brush, which is primarily for processing some stone materials, such as the polishing work on the surface of marble, the primary function is grinding and sanding; the fourth is the horse hair brush, the horse hair brush is relatively soft, it will not cause hard damage to things, and it is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The performance is relatively good, mainly used for polishing leather, etc.; the fifth is the bristle brush, which is widely used in the textile industry, and its elasticity, hardness, and high-temperature resistance are not very good; the last one is the sword Hemp brush, which has the same effect as other brushes, is used for grinding and polishing work on special crafts.

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