• Let's Fight Plastic Together and Brush the Green Future

    Let's Fight Plastic Together and Brush the Green Future

    April 23,2024.

    On the 55th World Earth Day in 2024, the theme is "Global Fight Plastic," calling on people to resist the overuse of plastic products protect the Earth's environment from pollution. AOQUN Technology has always been in action to make the blue planet more beautiful. New patented high-performance brushes: ZL202210598941.4 ZL202210574951.4 ... Reducing environmental pollution to bring new vitality to the blue planet. Actively exploring environmentally friendly alternatives committed to manufacturing green technology products such as bio-based environmentally friendly brushes, biodegradable brushes, and plastic recycling. Promoting resource recycling to contribute to creating a green Earth together. Green sustainable development is the continuous effort of AOQUN Technology. Let's take action together to relieve the Earth's pressure Brush towards a beautiful, sustainable future!

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  • Welcome to 135th Canton Fair, Let's Brush Nansha Brand Together!

    Welcome to 135th Canton Fair, Let's Brush Nansha Brand Together!

    April 23,2024.

    The 135th Canton Fair Phase II, themed "Quality Home", will kick off grandly on April 23rd. As the comprehensive exhibition representative enterprise of Nansha District, AOQUN Technology will showcase a variety of new and advanced intelligent brush products at the Canton Fair. We aim to enhance the brand image of Nansha, focusing on technological innovation in brush production, and enjoy a high-quality and intelligent lifestyle. Various new types of brushes showcase their specialties Precision polishing, a selection of ingenuity The new wear-resistant industrial brush significantly improves the removal of burrs in key processes of intelligent home manufacturing, with a removal rate increase of up to 2 times, and a product yield of over 99.96%. It solves the "bottleneck" problem of low polishing yield for screens and glass in 3C digital products on the market, injecting new vitality into the excellent quality and sustainable development of high-end manufacturing industries. Intelligent manufacturing, leading innovation The new high-end intelligent electric toothbrush for 3C innovation in materials, cleaning effects, intelligent functions, energy conservation and environmental protection, user-friendly design, charging technology, and user experience. AOQUN Technology has established long-term cooperation relationships with many leading companies in the appliance industry. Technological breakthroughs, cutting-edge new materials The new ultra-elastic, high-temperature-resistant PEEK electronic cigarette brush is strictly produced in accordance with international production standards, quality control systems, advanced automated production equipment, and technological production. After precise tests such as high-temperature resistance and plug-and-pull, it achieves a CPK value of ≥1.67, withstands temperatures above 280°C, and does not melt for 20 seconds of contact. The brush does not shed after 3000 plug-and-pull tests, ensuring the mass intelligent production of high-quality electronic cigarette brushes. Efficient cleaning, safeguarding health The new antibacterial health care medical brush meets FDA, CE, and antibacterial standards in more than 30 international medical industry standards. With a capacity of 200 million units per year, it sells in more than 2000 hospitals worldwide, providing support for the health and medical fields. Welcoming guests from all over the world Focusing on the research and development innovation of new high-quality brushes, AOQUN Technology has a research and development center and has obtained 50 patents for inventions and utility models reaching the international advanced level. It has passed 7 management system certifications including ISO9001, ISO13485, and IATF16949 and is a core supplier of 20 Fortune 500 companies. We warmly welcome guests from Europe, America, and countries along the Belt and Road to strengthen trade cooperation and contacts, providing customers with more accurate and suitable one-stop customi...

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  • Can The Brush Roller Clean Fruits And Vegetables

    Can The Brush Roller Clean Fruits And Vegetables

    May 9,2023.

    With the rapid development of society and the continuous innovation and progress of human beings, food and agricultural by-product processing has replaced the artificial era, and fruit and vegetable cleaning machines are chosen, which can clean and peel fruits and vegetables. The main accessory is the brush roller. The interior of the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is composed of brush rollers. After the food is used, it is pushed into the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine by the spiral brush, and then the food is cleaned by the spray head. Usually, the hardness of the hair of the brush roller is changed according to the number of times of use. If you choose a brush roller with high hardness, you can achieve the peeling effect of root fruits and vegetables. If the brush roller with soft hairs can achieve the effect of polishing fruits and vegetables, some equipment only use sponge rollers to clean fruits and vegetables. Finally, it can absorb water. Of course, the brush roller mentioned here has higher technical requirements than the brush roller in general industry. The shaft of the brush roller is made of stainless steel SUS304, and the brush is made of nylon wire, and the brush roller is made according to the requirements of food hygiene. Therefore, the application of brushes can be shown in many industries. Aoqun Brush Factory is a professional manufacturer of customized brushes. You can choose the appropriate brushes to apply to your industry, or our engineers will follow what you said. Request to make to order.

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  • Happy May Day

    Happy May Day


    Brilliant May, passionate youth They uphold the original intention, selfless dedication They keep their mission firmly in mind and take on their deeds They use persistence and perseverance Interpreting the demeanor of laborers in the new era Best wishes to every light chaser who is running hard for their dreams Follow the light, brush out the wonderful!

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  • 54th Earth Day

    54th Earth Day


    The theme is "Earth 4 All" Animate and beautiful Respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature Practicing green and low-carbon life is the way each of us loves this blue planet Cherish the earth and live in harmony with nature:

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