• The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    December 2,2021.

    As we all know, there is no tight seal between the safety door and the door frame, which will cause air leakage and poor sound insulation. In winter, when the cold wind blows into the house through the door gap, the indoor temperature will drop; in the house, we will hear noisy noises from outside the corridor, or the sound of talking inside the house will spread to the outside of the house, which will make our lives. affected. What method can be adopted to manually solve the problem of poor sealing of the safety door gap? The following editor will introduce you a simple and cost-saving method. Strip Brush Seal Steps: 1. Find the door gap and measure the gap size: find the gap between the door frame and the security door, measure the size of the door gap, and select the appropriate brush strip to provide accurate size data. 2. Choose and buy a suitable brush strip: The appropriate brush should be selected according to the size of the gap. 3. Wipe clean the place where the brush is to be pasted: If there is dust or moisture in the pasting part, it will greatly affect the pasting effect. Use a clean towel to wipe clean the area where the brush strip will be attached. 4. Paste the brush strips: stick the wool strips to the corresponding position that has been wiped clean. At this moment, you can't use too much force and air pressure to avoid correcting it when it is not properly pasted. 5. Close the door to check: After pasting, close the safety door to check the effect after pasting. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re-adjusted. If there is no problem after the test, the brush strip can be pressed firmly. 6. Finish the adjustment: You can close the entire safety door and have a look, at this time all the gaps have been tightly sealed, which can play an excellent sound insulation and wind shielding effect. Matters needing attention: When buying top size specifications, you need to consult the seller first to prevent the top from being too short or too long, which will affect the sealing effect. When sticking the wool top for the first time, stick the test effect in a local position first to prevent it from not conforming after sticking a large area. There are always harmful insects coming in at home. I bought insecticides and it is hard to guard against. There is still a lot of dust in the house every day. The continuous noise from the outside seriously affects our sleep. In winter, the cold wind roars in. What should I do? Woolen cloth? Recommend the use of multifunctional door bottom sealing brush strips! The role of the door bottom sealing strip is dustproof, cold, soundproof, anti-collision, insect-proof and waterproof. It has a wide range of functions and is used in various door bottom gaps. The sealed brush strip independently developed by the high-quality merchant Aoqun Brush Industry has no leakage at the top of the peak, no unevenness, no difference in length, so as to be more effective in preventing dust, insects, sound, ...

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  • Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

    Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

    December 1,2021.

    Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows are installed on the screen doors of subways and the revolving doors of hotels, or on the screen doors of some large equipment or machinery. Traditional door and window rubber strips have the shortcomings of high friction coefficient and non-flame retardant, easy to damage when moving doors and windows, and generate static electricity. 1. The base of the energy-saving sealing brush for doors and windows uses SUS304 with good corrosion resistance (>8% nickel content,>19% aluminum) or electro-galvanized sheet with stable structure and well-balanced color. 2. The base line of the base is straight, and the axis of the cross section is symmetrical. The hairs are sparsely dense and uniform in thickness, with the same height and length, without falling off, no loosening, and pulling resistance of ≥6KG. It can strengthen the sealing effect between doors and windows and prevent noise interference. The friction coefficient is reduced, which has a good energy-saving effect without losing the sealing performance. 3. Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows have passed the SVHC test and comply with EU standards. The filament yarn is a functional nylon yarn with elasticity, strong resilience, high flexibility and good wear resistance. It is also anti-static and flame-retardant (extinguishes when it is separated from the fire, no burning objects fall), and appears smokeless and no radiation , Non-toxic, low-calorie. 4. The heat distortion temperature is as high as 185-190℃, the melting point is as high as 218-224℃, and the nylon density reaches 1.14. When it is ignited, it burns slowly, with white smoke. The color of the flame is yellow on the outer layer and light blue on the inner layer. 5. Let the sealing gap of the equipment no longer be restricted by the shape of the brush. The choice is diverse. The design is reasonable and suitable for various shapes. Steps to install the door and window sealing brush strips: First measure the door gap size, and customize the door and window sealing brush with a suitable height, so there is no need to replace doors and windows with great effort. In order to make the installation more convenient, the current brushes do not need to be punched, and only need to paste 3M tape behind the aluminum alloy bracket to use. After 3-5 years of use, it will not fall under normal conditions. If you add it, you only need to replace the tape on the back. It is very practical and beautiful, and the cost is relatively low. When choosing to buy door and window sealing brushes, it is also very particular. Generally, sealing brushes of different materials should be selected according to different use environments. For example, to install a dust-proof sealing brush near the door, it is recommended to choose a nylon brush with better abrasion resistance; if it is used in a cabinet sealing brush, a brush with a certain flame retardant function should be selected. When installed on m...

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  • Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

    Efficient And Precise Copper Wire Polishing Brush

    November 29,2021.

    Do you know sapphire glass? I believe many people will think of jewelry and natural sapphire. In fact, they are quite different. Sapphire glass is mostly used to make display screens for high-end brand electronic products. The surface becomes smooth and non-marking. The reason is that copper wire polishing brushes are used to polish the surface.  The display screen can have a good visual effect. Sapphire glass has relatively high processing cost and production process difficulty. It is a material with good wear resistance, and its physical properties and chemical composition are the same as natural sapphire. Sapphire glass has excellent thermal characteristics, electrical characteristics, and dielectric thermal properties. At the same time, it has high hardness, high temperature resistance, infrared penetration, good chemical stability, and is not easy to break. Therefore, it is used in night market infrared and far-infrared sights, night cameras and other instruments and It is fully used in satellite, space technology instrumentation, and high-precision navigation and aviation instruments. In some of the above sapphire glass applications, we have less contact in daily life, so let's talk about the sapphire glass used in watches. The hardness of sapphire glass is second only to diamond, and it is 3 times that of mineral glass. It is ideal material choice for shock resistance and airtightness. Coupled with excellent properties such as wear resistance and aging resistance, it has a good texture and a higher grade, which is naturally obtained. Many high-end brands of watches and mobile phone brands are favored by manufacturers, such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Tissot and other well-known brands of watches that use sapphire glass to produce their products. Sapphire glass can be polished and polished into mirrors of different shapes, which requires a customized polishing brush to achieve the desired polishing effect. The main material of this polishing brush from Aoqun Brush Factory is brass wire and aluminum alloy base. Fix the brass brush wire in the aluminum alloy base with glue. The selection of brush filament material, the amount of glue, the pressure on the brush head, the service life, etc. all have strict parameters. The seemingly simple production process requires technical blessing at every step. This copper wire polishing brush can polish the R corners and arc surfaces of the treated sapphires very meticulously, so that their surface becomes smooth and traceless, with good finish; high yield rate; not easy to shed hair, brushing silk and large amount of glue Matching is the standard used by leading companies in the industry. The product has a long service life. The solid design can save customers 15 times the production materials and 3 times the labor cost, improve production efficiency, and one polishing brush is enough to solve 4 cumbersome processes! The sapphire polishing brush supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is used in the pro...

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  • Happy Thanks Giving Day!

    Happy Thanks Giving Day!

    November 25,2021.

    Happy Thanks Giving Day! Aoqun Brush Factory Wish You a Happy Thanks Giving Day!

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  • How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

    How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

    November 19,2021.

    After using the vacuum cleaner brush for a long time, you will find a lot of dirty things. If you mess around, it is easy to damage the vacuum cleaner. So how should we clean up? To clean the brush of the vacuum cleaner, you can remove the brush head, soak it in the cleaning liquid, and rub it gently. In addition to brushing the part of the vacuum cleaner attached to the ground, you can also use toothpicks or bamboo sticks to take out the entangled garbage. Because of the strong adhesion of silk threads and hair, they can only be removed by hand. Only a good matching brush can have a good cleaning effect. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing? 1. Good tensile force, no lint, tensile force> 6kg per 10mm length. Eliminate part failures caused by hair loss, thereby greatly improving the safety of the overall equipment. 2. Using pure nylon wool, the vacuum cleaner brush will contact the ground during use. Using pure nylon wool can improve abrasion resistance, extend the service life twice, and will not scratch precious floors (carpets). 3. The selection of materials is safe and environmentally friendly, acid and alkali resistant, UV resistant, and aging resistant, and can maintain good performance in harsh environments such as 40 degrees high temperature and minus 50 degrees low temperature. The above are the valuable experience summaries from Aoqun Brush Industry's 11 years of customization experience. Not only do we customize the vacuum cleaner brush for you, but also give you a way to take care of the vacuum cleaner brush. Specializing in the brush industry, Aoqun Brush Factory will serve you.

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  • Aoqun Brush Factory Is Doing Its Best!

    Aoqun Brush Factory Is Doing Its Best!

    November 18,2021.

    Have you ever encountered a situation where the products supplied by the supplier are not in the right order, the manufacturer always delays the delivery, or even increases the price unreasonably. I believe that many buyers have more or less similar experiences. The quality of the brush products factory is uneven. Today, I will introduce a powerful and low-key brush product factory-Aoqun Brush Industry.   In terms of technology, Aoqun Brush Products Factory combined with its own exquisite craftsmanship, has customized and produced precise brush strip products for more than 20 industries that meet their requirements, and have been highly recognized by customers. In terms of materials, Aoqun Brush has a complete quality inspection process to ensure that brand-new raw materials are used to produce brush strip products and to maximize the use of customized products for customers. In terms of production capacity, Aoqun Brush Industry has introduced fully automated production equipment imported from Germany, with a daily production capacity of 65,000 meters, which can meet customers' mass orders, and the delivery rate is as high as ≥98%.   Aoqun Brush Products Factory is a manufacturer with nearly 20 years of experience in custom production of strip brush products. Its products are distributed in nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. It has issued thousands of feasible project plans and customized large-scale products for more than 20 industries. There are many small and small brush products. Such as rail transportation, hardware and furniture, cabinet communication, breeding, cleaning and many other industries. Don't miss it when you pass by, come to Aoqun Brush Factory to customize your ideal brush product!

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