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  • Escalator Safety Skirt Brush Largest Domestic Manufacturer – AOQUN

    Escalator Safety Skirt Brush Largest Domestic Manufacturer – AOQUN


    On August 16th, Mr. Jiang, an elevator manufacturer from Suzhou, found us. The escalator safety skirt brush suppliers they cooperated before often delayed the delivery date, directly affected their production progress and received customer complaints many times. They needed to replace a large manufacturer to match the supply of escalator safety skirt escalator safety skirt brush.   Mr. Jiang directly found Ms. Gui, AOQUN business manager. Ms. Gui warmly received Mr. Jiang: “AOQUN is the large-scale escalator safety skirt escalator safety skirt brush manufacturers in China, and there are 15 fully automatic escalator safety skirt brush production machines with a daily production capacity of 60,000 meters. It can fully meet the delivery time requirements." Within 2 days, we sent samples according to Mr. Jiang's drawings, and provided the first batch of escalator safety skirt brush in advance within 4 days after Mr. Jiang confirmed.   After receiving 5 batches of goods, I received feedback from Mr. Jiang: with AOQUN’s cooperation, their current delivery time has been guaranteed, and the orders of old customers have increased by 2 times. AOQUN is the quality manufacturer that they have worked with to supply escalator safety skirt escalator safety skirt brush. Finally, Mr. Jiang’s cooperation agreement for the next year was successfully signed.

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  • Escalator Brush - AOQUN Service is Best.

    Escalator Brush - AOQUN Service is Best.


    AOQUN received a call from Kim of Hong Kong: "I have received a subway project in Central and need to replace a few escalator brushes. Can you provide it?" Our customer service staff Anna, asked: "do you know the specifications of the escalator brush, Kim?" Kim said: "I don't know the specification! What should I do?"   It turns out that Kim is a contractor. Kim used to buy all the escalator parts. Kim wants to replace the old escalator brush. After understanding the situation, Anna appeased Kim and said: "don't worry, please send me the specific address of your project. We are very close to Hong Kong; we will arrange the person of the engineering department to measure." The next day, our engineering staff set off and send the specifications to Kim after measurement.   Kim highly praised the professionalism and service attitude of AOQUN. He orders the escalator brushes for one escalator for testing. At present, Kim has installed the escalator brush, he is very satisfactory. 30 escalator brushes will be ordered to us soon.

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  • AOQUN Single Row Escalator Brush-Just No Light Leakage

    AOQUN Single Row Escalator Brush-Just No Light Leakage


    Miss Loan, the purchasing manager of Vietnam escalator part distribution company, she reflected that their company had recently bought a batch of single-row escalator brushes locally. But when she received the goods in October, she was stunned. She found that a very serious problem with the goods, and there was a light leakage on the escalator Brush. Loan also said: "we are afraid to sell these goods to our customer, it will damage the reputation of our company, I hope AOQUN can help me solve this problem." ” For single-row escalator brushes, light leakage is a common problem that cannot be ignored. Not just there is a bad appearance of the escalators, but also the safety anti-pinch performance is influenced. AOQUN Escalator Brush is committed to manufacturing escalator Brushes for over 10 years, with strict internal control quality standards (the third version is revised in 2016). We inspect every piece of escalator Brush sold to customers. At the same day, our senior sales Stacy offered our samples for Loan’s reference. When she received samples, she found our escalator Brushes do not have that problem. She is very satisfied with our products. Two weeks later, we received her 5-station orders, she said that if she needs any single-row escalator brush, she will certainly buy from us.

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  • AOQUN Gives You the Most Suitable Nylon Escalator Strip

    AOQUN Gives You the Most Suitable Nylon Escalator Strip


    At the beginning of last month, we received an email from Hassan, Turkey. He told us that he bought a batch of escalator strip locally and installed them on the escalator in his large supermarket. However, it took no more than three months to find that the filament on the escalator strip has deformed somewhat. He hopes that we can give him a solution.   Under the inquiry of our professionals, we know that the materials are PP. With more than 10 years of rich industry experience, we are very clear for the reason. Because the escalator has a relatively large passenger load per day, and the frictional use environment requires the escalator strip to have abrasion resistance. We immediately recommend and provide a sample of nylon escalator strip that are popular with customers for confirmation. Because AOQUN nylon escalator strip has very good resilience and wear resistance, it is more suitable for the escalator than the PP material. Professional companies provide professional services, and AOQUN provides more than just an escalator strip, but also provides a reasonable and effective solution.   Hassan, after testing the samples, also recognized our products very much, immediately replaced all the PP escalator strip in the mall with AOQUN nylon escalator strip. And said: "In the future, if you need to replace your escalator strip, you should come to AOQUN."

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  • The World First LED Color Flame Retardant Escalator Strip from AOQUN Debut Once Again

    The World First LED Color Flame Retardant Escalator Strip from AOQUN Debut Once Again


    Two months ago, Mr. Zhang from Malaysia called us to find a color flame retardant escalator strip with LED, which was used in the mall and was both eye-catching and safe. Mr.Zhang found many other supplier, but they didn’t have it, then found our AOQUN through Google.   Customer service Miss Li from AOQUN told Mr. Zhang that this LED color flame retardant escalator strip is the first in the world, specially customized for the escalator of the Hong Kong subway. It has been used in the Hong Kong subway for more than a year, and the effect is remarkable, which is praised by the public person. What kind of escalator type do you need for this LED color flame retardant escalator strip? What is the direct height and angle? Does the LED use white light or yellow light or other? We can customize it per your requirement! Mr. Zhang was very happy to hear such professional answers, and Mr. Zhang talked about the all detail requirement with Miss Li immediately. With more than ten-year industry experience and professionalism, the sample delivery is fast and going smoothly.   A month ago, the first batch of LED color flame retardant escalator strip order for 6 escalators were installed in a large shopping mall in Malaysia. Mr. Zhang was pleased to share the video with Miss Li and said his guests were very satisfied with the effect! Today Miss Li received the second order for 30 escalators from Mr. Zhang again.

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  • Escalator Brushes with Moderate Hardness - AOQUN

    Escalator Brushes with Moderate Hardness - AOQUN


    A customer from Dubai, Rakesh, called and said very quickly: "I am looking for a suitable hardness escalator brushes, not too hard or too soft. People complain that the escalator brushes we used before is too hard, or is too soft. I want to find a supplier that can help me customize the escalator brushes.”   We understand the customer's concerns in the communication with the customer. We recommend nylon to our customers. Because our company's nylon is pure, it is not doped with any other substances, so we are proud of the filament. The hardness of the escalator brushes is very moderate. At the same time, we recommend nylon 0.3mm diameter to the customer, so the hardness on the escalator is more suitable, we sent the customer 0.3mm wire diameter escalator brushes, customer Immediately called and said after receiving the sample, "I like your escalator brushes very much. The escalator brushes feel really good. It is not hard or soft. It is the escalator brushes that we have been looking for. We won't worry about the softness of the escalator brushes, and it won't be complained by customers again.”   After 10 days, we received the customer's first single 5 escalators. The customer called on the 20th day and said, “You are really good at the escalator brushes. My customers are all very good. I highly recognize your company's escalator brushes. The customer now has a 15-escalator project in the negotiation. It is expected that the order will be ordered within 3 days. Your professional escalator brushes will bring us 20% more orders than before.

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