• AOQUN Is Verified Supplier on

    AOQUN Is Verified Supplier on


    AOQUN Is Verified Brush Suppliers on, you can save time on finding our certified brush products and get details of omni-directional capability checks. What is verified supplier on ? Click to know more: Guangzhou Aoqun is a large-scale high-quality customized brush manufacturing company combining design, development, production, sales and service. As a national high-tech company, it has a number of invention patents, obtained ISO13485, ISO90 01–2015, intellectual property management system certification, and safety production standardization certification, as well as the "honor contract and trustworthy company" honor certificate. Aoqun has a daily production capacity of more than 65,000 meters, a R & D design team and foreign trade team with more than 20 years of industry experience and a German automated production brush machine. Products comply with more than 30 EU and industry certifications, including EU ROHS, SVHC; passed UL94 – V0 flame retardant test, FDA test, antibacterial test, UV aging test, temperature and humidity test, Bombardier fire smoke poison and smoke density test, etc. "Aoqun" brand strip brushes, cleaning brushes, roller brushes, twisted wire brushes, staple set brushes and other products of various shapes and materials can provide anti-static, flame retardant, UV resistance, rust prevention, antibacterial and other functions. Best-selling in the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, serve more than 30 industries and have long-term cooperation with internationally renowned companies such as CRRC Group, Schinder, Hitachi, Kone and Combi, etc. Adhering to the tenet that "Integrity shapes our futures'', with the original spirit of " professionalism, concentration and dedication", persisting in scientific management, pursuing superior quality, Aoqun always produces every piece of satisfying brush with heart.

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  • AOQUN Makes Every Effort To Make Every Brush More Than 315 A Day!

    AOQUN Makes Every Effort To Make Every Brush More Than 315 A Day!


    China Radio and Television Central Television Program Center announced that in order to do its best to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia, the China Radio and Television Central Station delayed broadcast on 3.15 in 2020. The broadcast time will be announced in advance, but the protection of consumer rights will never stop 315 that day! Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, virus prevention products such as masks, alcohol and disinfectants have become a necessity for the people. On major e-commerce platforms, offline channels and even social platforms, news such as mask shortages, sellers not shipping, and buying fake masks are frequent. The police reminded that some criminals posted false sales information on the Internet for fraud. Consumers must carefully check whether the other party has a real spot when purchasing masks, and they must choose a certified e-commerce platform and a credible merchant to conduct transactions and reduce risk. Not only are there many fakes in virus prevention products, but the brush products on the market are also uneven. For 10 years, Aoqun made every brush carefully. For Aoqun, every day is 315. We respect quality like respect for life, and strictly control the quality of people, machines, materials, methods, testing, environmental factors; committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent professional services. If you choose a qualified and reputable brush manufacturer, you must choose Guangzhou Aoqun. As a national high-tech comapny, it has a number of invention patents, obtained ISO13485, ISO9001-2015, intellectual property management system certification and production safety standardization certification, as well as the "honoring contract and keeping promises enterprise" honorary certificate. Adhering to the tenet of "sincerely writing a letter and achieving the future", dhering to the tenet that "Integrity shapes our futures'', with the original spirit of " professionalism, concentration and dedication", persisting in scientific management, pursuing superior quality,, and makes every brush carefully to provide customers with a professional one stop Brush solution!

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  • Happy Women's Day to “AOQUN Goddesses”

    Happy Women's Day to “AOQUN Goddesses”


    It was another year of spring blossom. On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, the general manager of Aoqun extended her sincere holiday greetings to the “goddesses of Aoqun”. Aoqun sent intimate goddess gift boxes to the Aoqun ladies this year, medical grade disinfection, rest assured for sensitive muscles, exquisite small packaging, clean, safe and easy to carry. Gentleness is low-key beauty, cuteness is natural beauty, virtuous beauty is serene beauty, vivacious is unrestrained beauty, dignity is inclusive beauty, wisdom is implicit beauty, mentality is inner beauty, March Eight Goddess Festival, Aoqun wishes your heart is beautiful and your life is more beautiful! Aoqun, a caring brush manufacturer. Adhering to the tenet of "Sincerity and Commitment to Achieve the Future", Aoqun adheres to the scientific spirit of "professionalism, concentration, and dedication", adheres to scientific management, and pursues excellent quality. We do our best to make every brush, and strive to build an excellent national brand, contributes more power to "China Intelligent Manufacturing".

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  • What is The Mission Of The Brush Manufacturer During New Pneumonia? AOQUN

    What is The Mission Of The Brush Manufacturer During New Pneumonia? AOQUN


    At present, the prevention and control of new pneumonia in Hubei Province has entered a critical period. The situation of new pneumonia is still severe, and many companies have delayed their work hours because of this. Some companies that work early and fail to prevent new pneumonia have caused more people to be infected and quarantined. The brush manufacturer, Aoqun also resumed work on February 17.   However, unlike other companies, Aoqun has made a lot of preventive work preparations before or after resuming work.   Making the world cleaner is not only the function of the brush, but also the mission of Aoqun. After obtaining the government's consent to resume work, Aoqun first popularized the relevant knowledge of preventing new pneumonia to employees through online meetings. After the return to work, the employees' body temperature changes were detected every day. Every place in the factory was cleaned and disinfected to ensure the safety of employees. The goods will be fully disinfected before the goods to ensure the safety of the goods.   Aoqun stands out among many brush manufacturers, all because Aoqun has a firm conviction and excellent product quality. A new pneumonia will haunt most people, but it cannot stop Aoqun's mission to make the world cleaner.

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  • How Does The Medical Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Guarantee The Safety Of Employees During New Pneumonia?

    How Does The Medical Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Guarantee The Safety Of Employees During New Pneumonia?


    Since February 10, various places have been pressing the return to work key. It is a great honor for medical brush manufacturer Aoqun to become one of the first companies to apply for resumption of work. Protecting the safety of employees is one of the most important tasks of the company. Medical brush manufacturer Aoqun, as a professional manufacturer of endoscope cleaning brushes, how did it take to ensure the safety of employees?   Prior to the resumption of work, medical brush manufacturer Aoqun legally purchased high-quality medical-grade masks and precision thermometers and other supplies from Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea through regular channels. On the day of resumption of work, it was distributed to the family of medical brush manufacturer Aoqun; the company's logistics staff was also equipped with a 360 ° sealed silicone mask, which greatly protected the safety of employees. Before entering the company, spray alcohol on the hands and soles, and take body temperature; there are prescribed ventilation periods in the office and other areas. The safety of employees has been ensured, and the stability of the production capacity of endoscope cleaning brushes has been ensured, giving domestic and foreign customers a peace of mind.   We will strengthen our confidence and enthusiasm, and do not relax to do the key work of new pneumonia prevention and control. At the same time, we also actively provide customers with high-quality endoscope cleaning brushes that meet or exceed customer requirements.

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  • New Pneumonia Is Raging, How Is Brush Manufacturer AOQUN? Thank You For Customer’S Concern

    New Pneumonia Is Raging, How Is Brush Manufacturer AOQUN? Thank You For Customer’S Concern


    China's new pneumonia has attracted the attention of all countries in the world, and has affected the hearts of friends from all countries in the world; Brush manufacturer Aoqun is Guangzhou okay? Is the family of Guangzhou Brush manufacturer Aoqun all right? Does Brush manufacturer Aoqun's capacity for medical brushes meet our needs? Thank you very much for your concern from thousands of miles away.   China has the determination and ability to overcome this new pneumonia. We believe in the strength of our government and the country. (1) Guangzhou is a city worthy of entrustment. While preventing and controlling itself, it has also sent 30 batches of medical teams and nearly 20,000 medical staff to assist Hubei. (2) Employees are the company's greatest wealth. The company has established a leadership group for prevention and control, and has adequately equipped with masks, protective glasses, disinfectant and other new pneumonia prevention supplies. All Brush manufacturer Aoqun personnel are in good health. (3) Brush manufacturer Aoqun has an annual production capacity of 100 million small twisted brushes such as medical brushes. We have sufficient production capacity to meet customer needs.   The world highly recognizes China's actions and praises China's power at the mouth; Brush manufacturer Aoqun's new pneumonia prevention work has been affirmed by customers; at the same time, it is comforting to hear that the family is healthy; especially it is very amazing that the capacity of medical brushes meets customer needs. The new pneumonia is ruthless, and the people of the world have love, and they will be able to overcome the difficulties together!

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