• Guarding The Earth's Homeland, AOQUN Is In Action!

    Guarding The Earth's Homeland, AOQUN Is In Action!

    April 22,2021.

    Mankind has only one earth, There is only one common future for mankind. Whether it is dealing with the current crisis, Or create a better future together, All human beings need to work together, unite and cooperate.   Today (April 22) is the 52nd "Earth Day". The theme of this Earth Day is "Restore Our Earth". It is the responsibility of each of us to cherish the earth and protect the environment. “Earth Day 2021” As a socially responsible brush manufacturer, AOQUN, keeping in mind its mission of "make the world cleaner", has been advocating the development of circular economy since its establishment, insisting on quality creation, and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques, regardless of raw materials or packaging. Use environmentally friendly materials; while carrying out business activities, we pay attention to harmony with the environment. Every year, Aoqun participates in the "Love Forest" tree planting activity sponsored by Panyu District Young Entrepreneurs Association and other units, and uses practical actions to build an ecological civilization in Panyu District Contribute your own strength. “Restore Our Earth”   To protect the earth, the work is in the present, and the benefits are in the future. Aoqun Brush Factory will also make every brush with more professional, attentive and dedicated spirit, shoulder the mission of cleaner world, and jointly protect our beautiful home on earth.

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  • Focus on 3.15, AOQUN Makes Every Brush Carefully

    Focus on 3.15, AOQUN Makes Every Brush Carefully


    The " 3.15" party in 2021 focuses on "boosting consumption from the heart", advocating every producer, operator, consumer, and regulator to weave the country’s development goals and the people’s simple aspirations into a better life. It is hoped that through the power of integrity, every consumer can increase consumer confidence and improve the consumer environment so that the people can consume and are willing to consume.   As a brush manufacturer that has been awarded the title of “Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping” for many years, Aoqun has always been adhering to the tenet of “Honesty to Trust, Achieving the Future”, carefully guarding the product quality, and strictly following the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system standards. Produce brush products that meet customer needs.     Always shoulder corporate responsibility, take customers as the core, establish a strong sense of quality, adhere to the corporate spirit of "professionalism, concentration, and focus", adhere to scientific management, pursue higher quality, and make every brush carefully to provide customers with professional brush customization program, Aoqun's intention is the customer's peace of mind.

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  • Gather

    Gather "her power", Aoqun new journey of 2021 ——Happy 3·8 Goddess' Day!


    Every position is a stage for struggle, Every job is a journey to pursue dreams, The face is as beautiful as jade, the temperament is as fragrant as orchids, sonorous roses are not afraid of difficulties, Women use wisdom and sweat to create extraordinary performance. In the past year, the female workers of Aoqun, relying on their professional abilities, worked diligently and selflessly in their respective positions, interpreting the noble spirit of love and dedication, hard work, and demonstrating their demeanor of living up to their beautiful years. To celebrate the 111th "March 8th" International Women's Day, Aoqun launched a series of celebrations of Women's Day of "Gather her strength, Aoqun's new journey", inviting all female employees of the company to participate and present them the tailor-made holiday gifts of exquisite and high-end mugs and colorful roses, so that everyone can feel the most intimate care, and at the same time reap good memories and full of touch. In 2021, gather "her strength", look forward to a new journey in the future, forge ahead with one heart, pioneering and innovating, Aoqun will continue to make every brush with heart, and continue to practice our corporate mission: to make the world cleaner! Aoqun wishes every woman: Beautiful as a flower, As strong as a flower, Wisdom like a flower, Have a colorful life like a flower! Aoqun hopes that every woman can have a full heart and a steady foot. In the good time, live your beauty and be your own goddess!

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  • Aoqun Brush New Year Colorful Celebrations for 2021 New Journey

    Aoqun Brush New Year Colorful Celebrations for 2021 New Journey


    The New Year's Day is coming, a new year, a new journey; a new year, a new hope. In order to welcome the arrival of 2021, Aoqun launched a series of celebration activities on the afternoon of December 31. Flowers clusters greet New Year's Day, and Aoqun has a new scenery in New Year. The Administration Department held a floral salon and delivered the best wishes of "the house is full of flowers, happiness is permeating, and the new year is welcome". The climax of the activity was wave after wave, and then Aoqun sent a beaming New Year's Day gift to the family—a big nut gift bag, which was full of auspicious blessings for the Aoqun family. Aoqun also organized a birthday party to celebrate the collective birthday of the birthday stars in December. In 2020, we will not forget our original intention and move forward. In 2021, we will build a new dream and set sail. In this warm, happy and beautiful moment, Aoqun played a happy song with blessings. May we have everything we care about, what we expect will be realized, and all our efforts will be fulfilled. I wish everyone good health. Welcome a better tomorrow, 2021!

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  • Explore Historical Sites And Sceneries Of ChaoShan - AOQUN’S Annual Tour

    Explore Historical Sites And Sceneries Of ChaoShan - AOQUN’S Annual Tour


    The southern November is still warm, the sky is clear, and the autumn colors are pleasant. It is most suitable for traveling in the mountains and rivers of the motherland. In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of employees, broaden their horizons, and cultivate their sentiments, Aoqun organized the 10th annual tour on November 20, 2020-a three-day and two-night trip to the charming ancient city Chaoshan to explore historical sites and sceneries. The first stop is the "Shangri-La" Shanwei Jinding Bay at 22°N latitude, with blue sky, clear sea, soft sand and warm light. The vast sea is not only full of poetry and picturesqueness, but also allows us to see the strength of unity. All rivers converging to sea can shake the sky, unity of minds likes a city stronger than gold. After a night of rest, with excitement, the Aoqun family went to the hundred years commercial arcade complex of the small park in Shantou, and the coastal defense building Stone Battery Park. After years of baptism, the urban area of Shantou is telling stories about the rise and fall of the pas, as if telling in the ear: Only by constantly striving for self-improvement, we will have infinite possibilities in the future. Hundred Years Commercial Small Park Arcade Complex Coastal Defense Stone Fortress Park The itinerary was rich and varied. In the afternoon, we came to Nanao Island, known as the "Pearl of the East of Guangdong Sea" and "Oriental Hawaii"; it is a barrier to the east of Guangdong and the fortress of Guangdong and Fujian. Historical relics of various periods have also been discovered, and it is an important gateway to the Maritime Silk Road. The magnificent Nan'ao Bridge Changshanwei Pier Lighthouse, the goal and direction Tropic of Cancer Tower - Nature's Gate Picturesque Qing'ao Bay On the last day, head to Chaozhou, a famous historical and cultural city, to experience its collection of historical sites, the beauty of southern China and its cultural charm. The beautiful journey draws a perfect end here. The ancient city wall of Chaozhou The peculiar Xiangzi Bridge Paifang Street to recognize good moral character Solemn Han Wen Gong Temple Life is a journey, with the heart feeling, hearing the good news, the beautiful scenery, and feeling all good. Aoqun family experienced the beautiful natural scenery and long history and culture of the Chaoshan area during this trip. During the journey, everyone cheered and laughed intimately, caring for and taking care of each other, deepening the understanding between Aoqun’s family members, bringing everyone closer together and the team more harmonious. The award ceremony of Chaoshan Touring Game Just like the Changshanwei Wharf lighthouse that indicates the goal and direction to move forward, Aoqun brush adheres to the purpose of "sincerity to trust, and achieves the future", with the ingenuity spirit of "professionalism, dedicated, and concentration", devote to making every brush!

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  • AOQUN celebrates 71st China National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

    AOQUN celebrates 71st China National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival


    2020 is an extraordinary year. Looking to the future, although there are still thorns, but it is still promising. After wind and rain, the magnificence remains, remembering the years and praying for the country and the people. In order to further inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and create a strong festive cultural atmosphere, Aoqun launched a wonderful "Welcome to the National Day, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" theme activities. The activity began with a wonderful review of AOQUN in the past year. Struggle to achieve brilliance, work to create the future, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the motherland! As a traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival has the meaning of reunion, happiness and harvest. The company specially presents Cantonese-style mooncakes and red-heart honey pomelo grown in the deep mountains of Jiaoling, the hometown of longevity in Meizhou, the world's Hakka capital. The taste of the pomelo is sweet and sour, which means reunion. We hope that on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it can touch the heartstrings of your thoughts, draw your thoughts of reunion, and give you a festive reunion atmosphere! Then there are Mid-Autumn Festival traceability, wish to the motherland and riddle quiz, as well as the birthday celebration in September. The activities are colorful and everyone gathers together. The company mails the mooncakes and honey pomelo for free to employees’ home, the mooncakes and pomelo are packaged by employee themselves. On this occasion, Aoqun expresses festive greetings and Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to the families of all colleagues! Mid-Autumn Festival, full moon night, spend a good moon and people reunite. All colleagues in Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry sincerely wish you: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, happiness and health! Wish our motherland prosperous! Aoqun is a private enterprise specializing in the independent production of brushes, strip brushes, polishing brushes, tube brushes and other products. Adhering to the tenet of "sincerity, trust and achievement of the future", with the ingenuity spirit of "professionalism, concentration and concentration", we will make every brush carefully. Not only has a R&D and design team with 17 years of experience in the industry, but also has established a good image in the brush industry. AOQUN has provided high-quality and high-volume brush production customization services for more than 20 industry leaders, and is committed to building an excellent national brand. According to the national holiday regulations, and based on our own situation, the holiday time is adjusted as follows: October 1, 2020-October 6, 2020, a total of 6 days. Buy brush, find AOQUN, please visit or call our sales.

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