• Combining Industry And Education, AOQUN Is In Action

    Combining Industry And Education, AOQUN Is In Action


    On June 16, 2020, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College and Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Aoqun factory. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on school-company cooperation, entrepreneurial dialogue and the improvement of innovation practice bases. Mr. Huang Jianghua, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Zhongkai College of Agricultural Engineering, Mr. Jian Youguang, Director of the Office of the Institute, Mr. Feng Weidong, Zhongkai Outstanding Alumni, Mr. Wang Xijin, Chairman of Huge Films, and Song Jiahe, Chairman of Suan Dexi Chain Catering, attended the event. Accompanied by Mr. Liu Zhiqiang of Aoqun, after visiting Aoqun and understanding the company's development profile, product type, production situation and operation mode, Aoqun was highly recognized and evaluated. Zhongkai College of Agricultural Engineering was founded in 1927. It is a provincial applied research university in Guangdong Province with the coordinated development of the eight disciplines of agriculture, industry, science, economics, management, literature, art, and law. It is an excellent school for undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of Education and the country's first batch of outstanding agricultural and forestry personnel education and training programs. For more than 90 years, the school has trained a large number of outstanding talents for national economic and social development, including grassroots agricultural technology cadres and provincial and ministerial leading cadres. Academician Zeng Yitao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former Minister of Agriculture Chen Yaobang are outstanding representatives. During this period, he won two national science and technology progress second prizes, three Guangdong provincial science and technology prizes, three awards, and the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award. The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education is based on the tenet of "serving school development and serving students' talents", facing all, based on professionalism, classification training, and strengthening practice. It brings together high-quality resources from schools, industries, and companies, and closely relies on the school’s The superior disciplines and scientific research practice platform provide general education, practical education, and incubation education for students of the whole school, and implement the entire process of innovation and entrepreneurship education at different levels, types, and systems, and build a platform for students to grow up. Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality custom-made brush company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. As a national high-tech company, it has a number of invention patents and has obtained many honorary qualifications such as ISO13485 medical devi...

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  • AOQUN Mother, Thank You!

    AOQUN Mother, Thank You!


    There is a love, great and ordinary Have a love, selfless and broad Continuous and profound friendship This is maternal love. The word "Mom" has an inexplicably powerful force. All things, as long as there is a mother, will be full of confidence. Just as the COVID-19 spread in China, in order to prevent and control the COVID-19, orderly resumption of production and resumption of production, Aoqun ’s mother had mobilized various resources and manpower and distributed medical-grade masks to Aoqun family members, and provide baby-grade masks to family members who go out frequently, and strive to allow family members to wear masks for safe and healthy work. Aoqun mother, we are very safe and at ease with you. I remember that during the COVID-19, Hubei colleagues have been quarantined at home for more than three months, and Aoqun ’s mother has repeatedly called to condolences; she also sent masks free of charge to colleagues who have delayed returning to work in other areas. Aoqun ’s mother cares about everyone and encourages colleagues who are isolated at home, so that we feel that we are separated from the mountain, separated from the water, and do not isolate love. Aoqun's mother will always be our strong backing, giving us confidence. Aoqun's mother practises charitable activities. The mother of Aoqun gives us the power to see the role model and the drive to forge ahead. Let’s the family of Aoqun participate in charity and health activities together and feel the power of love. At work, he is also a teacher and a friend. When we need help in life, Aoqun mother spares no effort. A family member of Aoqun was seriously ill at home. After learning of the situation, Aoqun's mother donated money as soon as possible and immediately called on other family members to donate together in the group to help each other. At work, we are strictly required, because every family member is her "child", she hopes that we will grow up, realize self-worth, and build a beautiful AOQUN family together! Aoqun mother, your love is like a swallow of spring, which gives me with the intoxicating spring; your love is like gurgling water, which nourishes my ignorant soul; Your love is like a warm sheet music, popping me the most brilliant and sacred rhyme. Aoqun mother, thank you! May, be grateful, May, Mother's Day, This is a grateful day I wish the beautiful mothers of the world a safe life, a happy and healthy life, and a happy Mother's Day!

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  • Chasing Dreams With The Heart, AOQUN Pays Tribute To Hardworking Laborers

    Chasing Dreams With The Heart, AOQUN Pays Tribute To Hardworking Laborers


    Time is still and life is stable, and I am grateful for the dedication of every worker who is moving forward. The first May 1st Labor Day is coming after the domestic COVID-19 situation stabilized, Aoqun sent the highest respect and holiday greetings of May 1st to every "anti-COVID-19 warrior", among them were silently on duty property staffs, medical staffs, dedicated police, dedicated community workers, and all the hard workers. Strive to achieve your dreams and do great work. Glorious labor, noble labor, great labor, beautiful labor. Aoqun creates a good employment environment for the growth and progress of Aoqun people. In addition, it commends the model workers who have made outstanding contributions to the company’s growth and development every year, and vigorously promotes the spirit of the model workers. Aoqun people make every Aoqun brush with the spirit of "professional, attentive and focused". Therefore, our brushes can pass 1 million times of high-speed friction without deformation and no filament loss; life span is up to 15 years; meet more than 30 EU and industry certifications; sell well in more than 50 countries and regions around the world such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Every one of Aoqun, you are the owner of Aoqun. Let us strengthen our confidence, inspire our spirit, forge ahead, work hard to push the company to achieve better results, build an excellent national brand, and contribute more to "Made in China"! According to the national legal holiday regulations and the actual situation of the company, Aoqun Brush arranges the vacation time as follows: May 1st-May 3rd, 2020, a total of 3 days. If you need to contact us during the holidays please visit:

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  • Fighting the COVID-19, AOQUN Family Members Are Together

    Fighting the COVID-19, AOQUN Family Members Are Together


    "Wait a long time and finally come today, and wait for a long time to finally realize the dream!" An unexpected COVID-19 broke our original beautiful Spring Festival and work plan. With the control of the COVID-19, I can finally return to the arms of the Aoqun and work normally, Colleagues who came from Hubei said with emotion. The COVID-19 is ruthless, people are sentimental, everything is the best arrangement. At 8:15 a.m. on April 11, 2020, the company specially organized a celebration activity of "Fighting the COVID-19, and Bringing Aoqun Family Together" to the four Hubei employees who finally returned due to home isolation due to the COVID-19, and welcomed them home.     "Because we are a family, a family that loves each other, we can only get together if we are destined, and we can only cherish ..." As the music started, Ms. Liu Xuezhen, the general manager, and the heads of various departments held flowers for each Hubei colleague Warm hugs and personal blessings were sent. This is a manifestation of love and responsibility, as well as the determination and performance of fighting the COVID-19 together.   A colleague from the Quality and Technology Department said: "I was so moved, I have been working outside for so many years. There has never been a company that cares about employees like Aoqun. During the period of isolation at home, GM Liu called many times to condolences whether it is difficult to live at home. " A colleague in the workshop said, "Our leaders and colleagues are very good. Because of the central office, many materials are inconvenient to find. When I ask a colleague, who sent it in the first time, and give me a lot of help at work. I feel I have always been with the organization.     Kang, a female colleague from the business department, said restrainedly: "Thanks to the company for not giving up on us, it has been helping us silently, and even helping us to contact the return vehicle.    Thanks for the company's concern for us during isolation.I am very touched. I wish the company and colleagues better and better!     Isolate the COVID-19, not isolate love. No one is missing. Every Aoqun employee is part of the family of Guangzhou Aoqun. We do not give up or abandon anyone. May the mountains and rivers be unharmed and the world be safe! Next, let us work together to fight the COVID-19 situation, build a beautiful Aoqun family, and create more brilliant performance. 

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  • AOQUN Teaches You How To Wear N95 Mask

    AOQUN Teaches You How To Wear N95 Mask


    COVID-19 is still spreading. At present, N95 masks are very effective in preventing new coronaviruses, so how to wear N95 masks correctly? Aoqun will explain in detail below. Wash your hands before wearing N95 masks. Before wearing the N95 mask, you need to use hand soap to wash your hands, so that you can kill bacteria very little before you can wear it. The metal strip of the mask is on top when worn. There will be a metal strip on the N95 mask. This metal strip is on the top. After wearing it, it will be in the position of the nose bridge. The lower rope is stretched and placed on the neck, and the upper rope is pulled to the middle of the top of the head. The wearing position is well controlled and can be adjusted appropriately to ensure firmness. Lightly press the metal strip in the middle and move from the middle to both sides to make it fit better with the nose, so as to play a better role in preventing new coronavirus. Then you need to inhale hard to make the N95 mask fit the face. It should be noted that you must not squeeze the mask by hand. Squeezing the mask can easily cause the mask to deform, so the mask is meaningless. N95 masks cannot be worn for a long time when they are used. Generally, they are replaced every 4 hours. If breathing difficulties occur, they need to be replaced. The surrounding environment will also cause early replacement. You can view the Video of how to wear and remove N95 mask: Dear friends, though the COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, Aoqun hopes you are safe, healthy and happy as usual. Aoqun has been by your side, praying for you. COVID-19 will eventually be defeated by us! Guangzhou Aoqun is a large-scale high-quality customized brush manufacturing company combining design, development, production, sales and service. Need reliable brush supplier, contact Aoqun.

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  • Miss Ancestors And Martyrs Reverently - AOQUN

    Miss Ancestors And Martyrs Reverently - AOQUN


    As of 6:21 am on April 3rd, Beijing time, there were a total of 1,114,90 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 52,863 deaths worldwide. The COVID-19 is not over yet. Asymptomatic infections and imported cases have become the focus of COVID-19 prevention and control. Qingming Festival should also pay attention to spiritual prudence and long-term pursuit, cherish kinship, respect ancestors, vigorously promote and develop frugal, environmentally friendly, civilized sacrifice methods, cherish the rebirth in memory, and realize life in memory. In order to express the deep mourning of the people in the fight against the new crown pneumonia COVID-19 in the country, the sacrifice of martyrs and deceased compatriots, the State Council issued an announcement: a national mourning event will be held on April 4, 2020. During this period, the national and foreign embassies and consulates were flagged at half-mast, and the country stopped public entertainment activities. From 10 o'clock on April 4th, the people of the country observed a three-minute silence in silence, cars, trains and ships whistle, and air defense alarms sounded. Let's start from the beginning, and start from now, to spend a healthy, frugal, green, and safe Qingming Festival, and contribute to resolutely winning the COVID-19 prevention and control fight. Civilized Qingming Festival needs us to remember the ancestors with as much devotion as possible to begin, and care must be taken to prevent COVID-19. In response to the COVID-19 prevention and control, Aoqun actively resumed work and resumed production. Aoqun focuses on both hands to ensure the health of all members of the company while making stable supply of brushes for customers to provide a strong capacity guarantee. Aoqun can customize brushes of various specifications, functions and sizes for you. Small brushes, big worlds, excellent brushes, superior quality, make the world cleaner! According to the State Council's "Measures for National Holidays and Remembrance Holidays", the time for the holiday is as follows: April 4-April 6, 2019, a total of 3 days. Business friends who need to contact us during the holidays contact our sales expert, thank you.

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