• How Does The Medical Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Guarantee The Safety Of Employees During New Pneumonia?

    How Does The Medical Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Guarantee The Safety Of Employees During New Pneumonia?


    Since February 10, various places have been pressing the return to work key. It is a great honor for medical brush manufacturer Aoqun to become one of the first companies to apply for resumption of work. Protecting the safety of employees is one of the most important tasks of the company. Medical brush manufacturer Aoqun, as a professional manufacturer of endoscope cleaning brushes, how did it take to ensure the safety of employees?   Prior to the resumption of work, medical brush manufacturer Aoqun legally purchased high-quality medical-grade masks and precision thermometers and other supplies from Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea through regular channels. On the day of resumption of work, it was distributed to the family of medical brush manufacturer Aoqun; the company's logistics staff was also equipped with a 360 ° sealed silicone mask, which greatly protected the safety of employees. Before entering the company, spray alcohol on the hands and soles, and take body temperature; there are prescribed ventilation periods in the office and other areas. The safety of employees has been ensured, and the stability of the production capacity of endoscope cleaning brushes has been ensured, giving domestic and foreign customers a peace of mind.   We will strengthen our confidence and enthusiasm, and do not relax to do the key work of new pneumonia prevention and control. At the same time, we also actively provide customers with high-quality endoscope cleaning brushes that meet or exceed customer requirements.

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  • New Pneumonia Is Raging, How Is Brush Manufacturer AOQUN? Thank You For Customer’S Concern

    New Pneumonia Is Raging, How Is Brush Manufacturer AOQUN? Thank You For Customer’S Concern


    China's new pneumonia has attracted the attention of all countries in the world, and has affected the hearts of friends from all countries in the world; Brush manufacturer Aoqun is Guangzhou okay? Is the family of Guangzhou Brush manufacturer Aoqun all right? Does Brush manufacturer Aoqun's capacity for medical brushes meet our needs? Thank you very much for your concern from thousands of miles away.   China has the determination and ability to overcome this new pneumonia. We believe in the strength of our government and the country. (1) Guangzhou is a city worthy of entrustment. While preventing and controlling itself, it has also sent 30 batches of medical teams and nearly 20,000 medical staff to assist Hubei. (2) Employees are the company's greatest wealth. The company has established a leadership group for prevention and control, and has adequately equipped with masks, protective glasses, disinfectant and other new pneumonia prevention supplies. All Brush manufacturer Aoqun personnel are in good health. (3) Brush manufacturer Aoqun has an annual production capacity of 100 million small twisted brushes such as medical brushes. We have sufficient production capacity to meet customer needs.   The world highly recognizes China's actions and praises China's power at the mouth; Brush manufacturer Aoqun's new pneumonia prevention work has been affirmed by customers; at the same time, it is comforting to hear that the family is healthy; especially it is very amazing that the capacity of medical brushes meets customer needs. The new pneumonia is ruthless, and the people of the world have love, and they will be able to overcome the difficulties together!

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  • Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Fights With You To Anti Coronavirus

    Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Fights With You To Anti Coronavirus


    On January 23, 2020, Wuhan announced the closure of the city. This news made the people all over the country attach great importance to the new pneumonia, and all regions began to adopt strict prevention and control measures to prevent the new pneumonia from spreading. In response to the government's call, all companies postponed to resume work or resumption of work is pending. The brush manufacturer Aoqun also extended greetings and care to the employees. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of new pneumonia virus, observe and implement the "prevention-oriented, safety first" policy, and set up an new pneumonia prevention system with the general manager as the team leader in time. The control group issued effective prevention and control measures and recommendations in the work liaison group, remote meetings for resumption safety and new pneumonia prevention and control training, daily employee health reports, and follow-up visits for the past month to ensure the health of all employees. The brush manufacturer Aoqun has made a series of preparations for early resumption of work. After 3 consecutive days of current audits by government departments, it has become the first batch of brush manufacturers to be approved for resumption in Nansha District, Guangzhou.

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  • Strip Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Has Resumed Work, Welcome to Enquiry

    Strip Brush Manufacturer AOQUN Has Resumed Work, Welcome to Enquiry


    The outbreak of new-type pneumonia at the end of 2019 spread faster than SARS in 2003, and it quickly spread to the whole country and even the world with Wuhan as the center. Provinces across the country also successively launched a first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies. Strip brush manufacturer AOQUN Lead by example during the new pneumonia, actively cooperate to prevent and control the new pneumonia, effectively protect the health and safety of employees, and choose to postpone the resumption of work based on the situation.   The economy must develop and life must continue. Strip brush manufacturer Aoqun immediately established a new pneumonia prevention and control group led by the general manager, collected disinfection and protection substances, paid attention to the daily health of employees, schedules, and conducted employee training in online meetings. Strict perform as required, and submit relevant materials for resumption of work.   strip brush manufacturer AOQUN satisfies all the conditions for resumption of work, has been approved for resumption of work, and has resumed production since February 13. All employees of the company strictly implement the "Aoqun Prevention and Control Work Implementation Rules" to provide employees with safety. At the same time customers are welcome to inquire.

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  • AOQUN Not Only Teaches You How to Buy A Brush, But Also Teaches You How to Wear A Mask

    AOQUN Not Only Teaches You How to Buy A Brush, But Also Teaches You How to Wear A Mask


    With the new pneumonia epidemic and the tide of returning to work today, proper protection is an indispensable step in daily life. Wearing a mask can effectively prevent the infection of droplets and air. What‘s the tip to wear a mask? Aoqun tells you: how to wear a mask correctly, and wear it properly to prevent virus invasion A few important points here are: 1. Wash hands or disinfect with alcohol before and after wearing a mask 2. The metal wire above the mask must be close to the face 3. Do not touch the dark side of the mask with your hands. This is the area where the bacteria adhere. Let us be health, small brush, big world, and Aoqun Medical Cleaning Brushes are in the fight against the epidemic!

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  • New Coronavirus Prevention, AOQUN is in Action!

    New Coronavirus Prevention, AOQUN is in Action!


    We are always concerned about the progress of the new pneumonia. Now we are not only in the effective prevention and control of the new pneumonia, but also in the orderly resumption of work and production, to provide customers with the need for brushes. For this reason, before resume to work, we have gone through various channels to purchase medical-grade masks overseas, and distributing medical-grade masks for employees. Those who need to go out often also provide with baby-level masks, and strive to make employees work in peace and health! In response to the new pneumonia prevention and control, Aoqun specially established an new pneumonia prevention and control team, from monitoring the temperature of employees in the morning, middle, and night to the disinfection of alcohol before entry; from the closed management of strict control of personnel entry and exit to uninterrupted the new pneumonia prevention and control team's dynamic patrols strictly fulfilled the requirements of the new pneumonia prevention and control work, ensured the health of all members of the company, and provided customers with brushes for better protection. In terms of brush products, Aoqun also carried out the corresponding disinfection treatment on the incoming material of the brush filaments and the preparation of the brushes before shipment, and also achieved the goal of 0 "infection" of the brushes at the factory. Aoqun, a company worthy of entrusting you with brushes, can customize brushes of various specifications, functions and sizes for you. Small brush, big world, Aoqun medical cleaning brush will bring you an extra cleanliness and health, please contact customer service for more details!

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