• High-Quality Mass-Customized Industrial Strip Brush- AOQUN

    High-Quality Mass-Customized Industrial Strip Brush- AOQUN

    July 29,2021.

    High-quality mass-customized industrial strip brush may seem like a simple word, but it carries a big responsibility. I heard Mr. Liu, the founder of Aoqun Brush Company: ‘I’m a brush, I will be a brush all my life, I love this industry’. This is a manifestation of a passionate boss who loves his products. However, since the beginning of the establishment of the factory, how dedicated and loving he has been along the way.   Because AOQUN Brush Company is the first manufacturer in China's brush industry to formulate inspection standards for brushes. At the same time, his inspection standards have been used for reference by peers and customers. The company has a strong quality control team, from material entering the factory to production and shipment. Each process link is strictly controlled by a quality inspector. The tensile force, craftsmanship and appearance of the industrial strip brush are first inspected before each production. Brushes are randomly inspected to ensure that the batches of brushes are qualified. At the same time, each batch of industrial strip brushes is checked according to customer drawings and inspection requirements.   AOQUN Brush Company has been devoted themselves in the brush industry for 17 years, specializing in the production of nylon strip brushes. With a daily production capacity of 65,000 meters, it has German fully automated production equipment, a R&D and design team with 20 years of experience in the industry, a 6000 square meters standardized factory building, and a large-scale upstream and downstream industrial chain.   The total production capacity is 20.89 million meters per year, the planting brushes are 6,753,500 meters per year, and the twisted wire brushes are 131.04 million per year. AOQUN Brush Company is a brush manufacturer with sufficient production capacity. It has rich experience and supplier resources in the brush industry, sufficient raw material reserves, and rich experience in the R&D team. It can quickly provide solutions based on customer applications while preparing sufficient Raw materials, abundant production capacity, this is the magic weapon of Aoqun's delivery time so fast, AOQUN Brush Company provides you with high-quality mass customization.

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  • How To Become A Strip Brush Manufacturer With Standardized Management? ----AOQUN

    How To Become A Strip Brush Manufacturer With Standardized Management? ----AOQUN

    July 26,2021.

    AOQUN is a strip brush manufacturer engaged in high-quality and mass-customized brushes. It has established a complete production system plan (human, machine, material, law, measurement, environment), and has obtained the certification of safety production standardization enterprise; it has obtained ATF16949, ISO13485, ISO90001 quality management system certification, has strict quality control processes, and perfect products Quality traceability system, mature internal production management system, operation guidelines, product inspection specifications. Each production process has clear and standardized rules and regulations to ensure safe production and quality production. Since the establishment of the company, there have been no major safety accidents, and customer satisfaction is ≥95%. AOQUN has been rooted in the brush industry for 20 years, has in-depth research on the application of strip brushes, and is proud to meet the application requirements of customers. In addition, Aoqun Brush Company has set strict tolerance standards to ensure that each brush is adapted to the unique application of the customer: when the width of the brush base is less than 6mm, the tolerance is required to reach ±0.2mm; if the base width is more than 6mm, the tolerance is up to ± 0.3mm. In addition, Aoqun Brush Company will update customized solutions with changes in the customer's application market, and improve the program at any time according to the customer's application requirements and the effect of use, so that customers can get always suitable strip brushes from Aoqun Brush Company. As a standardized management strip brush manufacturer, Aoqun Brush Company has always been adhering to the concept of safe production and putting safety in the first place. On the road of standardized production and management of AOQUN, we hope to have your participation!

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  • Aoqun Strip Brush Factory Takes Root In Nansha, Marching Towards The Future

    Aoqun Strip Brush Factory Takes Root In Nansha, Marching Towards The Future

    July 6,2021.

    At the beginning of 2021, Nansha District officially launched a project to support large-scale backbone enterprises from 2020 to 2021, and Aoqun Strip Brush Factory has also been listed as one of the large-scale backbone enterprises in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Aoqun Brush Company knows that opportunities are always only given to those who are prepared, and only companies that reach a certain level of strength over time can seize opportunities and make a difference. Since its establishment, Guangzhou Aoqun Technology Co., Ltd. has been implementing high-demand and high-standard management practices, only to better contribute to the rigid back strip brush industry. As a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, Aoqun strip brush manufacturer has 15 patents and has obtained many honorary certificates and corporate certifications. Facing this rare opportunity, Aoqun will stick to its original intention to become a benchmark in the brushmaking industry and continue to forge ahead. In the increasingly complex and ever-changing Metal Channel Strip Brushes industry, companies must keep pace with the times, seize every opportunity, and constantly formulate and adjust strategic development plans. With the strong support of Nansha District, Aoqun Strip Brush Factory will continue to forge ahead in the strip brush industry, insist on making every strip brush with heart, and work together to build a better Nansha.

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  • The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China

    The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China

    July 1,2021.

    AOQUN Strip Brush Company Celebrate The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China

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  • Giving The Earth Green, AOQUN Is Moving!

    Giving The Earth Green, AOQUN Is Moving!


    The spring flowers bloom and the grass grows and the warblers fly. On April 10th, a tree-planting activity with the theme of "Give the Earth a little bit of color, let us move!" sponsored by the Panyu District Young Entrepreneurs Association and other units was held in the southern suburbs park of Panyu District. This is the eighth "Love Forest" planted after Dishuiyan Forest Park in Shawan Town, Jiacheng School in Shiqi Town, Seagull Island in Shilou Town, and Dafu Mountain Forest Park.   Plant love and beautify your home. Many members of the association took their children to participate in the tree-planting activities. Everyone was careful and united. You helped the seedlings, I buried the soil, and he watered them, so that the southern suburbs park was suddenly full of vitality.   This year is also the eighth year of Aoqun’s participation in the Youth Association’s "Love Forest". AOQUN BRUSH Factory actively responds to the call of "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and uses practical actions to contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in Panyu District. Strength, together compose a gorgeous picture of the green mountains and green waters of the beautiful Guangzhou.   "A tree of hugs is born in the end", AOQUN BRUSH Factory has also grown from a small sapling. In the days to come, it will be more professional, attentive, and dedicated to the brush industry, and do everything with your heart. The root brush brings a better brush experience for customers.

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  • On Labor Day, AOQUN Pays Tribute To Dream Chasers

    On Labor Day, AOQUN Pays Tribute To Dream Chasers


    People's livelihood is diligent, but diligent is not lacking, Countless figures of hard work, Be conscientious and dedicated at work, Create a happy life with diligence, help the Chinese dream, Every effort deserves to be respected and affirmed.   Labor is glorious, dedication is the most beautiful! On the occasion of the May 1st Labor Day, AOQUN is here to extend holiday congratulations and lofty respects to all the most beautiful workers!   Work creates happiness, and struggle creates dreams. A group of dream chasers, always maintain the fighting spirit and responsibility of not fearing the difficulties and bravely climbing, maintain the drive and courage to face difficulties, be good at being good, and adhere to the craftsmanship spirit of excellence and quality, do one line, love one line, and drill one line One line.   Dare to gnaw the hardest bones in technical research, Bravely take the heaviest burden in service management, Write life with hard work, engrave glory with struggle. Be a craftsman, master craftsmanship, keep ingenuity, In the business of focusing on high-quality brush customization, Thank you for your hard work!   AOQUN Hardworking Workers Happiness is the result of hard work. In the days to come, AOQUN workers will continue to make strides on a new journey, dream and forge ahead together, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, work spirit, craftsmanship, hard work, honest work, and creative work. Quality development, and contribute our due strength to the vision of a cleaner world.

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