• Wish You Merry Christmas!

    Wish You Merry Christmas!

    December 24,2021.

    Aoqun Brush Company Wish You Merry Christmas!

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  • Aoqun Brush Factory Carefully To Solve Problems For Customers

    Aoqun Brush Factory Carefully To Solve Problems For Customers

    December 20,2021.

    On August 15th, Aoqun’s customer service received an inquiry from Miss Li, asking whether Aoqun could customize industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips? It turns out that Miss Li's company is an automated logistics system equipment. The products used before are often rubbed and the spray paint falls off. This not only destroys the beauty, but also brings the peeled paint onto the goods. After learning about the situation, Aoqun's business manager Chen contacted Miss Li and learned through communication: For the black conveyor belt on the supporting equipment, the profile must be black. The aluminum profiles used in the previous industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips are sprayed and easy to peel off, so I directly recommended Miss Li to switch to anodizing, which forms an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile through electrolytic oxidation to improve corrosion resistance. , Enhance wear resistance and hardness, protect metal surface. Then the samples were sent to Miss Li. After receiving Aoqun’s anodic oxidation industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips, after careful comparison and testing, Miss Li found that not only the appearance is beautiful, but the paint does not fall off after repeated rubbing, so there is no need to worry about the paint falling on the goods and causing customer complaints. . Then an order for 1000 meters was placed directly.

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  • Happy Thanks Giving Day!

    Happy Thanks Giving Day!

    November 25,2021.

    Happy Thanks Giving Day! Aoqun Brush Factory Wish You a Happy Thanks Giving Day!

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  • Aoqun Brush Factory Is Doing Its Best!

    Aoqun Brush Factory Is Doing Its Best!

    November 18,2021.

    Have you ever encountered a situation where the products supplied by the supplier are not in the right order, the manufacturer always delays the delivery, or even increases the price unreasonably. I believe that many buyers have more or less similar experiences. The quality of the brush products factory is uneven. Today, I will introduce a powerful and low-key brush product factory-Aoqun Brush Industry.   In terms of technology, Aoqun Brush Products Factory combined with its own exquisite craftsmanship, has customized and produced precise brush strip products for more than 20 industries that meet their requirements, and have been highly recognized by customers. In terms of materials, Aoqun Brush has a complete quality inspection process to ensure that brand-new raw materials are used to produce brush strip products and to maximize the use of customized products for customers. In terms of production capacity, Aoqun Brush Industry has introduced fully automated production equipment imported from Germany, with a daily production capacity of 65,000 meters, which can meet customers' mass orders, and the delivery rate is as high as ≥98%.   Aoqun Brush Products Factory is a manufacturer with nearly 20 years of experience in custom production of strip brush products. Its products are distributed in nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. It has issued thousands of feasible project plans and customized large-scale products for more than 20 industries. There are many small and small brush products. Such as rail transportation, hardware and furniture, cabinet communication, breeding, cleaning and many other industries. Don't miss it when you pass by, come to Aoqun Brush Factory to customize your ideal brush product!

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  • Aoqun Strip Brush Manufacturers Carefully Forge Good Quality Brushes

    Aoqun Strip Brush Manufacturers Carefully Forge Good Quality Brushes

    November 9,2021.

    Since its establishment, Aoqun strip brush manufacturer has kept in mind the mission of making the world cleaner, focused on quality, reflected value, and provided customers with high-quality strip brush product customization services. Aoqun strip brush manufacturers insist on scientific management, pursue superior quality, continue to improve effectively, and increase customer satisfaction. Strictly check the quality system standards such as ISO9001 and ISO3485. Through an authoritative third-party organization, it has obtained the certification of powerful merchants, more than ten product patent certifications and product inspection certifications to improve customer satisfaction. Aoqun Brush Factory is a powerful source factory, please feel free to cooperate with us. Aoqun strip brush manufacturers always do a good job of every strip brush, and receive every customer with heart, one-to-one docking, and respond to every cooperative customer with high-quality strip brush products. Aoqun strip brush factory adopts fully automated equipment imported from Germany, with a daily output of 65,000 meters. Various styles and specifications of strip brush products can be customized according to customer needs. Customers and friends are welcome to consult and customize.

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  • Aoqun Brush Industry Produces Good Products With Rigorous Heart!

    Aoqun Brush Industry Produces Good Products With Rigorous Heart!

    November 8,2021.

    "If you want to reach three thousand worlds, you must go to the peak of 800 plates." Since its establishment, Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Technology Co., Ltd. has been spurring itself with high requirements and high standards, only to produce better brush products. Aoqun Brush has nearly 20 years of experience in the custom production of strip brushes. It has cooperated with leading companies in more than 20 industries to supply strip brush products of different styles, materials and functions. The products are exported to more than 50 regions at home and abroad. The products have been recognized by many customers because Aoqun strip brush manufacturers insist on using brand-new brush wire materials to produce, and the product quality is good; the production capacity is high and the shipment is on time; the product life is higher than the market product; the dedicated receptionist, customer problems are overcome one by one, and The cooperation of Aoqun strip brush manufacturers can alleviate a lot of troubles for customers. Aoqun Brush Industry has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, and scientific and rigorous management. Over the years, we adhere to the principle of honesty and quality to achieve confidence. Every brush product produced has been controlled by layers of quality. If you need customized strip brush products, please contact Aoqun customer service.

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