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AOQUN Brush Factory Changes In Brush Making

AOQUN Brush Factory Changes In Brush Making

October 15,2021.

In today's developed industry, Aoqun Brush Factory is advancing with the times. The factory that produced brushes from the previous labor force has gradually developed into a fully automatic mechanical brush factory. It has indeed gone through a long and arduous road.

More than ten years ago, brushes were almost exclusively produced by hand. With the development of the economy, the acceleration of industrialization, and the emergence of automated brush making machines, the production of brushes has gradually moved closer to industrialization. Among the many brush factories, Aoqun has become a dynamic pioneer among Guangdong brush factories with its strong strength, high-quality products, low prices, and considerate service. Mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of various brush products such as brushes, strip brushes, spring brushes, brush rollers, polishing brushes, cleaning brushes, twisted wire brushes, and planting brushes. Aoqun has a group of experienced technical personnel and advanced and sophisticated brush-making equipment. The brush products produced are complete in variety, sophisticated in technology and reliable in quality. The products are sold well in many countries and regions at home and abroad.

Aoqun Brush Factory exudes continuous brand charm in the course of more than ten years of ups and downs, and has become a model of "quality and service" in the field of brushes. Over the years, it has been shouldering the important task of making the world cleaner, and the spirit of struggle displayed in its development mileage has become a good story in the history of brush development. Now, Aoqun brand is starting a new round of innovation with a new attitude, writing a new legend in the history of brushes!

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