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  • Escalator Tread Brush Supplier, AOQUN Is Your Choice

    Escalator Tread Brush Supplier, AOQUN Is Your Choice


    Mr. Song is the master worker of an elevator installation company in Hubei. When it was closed to the Chinese New Year, he suddenly received the installation task of 13 escalators. In the case that the original escalator was not equipped with an Escalator brush, it cannot be put into use, so they can only find the escalator tread brush supplier themselves. Many escalator tread brush suppliers were unable to do this with short delivery times and high-quality requirements. In this way, they would be unable to deliver, and the workers will be unable to return to their hometown for the New Year.   Finally, Mr. Song learned that we are the escalator tread brush supplier designated by many well-known escalator manufacturers and found us. After understanding the difficulties of Mr. Song, we started several production lines at the same time, and we were familiar with the product specifications and delivered in just 3 days.   After the owner successfully accepted the escalator, Mr. Song made a special call to express his heartfelt thanks to AOQUN on behalf of the workers! They avoided the dilemma that they could not go home for the New Year, and even had a holiday in advance. It is worthy of the elevator manufacturers praise: the escalator tread brush supplier, AOQUN is your choice!

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  • Looking for Metal Deflector Brush Escalator Base? -AOQUN

    Looking for Metal Deflector Brush Escalator Base? -AOQUN


    I once chatted with Mr. Zhao, an elevator maintenance, and did not intend to hear that he was looking for a manufacturer of deflector brush escalator bases. Mr. Zhao used plastic brush base before. Although the price of plastic is cheap, it would crack by gravity, so the frequency replacement has large cost. He wants to replace a metal material. Although he also asked a few manufacturers, but they required a high MOQ and a huge amount of mold making costs, so he has not found a satisfactory manufacturer, he would like to ask if there is a meter brush base in AOQUN.   After listening to Mr. Zhao’s request, I immediately told him to find AOQUN. AOQUN has a variety styles of deflector brush escalator bases for customers to choose. The conventional models of the single-row deflector brush escalator and the double-row deflector brush escalator are also available and can also be customized according to the customer's esclator type. The deflector brush escalator bases produced by Aoqun are mainly made of alumina. The products have been tested and certified by professional third-party organizations such as SGS, in line with the new national standard for the installation of escalators and automatic pedestrian walkways. Before I finished introduction, Mr. Zhao interrupted me and asked me to send a few samples of the commonly used deflector brush escalator to him. He tried it first to see the effect!   After a week, I chatted with the customer again. The customer said to me excitedly. Thank you very much for sending us samples. The samples have been installed and the owners are very satisfied. The most important thing is that the sample given by AOQUN can be matched to the escalator he is using now, without having to open another mold. It saved him a lot of cost and  he said that all the deflector brush escalator bases will be purchased in AQOUN in the future.

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  • Deflector Brush Escalator Next to Escalator - AOQUN

    Deflector Brush Escalator Next to Escalator - AOQUN


    On the first day of the Lunar New Year on February 24, Miss Chen used Baidu to search for AOQUN’s phone call and contacted the salesman of the company, Mr. Wang. The reason is that during the Spring Festival, there are more people traveling, the deflector brush escalator next to the used escalator began to deform and could not recover from the original state, and three accidents occurred.   Mr. Wang, the salesman, learned that the original deflector brush escalator was made of PP. Mr. Wang suggested that Miss Chen should use PA material because of its high flexibility, good recovery, and strong elasticity and wear resistance. Miss Chen also agreed. Just after the new year, our company is working hard, and samples the PA deflector brush escalator samples and sends them one day.   After 7 days, Miss Chen contacted the salesman Mr. Wang again. She said: "Mr. Wang, I was holding the mentality of trying. I didn't expect to change the material of PA and the deflector brush escalator next to the escalator was not deformed. Later we will have a lot of Cooperation!"

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  • Skirt Brush Escalator That You Can Trust - AOQUN

    Skirt Brush Escalator That You Can Trust - AOQUN


    Mr. Zhang, an elevator maintenance company from Shanghai, found us on the Internet and said that they have recently received complaints from customers. It was caused by filament loss on the skirt brush escalator installed in various shopping malls, and more than one customer has such a situation.   Judging from the feedback from Mr. Zhang, the tension force of the skirt brush escalator they purchased did not meet the standard. The tension force of the brush determines the service life, the tension force of the brush is larger where the passenger flow is large. In order to further confirm the reason, the customer sent the brush template they are using now, and after receiving the test, the tension force is less than 2kg. AOQUN's brush tension standard is to reach 6kg as a good product. After communicated with the customer, our company provided the product within 7 working days, so that Mr. Zhang timely replaced the existing skirt brush escalator.    After the customer received our goods, they also carried out a comparison of the tension, and confirmed the tension of the skirt brush escalator supplied by our company. The selection of our skirt brush escalator also greatly increased their confidence and said that they will choose us for long-term cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

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  • Can Be Customized According to Skirt Brush Escalator Specifications – AOQUN

    Can Be Customized According to Skirt Brush Escalator Specifications – AOQUN


    Miss Yang, who is doing export trade, asked if AOQUN can produce skirt brush escalators. Because her foreign customers did not have drawings, and did not tell Miss Yang the specific escalator type data. Miss Yang is not familiar with the specifications of the skirt brush escalator, so it is very difficult to show the specification. Miss Yang also contacted some manufacturers, who require her to provide brush drawings or the corresponding escalator type data. As the customer's schedule is coming, and the specifications of the skirt brush escalator have not been determined, Miss Yang is anxious. After listening to Ms. Yang’s problem, AOQUN immediately recommended the specifications of the skirt brush escalator commonly used by foreign customers, and matched the product images and the advantages of each product. Ms. Gui, the sales manager of AOQUN, told Ms. Yang that she is professionally engaged in brushing for more than 10 years. She has long-term cooperation with more than 20 famous elevator manufacturers at China and abroad. She has rich supply experience and can customize the specifications of skirt brush escalators for various escalators types. The quality of the products is strictly controlled by the materials inspection, the first inspection, the factory inspection and other processes to ensure that the flame retardant and tensile requirements of each brush can meet the export standards. In order to help the customers to find the brush specifications, AOQUN also provided the commonly used skirt brush escalator samples to the customers and asked them to make choices based on the samples! Three days later, Miss Yang placed a 300-meter single-row skirt brush escalator, and said that thanks to AOQUN, provided a sample for her to determine the specification of the skirt brush escalator, which prevented her from being late for sample making. AOQUN is the most professional and quality supplier she has ever seen. As long as there are other customers who need to use the skirt brush escalator, she will find AOQUN to buy.

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  • Going Far to Buy Skirt Escalator Brush? It Is Better to Choose AOQUN

    Going Far to Buy Skirt Escalator Brush? It Is Better to Choose AOQUN


    Huang Sheng is a supermarket elevator dealer of Guangzhou, and he purchases a large number of skirt escalator brushes every year. In the past, the brush was purchased from the Beijing skirt escalator brush manufacturer, but the brush bought every year not only has filament loss, but the most annoying is poor service. He said: “I always call, but no one answer, it is impossible to go to Beijing in a thousand miles.” Huang Sheng wants to cooperate with a nearby skirt escalator brush manufacturer this year.   Through the network, he learned that AOQUN is the leading company in the skirt escalator brush. The manufacturer is in the Nansha District of Guangzhou. Huang Sheng decided to go to AOQUN’s factory to have a look. As soon as he entered AOQUN, the staff inside was very warm and courteous. Mr. Chen took him to visit. The company has perfect materials inspection, process inspection, factory inspection and other documents in the brush production process to ensure each filament’s quality. The salesman's mobile phone is turned on 24 hours, and everything will be immediately replied. In an instant, Huang Sheng's concerns were dispelled. Huang Sheng immediately said that he would never go to the Beijing escalator to buy a brush again. He wants to cooperate with AOQUN, and he has to place an order for the 15 escalators to AOQUN.   After half a month, I received a phone call from Huang Sheng, and all the skirt escalator brushes have been installed. There was no filament loss in this brush, and AOQUN’s service attitude is very good. Going far to buy the skirt escalator brush, it is better to choose AOQUN’s brush, quality service is supreme.

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